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    Best Ammo Prices in Central NY?

    Just like the subject line states, where are the best ammo prices in Central NY?
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    Pistol Permit Renewal

    Just wondering how often do we have to renew our pistol permits? I did it online once awhile ago (when they first began requiring it) but I cannot remember exactly when.
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    Places to buy ammo in the Hudson Valley

    I am meeting some friends in and about Poughkeepsie NY this weekend. I am driving from the Syracuse/CNY area across to Albany then south into the Hudson Valley. Any recommendations for stores that sell ammo at a reasonable price?
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    From Central NY

    Welcome from Madison County! I work in Oneida, NY (the city, not the county). Check out the Oneida Rifle Club if you like shooting.
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    Hello From Madison County NY

    Welcome to the forums. Don't mind Bustedknees. He is just being cautious about trolls whose first post is asking people to divulge personal info about themselves or their firearm habits without supplying any info about themselves. I am sure you understand how suspicious this is given the...
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    Hello from mid Hudson valley

    Belated Welcome to the forums. Went to college in Newburgh ( don't hold it against me ;)) and spent many summers work at the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp, now known as the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus. Beautiful area! Now living in Central NY but Esopus always a special place in my heart.
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    Which Pro-2A organization to join?

    With everything going on here in NY regarding defending our 2A rights and the current attempts by Hochal/politicians to circumvent our rights, I was wondering which Pro-2A organizations seem to be doing the most to defend these rights? I belonged to the NRA years ago but did not renew my...
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    What’s the point of 10rd mags if ya can’t use all 10?

    This. This is what it is important to know. It is still a NY state law. The 2nd circuit in Western NY may have struck down the ruling and some western NY cops and DAs might not arrest or try to prosecute but they could try. And, yeah, it might not go anywhere for them but do want that hassle. Do...
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    Savage BVNSXP-SR 22LR (Wal-Mart Special)

    Wow! I'm just impressed that the Walmart near you is still selling firearms and/or ammo. The Walmarts I normally would go to in Oneida and Dewitt stopped selling both a couple years ago. I might have to take the short trip from Chittenango to Central Square sometime soon. Thanks for letting...
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    who manufactures the BEST 22cal semi-auto rifle

    I went with a Marlin 795 when I decided to pick up a .22LR rifle. It's the same barrel and action as the Marlin model 60 except it has 10 round box magazines instead of a tube magazine. It was lighter and less expensive than a 10/22. It's been very reliable and accurate. A plus is that it...
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    Hello From Camillus, NY

    Welcome, from the east side of Syracuse: Chittenango.
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    No more Ammo and Guns at Gander Outdoors

    I am sure someone else has already posted about this but I was just at Gander Outdoors in Cicero, NY and their gun and ammo shelves were completely stripped. There was no sign or explanation. annoyed because I drove quite a bit only to find out that there is no more ammo. I'm at a loss as to...
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    NYPD 12lb trigger possibly discontinued. It still amazes me that NYPD brass took decades to figure out that a heavy trigger pull affects...
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    Looks like there will be a Appleseed in Ontario NY....

    Was I accidentally shooting your target every other session? Was I accidentally shooting your target every other session? If so, sorry again about that. :rolleyes: I really liked it and would definitely do another there.
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    Looks like there will be a Appleseed in Ontario NY....

    I went to Palmerton last October for my first Appleseed Event. There were people from PA, NJ and all over NY: NYC, Hudson Valley and Central NY (me). The people there were great. Definitely bring a mat. I would also recommend elbow pads.
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    This P99 Will Never Be Shot

    What are all the contents in the case?
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    Pocket gun

    If you are looking for a 9mm pocket gun the Kahr CM9 is about as big as I would go. Although the SIG P365 is only slightly bigger in size and weight, those matter a lot in pocket carry. I have had my CM9 for almost a decade and it has been very good to me. For a pocket carry 9mm its about as...
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    High Hopes

    Welcome, from a Central NY member (near Syracuse) but went to college in the Hudson Valley and spent many a summer working at a camp in Esopus. Beautiful region. In fact, most of the state is beautiful, its the politicians who force high taxes and unconstitutional laws that make NY undesirable...
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    NYC first city to end Qualified Immunity?

    I am for eliminating qualified immunity, in it's current form, for police officers, as well as for judges, prosecutors and politicians. I am against the establishment of a separate sets of laws and rules for different classes of person, no matter who they maybe. No one, not cops, judges...
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    Hudson Valley NY (new member)

    Welcome from someone who spent a few happy summers in Esopus and 4 years (too many) in Newburgh.
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    Pro-2A Attorneys recommendations?

    I thought that USCCA as well as several other companies were prohibited from doing business in NY state.
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    Pro-2A Attorneys recommendations?

    I believe that part of prepping for the worst should include having the name and phone number of a Pro-2A attorney handy should the terrible event occur that one would have to defend themselves and/or their loved ones from grave and bodily harm using deadly force. I hope and pray that I would...
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    Texas church shooting live stream

    According to the video the first victim, who tried to draw his gun and got killed, had about 3 seconds from the appearance of the shotgun to killer pulling the trigger. Fishing around for his gun in the small of his back seems to be what took up the most time.
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    Help me... 9 mm vs 45 ACP

    Talking about 7 or 10 rounds, in regards how many rounds you can have in the mag when you carry, it's not quite so simple as some portray. The law is still on the books, a cop can still arrest you for (and probably will), a DA can still try to prosecute you (and probably will). Now you may not...
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    Leathermans Corner

    I was suprised to see a Leatherman Leap in the photo as I was sure I am one of only a handful of adults that carry and use one. They are marketed as a kids first or beginner Leatherman multitool. The knife blade comes unattached for minors but is easily attached when they are mature enough for...
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    Herb Philipsons sorting goods store

    I used to like to get winter gear for my kids there. They did free alterations on pants bought there which my father in law liked ( he's a little in the shorter side.) I also bought ammo there occasionally, mostly self defense hollow points while picking up FMJ at Walmart. But mostly will miss...
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    Herb Philipsons sorting goods store

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Help me find my next pistol - DA/SA

    I know I will probably get flamed for this suggestion but have you looked at Bersa Thunder Pro or TPR9? Might be hard to find holsters though.
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    Secret Service Dropping .357 Sig

    Meh. I'll keep my boutique rounds and let the rest of you buy up all the 9mm. Everybody shoots what they like then, huh?…
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    Newbie from the Capital Region

    Welcome from Central New York. Looking for a local Appleseed event near me as well.
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    Madison co. Pistol Permit Amendment Change

    Congrats! BTW, which FFL in Madison do people tend to use?
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    Looking for life advice

    If your wife is teacher she shouldn't have any problem getting hired in a southern state. Most of those school districts fall over themselves to hire teachers who were trained in northern states, particularly the northeast. My wife and I have strongly considered moving to a southern state for...
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    For the weirdos who prefer DAO over striker fired

    ND increased when LA sheriff's department switched from Beretta 92s to M&Ps: Rise In Negligent Discharges Accompanies LASD Transition To Striker-Fired Pistol - Bearing Arms - Beretta, Negligent Discharge, Police, Smith & Wesson M&P, Training
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    Homeowner Arrested After Shooting Burglars With Illegal Gun

    Two burglars killed in the act of the crime when shot by homeowner. However, homeowner is arrested for an illegally possessed handgun...
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    Any other beekeepers here?

    Any tax advantage to bee keeping?
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    would you spend $900 on a pocket knife?

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    Pistols & handguns VS Bears

    M9-7 Flamethrower Weight (filled): 51 pounds Fuel Capacity: 4 gallons Effective Range: 65.5 feet Maximum Range: 132 feet Source:
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    Pistols & handguns VS Bears

    Can we even carry a firearm on parkland here in NY? Nevertheless, I think either .40 cal, the .40S&W or the 10mm, would do fairly well against the four legged creatures that's possible to find in this state: black bears, coyotes, cougars. Honestly, I am more worried about the unleashed...
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    Finally Purchased a Second Pistol

    #1 For sure! My wife can't tell any of pistols apart as she has only seen in their holsters and they are all black. Some other useful tips, pay the LGS in cash so there isn't a credit card trail that your spouse may discover. If ordering online, such as via GunBroker, to be delivered to your...
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    Karma Giveaway

    I am in, too. As others have said, it is really nice of you to do this. I have an Aero Precision lower and haven't picked an upper yet so I can easily make this handguard work.
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    Which 9mm should I get?

    I am kind of surprised that the Walther PPQ has not been mentioned more. The Q4 and Q5 come optic ready and the trigger is considered on of the best, straight out of the box.
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    it is now legal in New York to have an abortion within 24 weeks of delivery

    When animals are protected more than people.:mad: "Prohibits tethering, restraining, caging or penning of dogs or animals between the hours of 7 p.m. to 6 a.m; may be tethered to a stationary object or a pen or cage in a sized pen or cage four times the height and length of said dog or animal."...
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    Ginsburg will sit out of court arguments

    Fingers Crossed!
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    New Walther Q5 match. Steel frame

    Does it come in .40 cal?
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    Aero upper and 9”MLOCK FDE

    Is that Upper Receiver still for sale?
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    NY Nunchuck Law Struck as Unconstitutional.

    I thought this was a ridiculous law when I first heard about it 10 or so years ago. Nunchaku are were banned in the NY in 1974, citing I believe that it was a "gang weapon." When I looked into it I came across this website: - Nunchaku: Illegal in New York & California - I...
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    Average gun owner now owns 8 guns, twice what it used to be

    I copy that. That's why I try to pay in cash at the local gun store, use a postal money (which you can also buy in cash), or use a business credit card when buying parts or items online (which my partners frown upon). What she doesn't know won't hurt her! Besides, their the only things I buy...
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    Average gun owner now owns 8 guns, twice what it used to be

    Maybe they all the parts except the 80% lower? :ROFL:
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    Walther P99. Yay or nay

    I have only had a P99C since the beginning of summer but so far I love it. Although the trigger is unique, it is the best thing about it. It even makes me look like a good shooter. As Darth has already said, that is a good price. If you don't pick it up, could you PM me the name and address...