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  1. Grimscale

    Assemblyman Hawley submits bill A3732 for School Resource Officer

    The wife saw this in the Pennysaver. Assemblyman Hawley seeks to get armed Resource Officers in the schools in response to a supposed threat uncovered for a violent incident in the Albion school system. Bill A3732 was submitted. NY State Assembly Bill A3732 "Relates to creating a school...
  2. Grimscale

    Erie County Clerk to sue Tyrant governor over illegal immigrant driver's licenses

    Erie County Clerk to sue Governor Cuomo "The clerk's office says the legislation facilitates illegal aliens to remain in the United States and aims to shield them from detection by immigration officials. Kearns says the law compels County Clerks across the state to violate federal law." I...
  3. Grimscale

    More questionable omissions from Mueller report?

    Key figure that Mueller report linked to Russia was a State Department intel source
  4. Grimscale

    Harvard University Study on crime and gun ownership

    Saw this come up on my Facebook feed. Didn't see a thread on it here. Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime and Gun Control The result seems to follow what we say here. More civilian owned guns equals less crime.
  5. Grimscale

    Armed furniture store owner fights back against armed robber

    Armed furniture store owner fights back would-be robber in Indianapolis A couple take-aways from this article: 1) Store owner claims to know the perp's gun isn't loaded by the sound of the slide being drawn back. 2) The store owner did not shoot the perp because he was concerned about...
  6. Grimscale

    Chinappi's closed?

    Not sure where else to put this. As I was driving west on Rt 104 I noticed at least three Monroe County Sheriff's vehicles on the side of the road and in the parking lot for Chinappi's. one vehicle was the M.C.S. pickup with a huge enclosed trailer behind it. Are they cleaning out Chinappi's...
  7. Grimscale

    Active Shooter in Corning NY

    NYSP: Shooting near Corning, Active Scene
  8. Grimscale

    CCW at Syracuse Gun Show?

    Are you completely forbidden from CCW? Do they have an "unloading station" where you can render your defense defenseless? What are the rules, since it is at the State Fairgrounds?
  9. Grimscale

    Irony, thy name is Tom Suozzi

    Democrat Tom Suozzi suggests a "Second Amendment" remedy against Trump: Democrat suggests 'Second Amendment' remedy vs. Trump So, the Democrats really DO know what the 2nd Amendment is for. But they only accept it when it is against people THEY don't like? Sounds like more tyrannical...
  10. Grimscale

    Undocumented immigrant appointed to State post in CA

    Undocumented immigrant appointed to statewide post in California Seriously? How many laws are being broken doing this, and when will these politicians be arrested for it!
  11. Grimscale

    White House Petition

    Saw this on my Facebook feed this morning. (Yes, I do Facebook, don't judge me. There are many groups worth joining, from Jeep groups to Willys groups, with a lot of useful information.) It is titled "Stop H.R. 5087 "Stop the gun ban"" This bill begins the slow but sure erosion of our...
  12. Grimscale

    Mueller to investigate NRA

    With the success of their efforts to discredit the President by claiming Russian involvement, the Democrats appear to be using this success to go after another long-time target, the NRA. FBI looking at potential transfers from Russian banker to NRA
  13. Grimscale

    Shooting in Tehama County, CA

    And it continues: At least 3 dead after shooting at California elementary school 3 dead, shooter killed near Tehama County school Things to take away from this: Perp was supposedly a felon in his 50s. Where'd he get the gun? Perp supposedly had "large magazines". In CA? Really? No word...
  14. Grimscale

    SOLD 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Meanstreak - $4000

    Bringing this back up. Had some health issues that make it harder to ride now. Could use the money for the WIllys pickup. Craigslist ad: 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan - Meanstreak 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Special Edition Meanstreak 1600cc approx 19000 miles new battery 2017 Will come with the...
  15. Grimscale

    Complete AR upper advice

    I am looking at finally assembling an AR onto my stripped lower. I would like to go with a complete upper at this time. Visiting a local gunstore, they have a "used" 556 upper, with bolt carrier, charging handle, open sights, and a keyhole style handguard...I believe rifle length gas...
  16. Grimscale

    Clarification on New York voting

    Saw this on my Facebook feed (yes, I use Facebook...helps me keep in touch with family). Can New York really say that if you vote, but do not vote on a specific item on the ballot, it is automatically a 'yes' vote? ============================================ From FB: ATTENTION::That's some...
  17. Grimscale

    Cuomo cutting cancer research funding

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has decided to cut funding from programs that fight cancer, diabetes, and other conditions. NY lawmakers: Cuomo is moving to cut funds to fight cancer Sure, now that his girlfriend is out of the woods to hell with other sick people in New York. How very Republican of you...
  18. Grimscale

    Sneaking in

    Since things have become so quite "over there", I decided to explore.