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  1. Pedro

    Miami man kills AK-47 wielding robber.

    BD, all I did was click the Quote button in your post, then clicked the insert Quote button in the reply box. Pedro.
  2. Pedro

    Sign petition re:Second Amendment

    Signed. Thanks, Calculon. Pedro.
  3. Pedro

    Anyone dabble in gun restoration/refinishing?

    TheMoneyPit, You probably know this, but make sure to have the but plate on the stock through the entire process, otherwise you'll have a rounded edge on the wood/but plate interface. Pedro.
  4. Pedro

    Mark Levin presents ‘overwhelming’ constitutional case against appointment of Mueller

    I think this is good news, I don't know how I missed an episode of "The Great One". Jay Sekulow is one of President Trump's lawyers, and is an acquaintance, if not a friend of Levin. Thanks livingston. Pedro.
  5. Pedro

    Time To Firebomb This Bill

    I'm in, Dr. Evil! Thanks, Pedro.
  6. Pedro

    Ex-Clinton aid confronts cops with expletives

    Buck Sexton on WGY is playing the audio, and talking about it now. Pedro.
  7. Pedro

    iPhone NYGunforum help

    On the log in page, are you checking the "Stay logged in" box to the right of the "Log in" box? Pedro.
  8. Pedro

    Eric Holder, Florida Shooting Survivor David Hogg Discuss Gun Control Strategy

    I didn't get half way through it either. A couple of kids and a criminal drug runner on tv. Pedro.
  9. Pedro

    Vote on this poll

    I just voted, Dayten. Arm the teachers; 80%. Pedro.
  10. Pedro

    This Girl Has Her Act Together

    I just watched it, wow! She's intelligent, articulate and so far beyond her years. Pedro.
  11. Pedro

    Jeanine Pirro: Trump should not sit down with Mueller

    Maybe if they hadn't stopped Tail Gunner Joe, these Leftists wouldn't be so brazen. Pedro.
  12. Pedro

    Breaking: Senate vote fails to pass GOP spending bill, government will shut down

    Sure they burn their neighborhoods down, because they never built them in the first place, we did and they know we'll rebuild them every time they set them on fire! Pedro.
  13. Pedro

    Sarah Carter update. Big News.

    Maha Rushie said he could, today. Pedro.
  14. Pedro

    Safe Act Update, Pistol Permit Recertification Deadline Approaching !

    Meketrefe, I checked unwarranted harassment. Pedro.
  15. Pedro

    NYC/"good shoot", but shooter will no doubt face CPW charge

    I thought jury nullification was when the jury finds the defendant not guilty, even though they believe the defendant committed the offense, they believe the law is unconstitutional. The effect of the not guilty verdict is nullification, of course the law remains. Pedro.
  16. Pedro

    Let's Look Back, Shall We?

    Yes, the very same people who defended this morally bankrupt criminal. Hypocrites! Pedro.
  17. Pedro

    Petition to kill HR3999 (Bump stock bill)

    I'm in. Pedro.
  18. Pedro

    NG whole house generator to gas

    I have a Generac 7550 EXL I thought of converting. I went to the link you provided but when I put everything in the drop down it comes back 404 Not found. I'll call them, thanks Doc! Pedro.
  19. Pedro

    What Can Be Done About Washington Politics?

    Convention of States; Convention of States Mark Levin wows state legislators: 'take your power back' Pedro.
  20. Pedro

    Poll On Whether Virginia Should Keep CSA Monuments

    I voted no. Pedro.
  21. Pedro

    Garand issue

    I had this problem on an M1 of mine years ago. To the best of my memory, I put in a new clip latch spring and bullet guide and the problem never returned. I suspect the problem was the clip latch spring. Premature clip ejection with M1 | Tank's Rifle Shop LLC Edit; Seeing Prog's post about the...
  22. Pedro

    Tired of the NRA, SCOPE and NYSRPA?

    I'm in. Pedro.
  23. Pedro

    Must see & share. Obamagate about to break wide open.

    Mark Levin "The Great One" Thanks Redtail! Pedro.
  24. Pedro

    The Similarities between Lincoln and Trump and the Civil War.

    What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 Pedro.
  25. Pedro

    Cattaraugus County Legislature to call for SAFE Act's end

    Wouldn't it be great if the rest of the Counties fell in with Cattaraugus. Pedro.
  26. Pedro

    NY ALERT - Please write

    Done, Phauxtoe. Pedro.
  27. Pedro

    Rogue electors.

    Done. Pedro.
  28. Pedro

    Watch Slow Motion Video of 1911 Reliability: Firing at -65 Degrees

    "Have not sorrow for the Glockers, for they have chosen the path of sin and wickedness..." Browning 5:32 Burgs. Pedro.
  29. Pedro

    DONE Price Reduced Schrade Old Timer Special Edition - Made In USA

    I just got home from work and the knife was sitting on my porch and it's perfect! Thanks Glenn, for a beautiful Old Timer and the outstanding service!! Pedro.
  30. Pedro

    DONE Price Reduced Schrade Old Timer Special Edition - Made In USA

    I would like it Glenn. I'll PM you. Thanks, Pedro.
  31. Pedro

    I Voted..

    I voted at 9:00 this morning and I've never seen it so crowded. Pedro.
  32. Pedro

    What is it?

    You took the words right out of my mouth, Randall. MilesTeg, Do as Randall says, then look directly forward of the cylinder. Pedro.
  33. Pedro

    Debate 2, Bigger, Stronger, Faster!

    Hillary said she respects the Second Amendment.
  34. Pedro

    NYG's mobile app......Cant stay logged in

    I have an Iphone 5S with a Safari browser. Although I predominantly use my desk top PC for the forum, I just checked my phone and I'm still logged in. Pedro.
  35. Pedro


    The Liberal Communist politicians will not let the police crack down on the degenerate, criminal people that they have created. Not only are these people (rioter's) Democrat voters, but they are pawns used by the Liberals to enslave us through unconstitutional legislation. Pedro.
  36. Pedro

    Loretta Lynch Gets Schooled

    It's sickening to watch the death of The Rule Of Law. Pedro.
  37. Pedro

    How often do you clean your firearms?

    I've used it to wipe guns down, but didn't know it was a cleaner. Thanks, Pedro.
  38. Pedro

    Running concealed

    Criticalt, I don't want to side track the thread but Clyde is a nice looking bull! Back Angus, isn't he? Pedro.
  39. Pedro

    How often do you clean your firearms?

    I agree, I enjoy cleaning the 1911's almost as much as shooting them. I detail strip them more often than I need to. Pedro.
  40. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thanks a lot, togmaster.
  41. Pedro

    Reporting In

    I'm Irish, that makes me right on time.
  42. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thanks, this is like old home week.
  43. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thanks for everything Dr. Evil.
  44. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thanks GOYABEAN.
  45. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thank you!
  46. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Thanks, it's good not to be left behind.:)
  47. Pedro

    Reporting In

    Hi everyone, I just joined, and thanks for inviting me! Respects, Pedro.