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  1. Airedale

    .22 rimfire shoot

    If you hold another match like the one above I would definitely be interested in participating. Al
  2. Airedale

    From Central NY

    Oneida County
  3. Airedale

    The Remington Rolling Block, and related single shot musings.

    Picked up this Spanish made Star in 30-30 at last spring's Syracuse gun show, been wanting a Rolling Block for a long time but they are hard to find in smaller calibers and lighter weights. My old eyes make sighting tough so I did a little work on the sights putting on a fiber optic front and...
  4. Airedale

    Let's see your reloading room! (Pics only please!)

    Been at it for many years, I use a mish-mash collection of various manufacturer's equipment purchased through the years and it all works well.
  5. Airedale

    From Central NY

    Hello, My name is Al and have lived in NY for all of my 73 yrs, I like participating in everything outdoors but admit at this stage of the game not as much as I once did. Especially fond of hunting small game with dogs and am somewhat of a firearms buff that loves shooting. Al