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  1. wizrd

    Minimum age to shoot

    "Integrity needs no rules." - Albert Camus
  2. wizrd

    Ammo background checks to begin mid-September?

    Bought ammo from Runnings, in Rome yesterday, Wednesday. First day of the bullshit. Took 4 hours to get approval. PLAN AHEAD!
  3. wizrd

    Looking for someone to re-blue a barrel

    Brownell's Oxypho-Blue can do a decent job...just saying. Have had good results with a couple of old beaters.
  4. wizrd

    Trail cam pics

    What the hell is this? - Fisher or porcupine? 6P.
  5. wizrd

    NY to force gender neutral pronouns in all laws and rules

    If you can't tell WHAT the hell they are, - or WHICH WAY they're heading - I'll be using the pronoun 'WHATZITT'.
  6. wizrd

    CZ redhead premier

    All the CZ stuff I've seen in the past couple years seems to be good quality. Just saying.
  7. wizrd

    Gun show prices 4/3/23

    I personally don't blame any gun store for 'inflated prices' - hell, man - in this insane business cesspool of Hochul's New York, ANY DAY could be their last day in business.
  8. wizrd

    NY red flag law ruled unconstitutional

    Now, if we can just get them to understand what "shall not be infringed" means!
  9. wizrd


    better late than never! Our 25th annual gun a day raffle for June is on target. Donation for tickets are $25.00 per ticket, as in the past. Make checks payable to Camden Rod & Gun Club, For tickets contact; Bill Rogers 4247 Wood Creek Rd...
  10. wizrd

    Swords, where to buy them from

    Kult of
  11. wizrd

    Marjorie Taylor Greene whines about life in Congress

    no bitching about their 174K a year pension?
  12. wizrd

    New hartford NY knifing incident at Applebees stopped by CC

    If it's worth anything, the responding police treated the good samaritan like the hero he is.
  13. wizrd

    Onondaga county wait times

    Two night ago, county pistol people had a little news spot on the evening Syracuse news saying wait times for pistol permits in the county were now averaging 60 weeks.
  14. wizrd

    Six US Cities most likely to be nuked first

    Hiding under a school desk will fully protect you. That's what they told us back in the 50's.
  15. wizrd

    Leather shoulder holster questions

    Ritchie leather is a small two-man shop, where you can personally talk to the guys who will fill your needs, I've bought several holsters from them, all excellent, top-quality work. Would highly recommend them.
  16. wizrd

    How do I get my shotgun back?

    Gun cases seem to 'disappear' when surrendered with weapons to police agencies. Speaking from experience.
  17. wizrd

    Hochul bans certain space heaters

    Governor Hochul has hinted somewhere that she wanted 'something for her bath' for Christmas. I'm sending her a toaster.
  18. wizrd

    Snohomish County Investigators bust man with massive stash of firearms

    I take more than that with me to the range....just saying.
  19. wizrd

    Fulton county GA, voter suppression - right NOW!

    My son did get an audience with a local conservative talk show host (Erik Erickson) - out of Atlanta. This, and a call to board of elections, and this little "glitch" was remedied by 3:30 P.M. today. - People were being informed that - they were at the 'wrong' polling place and were being...
  20. wizrd

    Fulton county GA, voter suppression - right NOW!

    Son & daughter-in-law live in Fairburn GA, Fulton county. She WAS NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE THIS MORNING, ALONG WITH DOZENS OF OTHERS. Don't know exact details, but they've lived & voted there 15 years. My son is 'holding' on line for a phone-talk show slot as I type this. WTF!!!
  21. wizrd

    Assailant breaks into Pelosi home and attacks husband

    Suspect seen fleeing Pelosi's compound after hammer attack, still at large, unstable, approach with caution!
  22. wizrd

    Kameltoe mocked for gushing over a yellow school bus - they really can't let her talk in public

    I'm still dumbfounded that America elected a whore for vice president!
  23. wizrd

    You can watch the Zeldin vs Hochul debate tonight

    I seriously doubt that Hochul will have anything even remotely intelligent to say, - after all, she's been hit in the face by more balls than Yogi Berra and Elton John combined!
  24. wizrd

    FBI Changes NICS System To Investigate YOU!

    Not to worry, guys - FBI mainly engages in shooting children, dogs, and women. ( Waco TX and Ruby Ridge ID come to mind)
  25. wizrd

    Permit for Semi-Auto Rifle

    Oneida county - as of yesterday, 9/22/2022. IF you already have a valid pistol permit and wish to purchase a new semi-automatic long gun, you need to see the pistol office, and get a new permit card issued saying, on the back - "semi-auto long guns allowed" - (or something to that effect). If...
  26. wizrd

    FU Whorchul, Niagara County is gun friendly

    Oswego County legislators also voted NOT TO ENFORCE Hochul's new bullshit laws.
  27. wizrd

    Donald Trump - “You Know His Vices, But Do You Know His Virtues?”

    Truth does not become a falsehood because you refuse to hear it.
  28. wizrd

    Attorney General's office to host gun buyback event Aug. 27 in Utica

    *** So, if you filed off a serial number, do you get $75 MORE? Inquiring minds want to know.
  29. wizrd

    Hospital Employee had large cache of guns

    In a recent 'Active shooter exercise' (about 3 weeks previous) - which took place at a Madison county hospital, - initiated by NYS Police, and involving Sheriff's Dept. and local city police agencies, - the final advice given to hospital admin. by state police was - " If you want your facility...
  30. wizrd

    Why does no one actually read the Second Amendment ?

    The key word here - is the word "SHALL" -- in legal terms, 'shall' denotes something that is mandatory, carved in stone, forever. 'SHALL NOT be infringed' - live by it.
  31. wizrd

    DOJ / FBI overreach, by a mile

    Elon Musk has offered to purchase the FBI, - for 100 Billion dollars! - The Clinton's & Obama's say, "It's not for sale!"
  32. wizrd

    NY stopping issuing permits for around 7+ months??

    Just got off the phone with pistol office. They HAVE NOT STOPPED ISSUING PERMITS. As for the 'new' laws, as now written - (not yet in effect) - EVERY permit holder will BE REQUIRED (NO EXEMPTIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS) TO RECERTIFY EVERY THREE YEARS WITH 15 HOURS OF CLASS TIME AND 2 HOURS OF...
  33. wizrd

    Trail cam pics

    A new fawn takes his first flight!
  34. wizrd


    Congratulations to 1911guy, - on his 2nd WIN THIS MONTH! - June 25, # 669. His 1st one was June 2nd. - He even treated me to breakfast to celebrate!
  35. wizrd

    What is your dumbest or most useless firearm related purchase?

    An AR 15 "SPUR GRIP" - most useless purchase ever!
  36. wizrd


    My wife is happy this morning, - she won the Father's Day prize Sunday! On a ticket I bought for her.
  37. wizrd


    Check your tickets, last night's number, - 776, - was sent out to the state of Washington.
  38. wizrd

    Would you support a ban on semi-automatic weapons and ammunition?

    Maybe the admins here could come up with some kind of 'idiot filter' for ignorant posts.
  39. wizrd

    Dumb things overheard at gun stores

    Overheard, a few years back - a young lady was asking for some .243 ammo, at a now defunct sporting goods store. Clerk asks her, "Do you have a hunting license?" - Young lady replies, - "No, I don't hunt." - Clerk replies, - "I can't sell you any ammo then." SHEESH!
  40. wizrd

    Dumb things overheard at gun stores

    My favorite - "Do you have any 7.62x39?" - "No, but we have some 7.62x54R, - that's the same thing."
  41. wizrd

    Need a New EDC

    Bark River has some beautiful fixed blades, and good quality stuff.
  42. wizrd


    There ARE 1000 tickets available. They do get spread out widely among our clubs 400 + members. Specific ticket numbers are hard to track down. The 100 tickets I listed are numbers from the first group of tickets I picked up. Sorry, but it is almost impossible to guarantee any specific...
  43. wizrd

    Oil Prices Pass $112 Barrel, OPEC Holding Firm, Here Comes $7 Gasoline

    Fuel oil delivered Mar. 2, - $ 4.019 per gallon. Highest in 8 years.
  44. wizrd

    Neil Young - Latest Virtual Book Burner

    " Old man, look at my life, - I'm dumber than you were."
  45. wizrd


    Marc in Cheektowaga - I'mma need a phone number, to call you when you win, please PM me. Kevin & Marc - your tickets will be sent out in tomorrow's mail. Thank you for your support.
  46. wizrd

    Speaking of H&K ?

    COKE is correct.
  47. wizrd

    What are you buying with your tax return 2022?

    I may splurge, and put a down-payment on some bacon!
  48. wizrd

    DEC seeks input from anglers for rule changes

    DEC seeks input often - only trouble is, they won't listen. There are fishers all over DMP area 6P - yet they won't open the area for fisher trapping. Go figure!
  49. wizrd

    Down state Fur buyers?

    Anyone know what fur prices are actually running? - Many years ago, we were getting an average of $ 33 for coon, for green fur, not stretched & dried, rats would average around $ 7, and a good red fox could bring $ 125. We hunted the coon, not trapping them, and averaged about 150 coon per...