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    Mossberg 51M(b) help. Bolt handle won’t stay in I know that this is for a 51M(a) but it should be the same. Hope it helps
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    Mossberg 51M(b) help. Bolt handle won’t stay in

    It's hard to get a clear picture of the instructions when it's a copy of a copy of a copy, of something that was published in the 1940's :tearsofjoy:. That rifle is approximately 85 years old.
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    Mossberg 51M(b) help. Bolt handle won’t stay in

    I get it with the phone! That's why I have a 24 inch screen on my desktop;) I can't do anything on my phone, for the same reason. If you have a desktop or a laptop, just go to the three dots in the upper right of your screen and after you click on those, just look for ZOOM and click the +...
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    Remington is moving to Georgia

    I agree with you guys in regard To Remington leaving because of all the bullshit they have to put up with here in NY. And S&W leaving Mass. It just sucks that people from these areas, that have worked there for well over 100 years are now out in the cold because of "progressive" FUCKTARD "...
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    Remington is moving to Georgia There goes most of the employment in Ilion and surrounding towns. Thanks a lot New York!
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - The gift that keeps on giving

    Wow, Steal2B, you have a deep hatred for AOC! And , I love it! Keep it up.
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    CA governor Newsom comments on magazine ruling

    The thing that REALLY irritated me is when he said "the PRIVILEGE slash RIGHT. It's a RIGHT not a privilege. Although I would expect nothing else from Pelosi's nephew.
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    Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz activates all National Guard troops as George Floyd protests continue Really,........ it's white supremacists and drug cartels that are fueling this ? How about ANTIFA ? You have people from outside the areas that are getting arrested (in the few areas that they are...
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    Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma — and New York’s economy too

    YES, HE IS A HEARTLESS COCKSUCKER! He know's that he fucked up in this situation and is shitting bricks that this will harm his status as the eventual nominee in 2024. Biden is a sacrificial lamb for 2020, the Democrat's strategy for 2020 is to win back the Senate and make Trump a lame duck for...
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    It’s about time the media attacks Cuomo. He sent 4,300 Covid + to nursing homes. I also wanted to post a video of Cumholio denying any responsibility for the outcome of this because all of the experts were wrong. I believe that most of you have seen it and I don't want to put you...
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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite on life, death and nursing homes

    Shit, I'll probably get banned for that one! Oh well, It's the truth.
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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite on life, death and nursing homes

    He's also a lying cocksucker. FUAC
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    I just drove on Rt 17/ 86 from Olean to Bath and the troopers were like flies on shit on that road. Same on the Thruway from Geneva to Utica. YEP, the revenue generating business just got upgraded to ESSENTIAL . Very CUOMOSSENTIAL!!!
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    Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer confirms she IS in talks about being Joe Biden's running mate

    I'm having a hard time trying to determine if she is indeed Caitlyn Jenner or Cruela de Ville.
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    Andrew Cuomo says no one should be prosecuted for corona virus deaths

    He is saying this to throw smoke out there to get people thinking that no one should be responsible for any mistakes that were made during this pandemic as everybody was flying by the seat of their pants. While I am willing to overlook many things that were done during this crisis, I am not...
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    Joe Biden and sexual misconduct

    Looks like "Joementia" Biden is a hypocrite! We must not shame or silence the Survivors. God forbid we hear BOTH sides of the story.
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    What if Biden wins? What’s your predictions with a president Biden?

    He will be President for 3 months and then step down due to mental health reasons. Whoever he decided to be the VP running mate will become POTUS. God Help Us because any one of the prospective running mates is a disaster waiting to happen. Probably much worse than Dementia Joe. (If that's possible)
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    Washington State FFL's defy Gov. Inslees orders

    Good for them, screw all these Libtard politicians.
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    CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus His brother should have watched out for him.
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    biden and sanders running mates

    Well, if Biden is going to run with a woman on the ticket, there is only ONE that he will pick.......... Princess Andrew Cumholio FUAC
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    Romney the RINO

    yep, makes perfect sense now. o_O The Art of the colpi alla testa di thousands of metrics (Translation on Google):rolleyes::) What do I translate it from? I tried Latin and French
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    Romney the RINO

    l'arte dei colpi alla testa di mille metri Translation?
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    Romney the RINO Why don't the Republicans just kick this asshole out of the Party? Who cares if they lose a seat in the Senate, it's absolutely useless anyways with him occupying it. He's worried about the LOOK of impropriety...
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    Super Tuesday thread!

    I don't think that the DNC wants Bloomberg out. Biden alone can not stop Sanders, they need the delegates split so Crazy Bernie doesn't get the nomination outright. If Bloomberg and Biden can suck enough away so there is a brokered convention, then the DNC will live with that . I believe that is...
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    Steyer, Buttiegieg AND Klobuchar are out!

    Looks like the DNC and Obama have spoken and are endorsing Biden. The Dem's are scared shitless of Bernie dragging down the down ticket. Welcome to the shitstorm come Convention time.
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    Red, Blue and Yellow "Oscilloscope" lines supposedly portraying opinion

    OK, Not wanting to start a war, but if you recruit a bunch of people to weigh in on certain subjects, are they not "canned responses" to whatever you ask? It is not a response to the question of the day, but a general indication of their political bend. All that I am saying is that those...
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    Red, Blue and Yellow "Oscilloscope" lines supposedly portraying opinion

    They seem to portray it that way as it's always moving which would tend to make it seem that way. I obviously don't think that it's real time, that's my point.
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    Red, Blue and Yellow "Oscilloscope" lines supposedly portraying opinion

    I will try to make this as short as possible. A lot of times when watching a newscast of a speech or a debate, the media will superimpose these lines on the screen in an attempt to "inform" us of what the people of different political persuasions think about the subject that was just discussed...
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    What are the democrats doing? Mayor Pete is a disaster

    I think that "Mayor Pete" is the white Obama. I don't like him at all (Or any of the other idiots) but he is unfortunately a relatively gifted politician. By that I mean that like Obama , his answers are glib and flow smoothly while not really saying a frigging thing. The people fell for that...
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    On the eve of the Democratic Debate--- Hillarious

    I know, how about P.U.T.I.N. and Coo Hand Luke :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
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    On the eve of the Democratic Debate--- Hillarious

    I found this quite amusing. Read the article also, it's short.
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    Interesting article on democrats bid for president

    Biden has run for President three times now. That is 102 individual primaries including the two so far this year, and has yet to win even ONE of them, not even his home state of Delaware! If he was a race horse, he never would have been allowed to amass a record of 0-50, let alone 0-102. He...
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    Bloomberg is considering THE HILDEBEAST for Vice President!!!!!!! I don't fucking believe this shit. Can't she just go away!
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    Virginia votes to pledge its electoral college votes to the popular vote winner.

    Blimey, this is what Virginia wants to join.
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    Virginia votes to pledge its electoral college votes to the popular vote winner.

    It would be great if Trump wins the popular vote and all these Libtard states ,including NY have to cast the electoral votes for Trump! Make sure you get out in November and do your duty! Talk about a landslide.
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    The dumbest OpEd ever - in today’s NY Post. Baby killing AR-7 rifle?!?!

    HAHA, I saw that this morning also. An AR-7 (AR stands for Assault Rifle , right? ) A .22 survival rifle! As Brando said in Apocalypse Now ..... The Horror.
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    NYGF New Site (Basic Dark)

    where is the little button for going to the first unread post in a thread, or am I missing something?
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    Massachusetts ammunition regs
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    Register To Vote As Democrat

    Me too. Love pulling that primary lever and then vote for who I want in the general election.
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    Ithaca Mayor joins #localgovs4gunsafety

    Just great for a city that was once the home of a very successful gun manufacturer that provided many jobs for the locals. The place has turned into a cesspool of ultra liberals. I go out of my way when traveling to avoid this dump, even if it takes me an hour longer to get where I am going. San...
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    9 killed in Ohio in second mass shooting within 24 hours

    What do you mean, why? Don't you think that's strange? Not arguing with you, but I think that's very strange . If you liked your sister, would you take the chance of shooting up a place with her in it? If you disliked her enough to kill her, why wouldn't you do it where other people would not be...
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    9 killed in Ohio in second mass shooting within 24 hours

    Did anyone notice that one of the shooters victims was his sister? He drove her and another person to the venue. He went back to the car, returned, and started shooting. Something is up with that...
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    "Hollywood" Newsom signs bill to force Trump's tax returns

    Cali Governor signs a bill that would disallow Trump to be on the 2020 Presidential ballot in California. This is clearly unconstitutional for a state to prohibit the incumbant POTUS from appearing on the ballot! It's basically telling it's citizens that they can't vote for Trump if he doesn't...
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    Cuomigula signs law guaranteeing equal pay in NY

    “There is no rationale why the women should not get paid what men get paid,” he said during the signing at the Battery. “It is immoral. It is unethical. New York is going to lead the way and we say to the U.S. Soccer League, and we say to FIFA, if you don’t pay women what you pay men, then you...
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    Senate floor calendar

    I guess it's okay to take native big game mammals in a fenced area. Only the non-native, read immigrant mammals, will be protected from a cruel death.. (tongue firmly in cheek) only in New York!!