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  1. Carlos Hathcock

    Democrats Move to Strip Trump of Secret Service Protection

    God knows they can afford it.
  2. Carlos Hathcock

    BREAKING NEWS: Scores Killed, Hundreds Injured as Extremists Riot in Boston Area(Revolutionary War)

    Well now. It seems like maybe you CAN push the peasants too far?
  3. Carlos Hathcock

    Trap season is almost here!

    Running strings uninterrupted is a head game. Finally figured that out.
  4. Carlos Hathcock

    Hawley Brutally Confronts Secretary of Energy Granholm About 'Institutionalized Corruption' Leading To Clash

    The real issue at hand is not the fact that she (they) are corrupt and make billions in illegal dealings. The real issue here is that there are NEVER ANY CONSEQUENCES.....and nothing ever happens.
  5. Carlos Hathcock

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Celebrates Budget Gains with $2.4 Billion for Migrants

    Dear ILLEGALS and Cunty Whorecul, Fuck both off both of you. Fuck right off.
  6. Carlos Hathcock

    Trap season is almost here!

    We read this bill at our club. Unless we're wrong, it's believed this only applies to NEW fields.
  7. Carlos Hathcock

    Gas Station Shootout

    It was basically " bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbang........bang......bang......bang..... bang......bang.....bang....................bang."
  8. Carlos Hathcock

    Police took possession of E. Jean Carroll's unregistered gun after her testimony in Trump defamation trial So there's a published report by a "reputable" (trying not to laugh) news outlet. In said article she admits (confesses) to a gun felony. No charges filed. No consequences. Nothing. This was not an instance that no one outside the circle of trust...
  9. Carlos Hathcock

    Trap season is almost here!

    Trap is a five station five shot per station event. The "birds" are moving away from the shooter in a narrowish field of angles. Skeet has multiple stations with birds emanating from more than one location at different elevations. Many different angles with some birds traveling toward you, away...
  10. Carlos Hathcock

    Biden saves the world by making lightbulbs more efficient

    "a move anticipated to save Americans $27 billion on their utility bills over 30 years." This savings will of course be offset by additional reckless governmental spending triggering a tax increase which will in turn cost taxpayers an additional 1.2 trillion dollars.
  11. Carlos Hathcock

    Trap season is almost here!

    I shot yesterday after a 2 week vacation. Apparently I retained all my bad habits.
  12. Carlos Hathcock

    New voter registration numbers

    There should be ZERO flexibility on this. NO ID AT THE POLLS, NO VOTING. I just left a country 2 days ago, and I couldn't vote in ANY of their elections for one dimple reason. I WASNT A LEGAL FUCKING REDIENT OF THAT COUNTRY. This election will be stolen just like the last one. That fucking...
  13. Carlos Hathcock

    BREAKING: Barricaded man holding police at bay

    Lemme guess. He doesn't want to pay rent and the landlord wants to avoid foreclosure?
  14. Carlos Hathcock

    So now with a full carry...

    There's a big difference between paranoid and prepared. Look it up. There's no "wrong place" for CC. Watch the news for 5 minutes for clarification.
  15. Carlos Hathcock

    State Police arrested two Connecticut residents on weapons charges

    Ooooooo.....they seized a damn ARSENAL there.
  16. Carlos Hathcock

    Is Joe paying Mexico to slow the invasion?

    Ammo is the cheapest option
  17. Carlos Hathcock

    Nearest and best PA gun stores? (I’m an idiot)

    You CAN purchase a pistol out of state. It just has to be transfered through FFL's.
  18. Carlos Hathcock

    Biden CANCELS Plan to Refill oil reserve Because Oil is “Way Too Expensive” to fill it

    Biden's economic skills only shine when it comes to HIS money.....not the taxpayers.
  19. Carlos Hathcock

    S-6980A, child access prevention, passed Senate

    Firearms education is MY responsibility, not the state's.
  20. Carlos Hathcock

    BREAKING: U.S. military has started recalling veteran retirees and is ordering them to report for active duty??

    They're predicting another "insurrection" after this year's election fraud.
  21. Carlos Hathcock

    Ammunition question

    PLEASE......stop divulging our plans and actions to the big brother state or else Ropco comes in here tongue whipping us ALL.
  22. Carlos Hathcock

    The US DoJ ordered YouTube to release the names, phone numbers and addresses of people who watch certain videos.

    Just more of our own government manipulating the country to suit their agenda......again.
  23. Carlos Hathcock

    Scale changes w trickler near

    I do not abandon the membership here simply because I'm on vacation. Carlos never sleeps. Anyway, there's only so much of the day you can blow on pools and sun..... MURICA !
  24. Carlos Hathcock

    Scale changes w trickler near

    US Solid scales are reasonably priced and mine has been very dependable for a couple years now.... I use the same trickler set just inside the glass. No issues.
  25. Carlos Hathcock

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Thanks for the sun brother. Been plenty warm where I'm at.....
  26. Carlos Hathcock

    Man shoots bear after animal enters his home

    Chicago Bear? I just need to know why no one chose to shoot him in the leg first.
  27. Carlos Hathcock

    Russia started mass deportation of migrants after the terrorist attack at Crocusa

    Well now.......isn't that a simple solution.
  28. Carlos Hathcock

    .308 reload suggestions

    These guys are my go to for a variety of supplies. Telepathic shipping.
  29. Carlos Hathcock

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    I got my package. Tried the new "express delivery" option..... .....driver even had the stones to take a pic from the driver's seat.