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  1. dwa12479

    Alliant Suspends Shipments of Smokeless Powder

    Watch the prices skyrocket. Again....
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    San Francisco gives homeless people drugs and alcohol to help them

    Addiction is a reason most people end up homeless to begin with.
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    House Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Give Illegal Aliens Representation in Congress and the Electoral College

    Im going go to California and try to vote in their governors race this year and see what im told at the polling station.
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    Attorney General James Takes Action to Protect Commonsense Gun Laws

    I always laugh at the tired old "...weapons of war designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount time" argument. Remind me which "patrol rifle" is mounted in nearly every cop car in America right now? And why?
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    NY Dem Who Voted For Law Meant to Ensnare President Trump Now Says Law is Unconstitutional After Rape Suit Against Him

    No. Ex post facto is prosecuting someone for doing something which was legal at the time, but has since been made illegal. It has no relevance to this case. This law was just a dirty trick by Ds to damage a political opponent they're terrified of.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    I think she meant these guys....
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    Batavia felon, 22, drunk & speeding, caught with AR w/ LCM; and P80 w/ LCM. Say Hi to prison!

    Bout the only thing worth doing in Java is taking a visit to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park campground.
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    This Elderly Man Was Arrested After Shooting a Burglar in Self-Defense—Because His Gun Was Unlicensed

    Exactly. This is a case of he didn't include a cover sheet with his TPS report.
  9. dwa12479

    This Elderly Man Was Arrested After Shooting a Burglar in Self-Defense—Because His Gun Was Unlicensed

    The details I've heard on this one is that he was at a rental property he owned that was vacant and not his primary residence. So PA decided he was carrying concealed without a license. Bunch of bullshit for a DA trying to jam up a law abiding citizen for defending himself, while others are...
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    Columbia University negotiates with terrorists and allows pro-Palestinian encampment to remain with rules

    When the inmates are allowed to run the asylum...chaos ensues.
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    TN to allow teachers to carry guns in schools

    I agree with the underperformed teachers and administrative bloat. Teachers have to really be on the ball for 10 years to get their tenure. After that they're nearly impossible to show the door. The bureaucratic bloat at the admin level is borderline ridiculous. Sports are just one of many...
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    FTC Ban on non-compete agreements (in 120 days)

    Most of the people I know thst have signed non-compete clauses were taking a skill of some sort with them that their current company paid for. They could decline and compensate the company for the education. Example. My shop sent a guy to school for PDR, Paintless Dent Repair. They spent...
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    Rounds of choice for home defense

    I've got Federal Flite Control #1 on hand for HD shotgun rounds. 15 thirty cal pellets in a special wad that keeps them very tight. The pellets are brass too, so they deform slightly when rattling together and stay more on target, rather than scattering like billiard balls on break. Put that...
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    Cop killed in shoot out with teens

    Right wrong or indifferent to the subject of it, jist having the word "Act" in the title doesn't make it not a law. SAFE Act, Affordable Care Act, Patriot Act... they all suck and I would love them to be repealed or struck. But until they are, they're written law, passed by legislatures and...
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    Cop killed in shoot out with teens

    Actually, the NFA is a Federally passed law signed by FDR, and violating is a Federal Crime. Not that I agree with it, but thats how it is.
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    NYS T-way Authority

    The NYS Thruway tolls were supposed to end in 1996 when the bonds were paid off. Instead they've only increased. Significantly. Government will NEVER give up a revenue stream once it's established.
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    Switzerland found guilty of not adequately addressing climate change

    When do the blue helmets invade?
  18. dwa12479

    Some one tried to burn down Bernie Sanders office in Vermont

    Probably a member of Bernies Army that didn't get their free shit he promised.
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    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    Huh? I was simply correcting his "quote" direct from the written law. What does that have to do with a gen Z in his moms basement? You lost me there.
  20. dwa12479

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    This could truly be the crest of the slippery slope. What other product manufacturers need to start worrying about someone misusing their items in a criminal way and have the liability fall back onto them?
  21. dwa12479

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    It does not say "designed to accept", it says "ability to accept". Two very different concepts. Its original design is completely irrelevant.. What matters is what it has the ability to do at the time of the sale.
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    Pittsburg PD goes part-time and won’t respond to non in-process calls overnight

    So there will be a 4 hour Purge in Pittsburgh every evening. Good to know.
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    Scale changes w trickler near

    Thats a big swing. I would guess static of some sort as well. Theres no substitute for a good scale when reloading.
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    Gov. Hochul confronted by mourner at NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s wake, crowd applauds as she leaves

    I heard he was asking her to stay for a drink after the wake, but she had to decline. Had already paid a non-refundable $100k to attend another event across town the same day...
  25. dwa12479

    NYC adding weapon detection scanners to subways

    Im really curious how this will do much of anything. Once you're in to the subway system you can get pretty much anywhere in the city. This would be like a bar that has 7 entrances but is only checking IDs at 2.
  26. dwa12479

    NY Appeals court upholds NY red flag law against Second Amendment challenge

    Caniglia v Strom was supposed to address this.
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    Upgrades for the Lee Load Master Progressive press

    Nice lookin setup, great work!
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    New bill pushes for shorter 32-hour workweek across the country with no loss in pay for workers

    Oh for sure. The Flame Wrench is a way of life here. We add accordingly to the LTG for corrosion. My daily driver right now is a 2003 Tahoe. I bought it 2 years ago out of California, spent its whole life in AZ and CA. The guys in the shop couldn't believe how clean it was underneath the first...
  29. dwa12479

    New bill pushes for shorter 32-hour workweek across the country with no loss in pay for workers

    I know quite a few guys that have left the "flat rate" business and taken state jobs. They go in a Gung ho hangin and bangin and all the union guys are like "WHOOOOAHHH. Chill dude. Slow down, relax. Get some coffee. You're makin us all look bad..."
  30. dwa12479

    New bill pushes for shorter 32-hour workweek across the country with no loss in pay for workers

    There are so many different pay structures for so many different jobs. Its impossible to have a universal "work week" number of hours people should work. Pseonal experience, been a car dealership flat rate tech for almost 25 years. Im paid for production, and I have no safety net. Business is...
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    Insurance rate increase! (illegals the cause?)

    EVERYTHING is up. All of it.
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    NY National Guard - Deployed

    So now that they've admitted the NYC Subways are a dumpster fire, when can we expect all charges against Daniel Penny to be dropped?
  33. dwa12479

    State of the Union 2024 - 3/7

    Ill watch. If I can stay awake the whole time. It makes the next day meme that much funnier when there's context.
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    NY National Guard - Deployed

    They keep saying crime is at an all time low. Kind of odd to need the NG when crime is plummeting
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    Polls showing Trump will win

    I never trust polls. Even ones I agree with.
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    Teen gunned down in possible NYC gang hit made frantic call to mom telling her he’d been shot before dying: sources

    Sadly things aren't like the days of old. A 13 year old with some gang friends taking in an NBA game with no parental supervision and coming back to a shitty neighborhood in Crown Heights is a recipe for disaster.
  37. dwa12479

    Armed men storm home

    Had a doorbell ring some years ago at like 1030 pm. Was persistent. Finally opened the door with my hand under my shirt on CCW to see a somewhat sketchy character with some pizzas. Nope, sorry. We didn't order any pizzas. Get off my property.
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    LEO and Retired LEO's ammo shipped to their homes

    Politicians are as crooked as they come. Adding exemptions to avoid push back proves it was never about safety, and always about control.
  39. dwa12479

    Mitch McConnell to step down

    Bout 18 years too late...
  40. dwa12479

    Two individuals arrested stemming from an investigation of illegal gun transfer

    Thats like calling the cops because your drug dealer scammed you. What a couple of dopes.
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    Low-Income Mom Given $10K from D.C. Taxpayer-Funded Program Spends $6K on Vacation

    Poor people are usually poor because they make poor (no pun intended) financial decisions. Handing them a pile of cash doesn't suddenly make them fiscally responsible. Maybe invest some of that money into something that will pay a return, build that wealth into more. Vacations and cars ain't...
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    Going to have an AR built, need optic options…

    My SHTF rig has a Holosun 510C. I had the EoTech XPS on it but liked the Holosun so much I swapped them and also got a 2nd one for another rifle.