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    Texas church shooting live stream

    Good guys with guns coming to the aid of others in danger
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    Largest MS-13 Bust in NY History. Why bother if Cuomo is going to put them back on the street 1/1/2020

    Will Cuomo put them back on the street with Drivers licenses and voting rights
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    Gotta love Trump and his twitter President Trump on Sunday took a swipe at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., over her response to a reporter who asked why bribery wasn’t included in the newly unveiled articles of impeachment,
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    AvE is getting into guns

    This is an excellent YouTube channel. Best I can tell he is somewhat new to firearms. Very enjoyable to watch the way he analyzes things and makes you laugh.
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    Wonderful culture our SUNY system promotes

    My daughter is at suny Bing. One of her first elective courses she had to take was something about women's rights. The instructor came right out and said any Women who votes Republican is moron. I asked why she didn't speak up for her self? She said " Dad I have to pass the class"
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    I didn't no Corey lewendowski was so funny

    He is able to impersonate Robert Muller's testimony perfectly
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    He must not like Berrys Bullets

    Dropbox - berrysbullets.mp4 - Simplify your life
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    Free shipping at powder valley ex 5/10

    Free shipping at powder valley ex 5/10. No good for Hazmat fee. Code FlashFlood19 I'm going to try out some 9mm Berrys 135g hollow base flat point. Can't beat $78 per thousand shipped
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    Cop empties mag on illegal (poor guy)

    If only he was allowed to have a driver's license and the right to vote things like this wouldn't happen
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    Curtis Sliwa as King Cuomo II 2010

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    cops are forced to give armed criminals to much space

    He gave this guy way to much time in my opinion Bodycam footage shows alleged ISIS-tied Arizona man's confrontation with officer
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    Shocking, 98.7% of criminals don't shop at the gun stores

    Majority of guns used by criminals bought on black market, study shows
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    If they would have just given him a drivers license and voter ID this wouldn't happen

    Suspected Illegal Immigrant Charged in Hit-and-Run Death of TX Teacher
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    Cuomo think criminals buy insurance

    Cuomo’s campaign to ‘bankrupt’ NRA by targeting insurance program spreads to more states “I am calling on states across the country to join New York to outlaw this absurd program that insures intentional criminal conduct. … If the NRA goes bankrupt because of the State of New York, they'll be...
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    What does the SUNY system teach these kids

    "What do you want to do as a career?" “I want to become a Supreme Court Justice. I could enact a lot of change that way.” #HumansofBinghamton Binghamton is suppose take the smartest kids. Then the brainwashing start. I saw it with my son I though the legislature changes laws.
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    Couldn't be terrorism

    Officials said they do not believe the attack was linked to terrorism, but it followed a series of attacks in the city that were claimed by ISIS. 2 Brits among 7 stabbed by rampaging knifeman 'who posed as child migrant'
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    If only that gun didn't make him a bad guy

    It's all the guns fault MS-13 suspect who allegedly killed man, burned body entered US as 'unaccompanied alien child' MS-13 suspect who allegedly killed man, burned body entered US as 'unaccompanied alien child'