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  1. knuts

    Like rats in a sewer,... a shooting in a crowded NYC subway today 03/15/24
  2. knuts

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Got a good deal with all the discount codes at opticsplanet, jumped on it right away.
  3. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    Got my amendment today, took exactly 1 month and 1 day since my check was cashed in.
  4. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    Thats insane, and wtf is “public safety”?! i waited til my permit was set to recertify, thats when i added the semi rifle amendment, took about 2 months from mailing in my recertification to interview with the judge. Got my new permit a week after that. i sent a amendment for a new pistol 2...
  5. knuts

    Out of state range recommendation?

    Anyone know an outdoor range in PA where we can rent it? Looking to take some people shooting but dont want to go to a public range that im not familiar with (crowd wise)
  6. knuts

    School me on the sig legion .. Thinking about adding a sig 229 . carry

    I have the 229 elite dark, same thing sa/da. Dunno if the elite and elite “dark” has the same sights but the adjustable sights that came in mine are shieet, changed mine to dawson precisions. Aside from the sights, i love it!
  7. knuts

    Semi automatic amendment waiting time in Westchester

    A little off topic but did you have to take the 16 hour class before you could apply for the semi auto amendment?
  8. knuts

    What's in your Top 5-to-Buy for 2023?

    A nighthawk, if i cant save enough, a staccato, but im too poor so i’ll probably end up with a prodigy
  9. knuts

    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping)

    F tsusa! I tried ordering and it requires a ffl now. Cant support them any longer, not only they caved in but they lied about the whole DEC 3 starting date. F them!
  10. knuts

    anyone know of a custom slide milling shop in NY

    For stippling i would go with this guy i got a p320 frame from him. Very nice work edit: sorry i forgot to mention he does not live in ny though, he is in florida
  11. knuts

    Options for NY-legal AR-15 stocks? Only know about the Thordsen and NYLAR

    Got a kalikey, havent tried it out yet but thats also a option. Btw just saw they have a 10% off on their site right now
  12. knuts

    New way to track suspect credit card sales of guns and ammo approved by international organization

    So, I bought an upper from aero the other day. Took a look at my cc statement, there was a “on hold” fee of $1. I never saw that before. I checked again an hour later and the $1 fee was returned and the statement was gone from my account. It has got to be this thing now since ive bought a bunch...
  13. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?
  14. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    I would say yes. if you look at the county clerk website. you need to pass "restriction change worksheet" along with the amendment forms now. They just added that last night on their website I think you and me brother
  15. knuts

    New Law Banning "Others"

    From blueline? Got the same thing, they are also still selling shockwaves. Im confused as some of the LGS around the area has been posting that lowers are still going to be good to go without the auto license after sept. 1. Did I miss something?
  16. knuts

    Target Sports USA

    Their free box sure went downhill, I used to get speer jhp 9mm from them or a bunch of 556. I also remember when they didnt charge tax, man those were the best deals.
  17. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    Sorry for the confusion, i meant the amendment to add pistol. I didnt bother sending in the request for full carry since i asked a lady at the county clerk office, she said dont bother sending in full carry amendments yet since they wont be touching them until after september.
  18. knuts

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Picked up my glock 48 today. Feels really good in my hands, cant wait to shoot this one.
  19. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    Coupon and updated pp came in today, wow new record? Exactly 3 weeks since i dropped the form in person. It arrived before my ordered holster hah
  20. knuts

    Permit cards no longer have restrictions

    you sent in your amendment? When I dropped off my amendment to add a pistol, I asked the guy at the counter if I could have added both the addition of pistol and removal of restrictions on the same form, he said dont even bother sending the removal of restriction amendment cause they wont even...
  21. knuts

    F/S Assorted 12G ammo

    Would love to sell the whole lot, not looking to sell separately. $280. Cash or Zelle, local pick up/meet only lower westchester/rockland area. Federal truball slugs - 20 Winchester rifled slugs - 12 Fiocchi slugs - 40 Aguila minishells slugs - 57 Remington buckshots - 10 Assorted buckshots -...
  22. knuts

    Westchester County Amendments?

    Handed the amendment in person on July 13, so we'll see how long this one is going to be.
  23. knuts

    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    wait... you have to send in your amendment for full carry in person?! I thought we could just mail them in?
  24. knuts

    30rd Magazine Purchase - any recommendation?

    Yeah they have been terrible, I have an order from them right now, 3 weeks in and still "processing". Ive ordered from them 3 times. First time took more than a month to ship. I said never again, but then second time they were the only ones who had the mags I wanted, it took about 2 weeks to...
  25. knuts

    New York Proposes Banning Defensive Body Armor (S9407)

    so wait... its only soft body armor? im so confused. Plate carriers are good to go right without the hard plates?
  26. knuts

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    might as well, 3 more lowers. got the anderson yesterday
  27. knuts

    Looking for rifle recommendations

    At this point, might as well just buy them all.... now!
  28. knuts

    Thordsen Stock

    :( ok, thanks. if you get some fde in let me know please.
  29. knuts

    Thordsen Stock

    color of the magpul 10/30s?
  30. knuts

    Dumb things overheard at gun stores

    I was with my brother looking for his pc9 at this lgs. They have the regular one but then I asked if they have the one with the mlok rail version, he straight out said "thats illegal"... what? Then I asked if they have ar others, he straight up said again "thats illegal".
  31. knuts

    Coyotes in Sterling Forest?

    There are tons of yotes at sterling, shot one during rifle season. Saw 2 more since, didnt have a good shot when i saw the other 2. I know a few of my friends who hunt there as well mention either seeing yotes themselves or seeing traces of them
  32. knuts

    21-22 Predator Season

    Used the extinguisher, had it on fawn
  33. knuts

    21-22 Predator Season

    Was out yesterday trying out a new deer call, called in this ugly mofo instead. Had to take him out. He has mange too
  34. knuts

    RISE in Rockland. Gone due to fire

    As far as i know, no. Someone was shooting 308 fmj. But the bullet trap is made of blocks of rubber and we have to staple the paper targets unto them, so… yeah.
  35. knuts

    RISE in Rockland. Gone due to fire

    I work there. Shit is devastating, we were there early morning today thinking the fire was out, and hoping to get some stuff out. Unfortunately the fire went up again late last night. Firefighters cant get to the fire thats burning in between our ceiling and the floor of the stores above. :(
  36. knuts

    AR-15-wielding MAGA religious group buys 130-acre holy retreat in Tenn. for $460,000

    I think I met his daughter at the great american outdoor show in Pennsylvania a few years ago, shes selling gun shaped chocolates lol.
  37. knuts

    Looking for a new Kydex holster

    P229 elite dark. Just ordered on vedder, im going to give them a try. I just need a basic, reliable, and sturdy holster for range use.
  38. knuts

    Looking for a new Kydex holster

    nice! gotta check them out.
  39. knuts

    Looking for a new Kydex holster

    anyone know which of these companies have the quickest lead time?
  40. knuts

    Burnt bronze or FDE?

    Got a few of black frames already(not the poly80 though)
  41. knuts

    Burnt bronze or FDE?

    Ended up getting the burnt bronze and going to try the swampfox rds. Got the poly80 frame as well. Just need a fs barrel and spring and should be done
  42. knuts

    Body armor ban introduced in Congress

    I predict a mass shooting this year with the shooter wearing body armor ...
  43. knuts

    Davis trade in Reputation

    which one is the owner? got a rifle from them right before the 16 election, they are on the pricey side. that was the first and only time i bought a gun from them.
  44. knuts

    Unprecedented numbers at local range today...

    Rise? Ive noticed that too since they reopened after the lockdown. but even before then they seem to have a really diverse clientele which is great. (lots of jewish people seem to go there)
  45. knuts

    Ammunition found locally today

    ts usa is useless now they have nothing, they used to have the best prices around before this whole thing too. Gonna cancel my prime now.
  46. knuts

    Ammunition found locally today

    Yea crazy times. A friend of mine in nevada lined up cabelas for almost 2 hours a week ago he said and when he got in, they ran out of what he was looking for. lol he was so pissed. I was in walmart in woodbury 3 days ago hoping I could score something. shelves were bone dry.