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    Genpak shuts down Middletown facility

    This takes me back to when you could make it all the way home with takeout food without the chicken wings leaking through the container. Ah, the good old days.
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    NY to require warning signs in gun stores

    Maybe this is the law we needed all along to stop 'gun violence'. I'm sure they can make everything legal again and everyone will be happy.
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    S-7365B, pistol converters, passed Senate

    "In recent years machine gun conversion devices---which can transform an ordinary pistol into an automatic weapon by allowing it to fire as many as 15 rounds in under two seconds---have proliferated across the country." Well in NY they can only fire 10 in less than 2 seconds.
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    NY Gov. Hochul Forced to Place ‘Indefinite Pause’ on New York City ‘Congestion Pricing’

    Maybe she can do the same thing with the ban on 'assault weapons' and 10+ round magazines...
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    Assembly Bill A705 -- Prohibits the sale of gasoline powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers

    This is why I voted 'NO' on the proposal that 'everyone has the right to clean air and water'. I knew there was going to be something bad following right after it passed.
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    Ban .50 cal rifles in America to prevent cartel violence (in Mexico?)

    Here's an interesting article regarding Mexico: "Of the other six top purchasers, half are linked to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives scandal known...
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    Hochul says anti-gun violence programs have led to dramatic drop in shooting incidents statewide

    If the numbers are true, it's probably because they finally arrested (and jailed) the small number of dirtbags who were committing the bulk of the crimes. Nothing to do with the effort, just a coincidence.
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    Best chefs knife to buy?

    I watched a video made by a custom knife maker. He thinks they're garbage.
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    S-3340 ERPO reporting passed Senate

    One step at a time. They know how to slowly cook the frog.
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    Mayor Adams: Migrants Are ‘Excellent Swimmers’ and Should Be Lifeguards

    The high cost of everything makes me forget how good the economy is doing. It's an article like this that reminds me that everything is SO GOOD that every able bodied person is employed and we still have more jobs to fill...
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    Convicted felon arrested with arsenal of weapons

    'Police said additional charges are expected and the investigation is continuing into how he acquired the weapons.' This should be pretty easy. He's required to have a handgun permit, all his handguns should be on his permit and in the NYSP database, and EVERY gun sold in NY requires a...
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    Reasonably Priced Picatinny Optics for KSG Short Range Shotgun

    I've had one of these (or a similar model) for years. I'm pretty sure it would make a big impression on an intruder if they saw this on their chest.
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    Glock Handgun ban in NY

    I wonder what percentage of people arrested in NY with Glock switches had handgun permits. My guess it that the number is somewhere around 0%.
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    Several Bronx men arrested for illegally possessing a loaded handgun in a vehicle following a traffic stop on the Thruway.

    'The men were arraigned before the Town of Greenburgh Court where they were released on their own recognizance. They are to reappear on May 7, 2024, at 9:00 a.m.' I wonder if they showed up.
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    Washington Post article on the destructiveness of the AR-15

    I'm just happy the rounds coming out of my .223 bolt gun aren't as dangerous as the .223's coming out of an AR!
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    Columbia University negotiates with terrorists and allows pro-Palestinian encampment to remain with rules

    Oops! I apologize if someone already posted this. I didn't see it.
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    Pro-hamas protests breakout at UB with arrests

    "Earlier in the day a student walkout took place at Buffalo State University which was peaceful, calling for a ceasefire and for SUNY to divest any interest that they may have with Israel." First of all, what interest would a SUNY school have with Israel? Secondly, 'that they may have' means...
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    This Elderly Man Was Arrested After Shooting a Burglar in Self-Defense—Because His Gun Was Unlicensed

    He should offer to testify against Trump. They'll drop that charge like a hot potato.
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    Police shot and killed armed student outside Wisconsin school, authorities say

    I'm surprised that school isn't a 'gun free zone'...
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    Do you need a background check to purchase a muzzleloader in NY?

    This may be inconvenient for law abiding gun owners, but it should cut down on all those drive by muzzle loading massacres I've been reading about.
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    Biden saves the world by making lightbulbs more efficient

    Will they require us to use new bulbs filled with toxins like the mercury in the CFL's that they forced us to buy? I like LED bulbs, but I don't want to be forced to use them.
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    Ethics complaint filed against Hochul for using “I Love New York” suite, at Bills games

    They didn't lie. They 'paid it back' with favors.
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    New California laws 2024: Income-based electric bills

    How long until this applies to bread and milk?
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    FDNY Firefighters Who Booed AG Letitia James Ordered to Surrender or Risk Being Hunted Down

    Why was the AG there anyway? What does she have to do with FDNY?
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    The Trace and those charged with illegal possession

    If PA insists on having a permit to carry concealed, you can get one if you don't have a criminal record and it's only $20. If charging $20 is racist, or disproportionally affects certain groups, THE STATE can lower the cost to $0, or eliminate the permit requirement altogether. What's more...
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    Antigun Albany agenda

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    City of Madras, Oregon Proposes Fining Grocery Stores for Carts Stolen and Found Near Homeless Camps

    They should extend this to shoplifting as well. Fine the business for every item stolen. It should solve the problem of stores closing due to theft.
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    Bidenomics is a hit in swing states but polls show Trump ahead

    I'm a believer. I'm trying to buy a new vehicle. The cost of the same vehicle, same trim, same options, just this year's model is only $18,000 more than what I paid 5 years ago. Also, the lending rate from the same bank is 5% higher. This has to be good.
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    Veteran Democrat Tom Suozzi beats Mazi Pilip in nail-biter House special election to replace George Santos

    Wait, a white guy beat out a black woman? What about diversity?
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    NYS Gunshop Inspections by SP

    I hope to God those stolen guns have serial numbers. If not, they could be used by criminals.
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    Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act

    Sounds a little like Hawaii...
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    NY AG Letitia James Increases Amount She Wants From Trump to $370 Million, Seeks Lifetime Ban for Him From Real Estate Industry

    Hochul said there was no way she would overrule Engoron’s decision because “we need a clear separation of powers.” She added that “that’s what was envisioned by our Founding Fathers.” If that's true, how does she explain this...
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    Ammo background checks to begin mid-September?

    "Republicans might have a chance to win if they would only learn how to harvest fraudulent votes just like the Democrats do. Democrats laugh at fair elections. But I always vote anyway, I figure at least make those bastards work for it." When I got my Citizenship merit badge in Boy Scouts...
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    Hochul's houseing for the homeless

    Well, all those visitors from other countries need a nice place to live.
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    Hawaii Rejects Second Amendment Interpretation in Landmark Decision

    Looks like the US Constitution carries ZERO weight in Hawaii. The state supreme court concluded: "We reject Wilson's constitutional challenges. Conventional interpretive modalities and Hawaiʻi's historical tradition of firearm regulation rule out an individual right to keep and bear arms under...
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    The Texas National Guard has seized control of Eagle Pass / Update; Texas troopers have begun arresting illegals

    That's two completely different issues. They should be two different bills.
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    The Texas National Guard has seized control of Eagle Pass / Update; Texas troopers have begun arresting illegals

    The funniest part about the states who support Texas is that NY and IL DON'T support Texas. NYC and Chicago are the LOUDEST complainers about the 'migrants' but don't support Texas in keeping them out. Strange how easily it could be fixed by closing the border, but NY and IL don't support the...
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    The Texas National Guard has seized control of Eagle Pass / Update; Texas troopers have begun arresting illegals

    I wonder if their credit cards and bank accounts will be frozen.
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    NY AG Letitia James Increases Amount She Wants From Trump to $370 Million, Seeks Lifetime Ban for Him From Real Estate Industry

    CNN - Facts First: This is highly misleading. Yes, James visited the White House three times after filing the fraud suit against Trump. But she attended events in her official capacity and there’s zero public indication that she personally met with Biden or discussed the Trump investigations...
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    The Texas National Guard has seized control of Eagle Pass / Update; Texas troopers have begun arresting illegals

    Hmmm.... I wonder what this map would look like if they asked THE PEOPLE if they support Texas. I think they would run out of red ink.
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    No more hunting competitions

    Must be REALLY important if they put it off until November.
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    Prosecutors to recharge Alec Baldwin for 'Rust' shooting

    Here's an interesting video from a defense attorney I've been listening to lately.
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    Stefanik sues Hochul over mail-in voting expansion

    But do they have standing?
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    Obama’s Leaked Confession Could Spell the End for Biden

    There are a lot of steps, sandbags, and discarded banana peels to navigate between now and election day. Anything could happen.
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    Hochul proposes repeal of marijuana ‘potency tax’

    Maybe they should have just taxed it like other normal things that people buy. You know, plain old sales tax?
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    Schumer secures $15M for EV charging stations in NYS

    If I remember correctly from another thread, each station was about $3M. So this big win will create 5 charging locations?
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    Assault Weapon Ban Challenge

    So the plaintiff has to get license to buy a semi-auto before they can sue for not being able to buy the model firearm they want? This whole 'injury-in-fact' and 'no standing' thing is BS.
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    The New York State Assembly’s Rest Stop Restaurant Act would apply to Chick-fil-A, which is famously closed on Sundays.

    How about a law that requires government offices to remain open when it snows, or a 'pandemic' breaks out, so they can continue to do their jobs. Eliminating some of their unending list of holidays would make me happy too. Many people still work no matter how bad the weather is, or what's...
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    Colt CZ just bought out Sellier Bellot

    Isn't that Mosin Nagant a weapon of war? It has no use other than killing as many people as quickly as possible.
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    Illinois assault weapons ban: US Supreme Court refuses to block law

    What happened to firearms in common use can't be banned?