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  1. Shadow rider

    6/9/2024 - Expiration of Petrodollar

    Think of it this way... for 50 years we (the dollar) have been the "middleman" in any oil deals around the world and now we (the dollar) are being circumvented. There doesn't necessarily have to be a new "petro dollar". It allows countries to "buy direct" with their own currencies. Our economy...
  2. Shadow rider

    6/9/2024 - Expiration of Petrodollar

    Case in point...
  3. Shadow rider

    6/9/2024 - Expiration of Petrodollar

    I think it's time to get your ducks in a row if you haven't already!
  4. Shadow rider

    Mayor Adams: Migrants Are ‘Excellent Swimmers’ and Should Be Lifeguards

    In the late 80s I lived a mile from the Rio Grande outside Las Cruces, NM and you could literally walk across it and not get your knees wet most of the time, unless it had rained. Then it would be up for a day or two ( maybe waste deep. Most of the water is pulled from the river for irrigation...
  5. Shadow rider

    Our Ongoing Slide into a Police State

    Do I believe Gubmint is watching everything every person does? No! Not saying they can't track you down anytime they want (probably within an hour) but there are roughly 340 million people in the US (not counting today's crossings) and only (only?) 23 million federal employees and they are not...
  6. Shadow rider

    Hochul proposes repeal of marijuana ‘potency tax’

    The Oneidas just opened their farm to table cannabis business. They have a 50,000sq.ft. growhouse right around the corner from the casino and from what I've heard, they allow smoking it in the casino! Just another way to increase the chances of pissing their money away at the tables...
  7. Shadow rider

    Hochul proposes repeal of marijuana ‘potency tax’

    ...can we still call it "the black market"?
  8. Shadow rider

    Hochul proposes repeal of marijuana ‘potency tax’

    I think a large part of the lack-luster commercial sales issue is the fact that people can GYO for pennies on the dollar compared to paying premium $ then piling an excessive sin tax on top of that! If you have any green in your thumb, you can probably grow a weed successfully. And then there is...
  9. Shadow rider

    Trust VivekGRamaswamy or not ?

    Trump would be wise to use him as a spokesperson to the youth of the nation. He speaks well and gets his message across firmly. So many yutes have a negative image of DT only because of the way MSM has portrayed him from the moment he came down the escalator! The Swami (a fitting...
  10. Shadow rider

    Biden finds his balls and attacks the Houthi rebels

    Agricultural drone with bulk fluid to spray pesticides, herbicides, etc...
  11. Shadow rider

    Trust VivekGRamaswamy or not ?

    I equate VR to how Obama came onto the scene...out of virtually no where, very well spoken and well rehearsed. Whether or not he could handle the pressure of "Leader of the free world"??? I do believe he would push us in the right direction domestically.
  12. Shadow rider

    License to own guns on the chopping block… Gun License challenge ACCEPTED in Circuit Court. .. 4th

    I insisted Mrs. Shadow Rider apply, she has had a permit for years now even though she shoots rarely. All my handguns are hers as well. If she only knew how many long guns are not on the pistol permit...ouch)! But Honey-pie they're an investment!!! Also my son in Texas knows what I have and what...
  13. Shadow rider

    Trust VivekGRamaswamy or not ?

    Trust but Verify... remember...salt looks alot like sugar!
  14. Shadow rider

    Browning Buckmark

    I love shooting mine! I
  15. Shadow rider

    We have to make changes’: Commission would look to pinpoint why New Yorkers leaving

    How about...We are leaving in droves because you spend our hard earned dollars on stupid shit like this!
  16. Shadow rider

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Pretty sure this was proven to be fake long ago!
  17. Shadow rider

    The New York State Assembly’s Rest Stop Restaurant Act would apply to Chick-fil-A, which is famously closed on Sundays.

    And, correct me if I'm wrong, (but I'm not...I travel the t-way daily) most every exit on the t-way has some type of food establishment within spitting distance of what used to be toll booths! Some are genuine Mom & Pop joints that could use the Sunday business!
  18. Shadow rider

    Guliani fined $148 million for election worker defamation

    Video link please...not seeing one here.
  19. Shadow rider

    Pistol Brace Decision! 5th Circuit Rules in MOCK V GARLAND (necro thread)

    I've been too busy to see if this is posted already... Another step in the right direction, but the pessimist that I am makes me think it will be followed by even more draconian measures of one fashion or another to...
  20. Shadow rider

    NY Surveiling Interwebs For Hate Speech & Sending Goon Squad

    Does this include sign language?
  21. Shadow rider

    Go Vote!

    More likely just apathy on the part of the locals. No one stood up to challenge the incumbents, it happens too often!
  22. Shadow rider

    Go Vote!

    #3 in line at 6:01am!
  23. Shadow rider

    Ammo background checks to begin mid-September?

    Because of Unsafe Act and what I saw coming, I should be ok if y'all know what I mean! And besides, there are 49 (or is it 52) other states. Never again to buy a round in NY! Sorry LGS's!
  24. Shadow rider

    Judge Jeanine: Hamas is in America

    I was wondering the same...dual citizenship?
  25. Shadow rider

    Trump Broke the Law by Holding a Glock

    This is how I see DJT in his current situation...
  26. Shadow rider

    NM Gov. Bans Carrying As A Public Health Emergency

    My how times have changed! I lived in Dona Ana, NM in 1988 and was able to walk into a pawn shop and plop down $100 and walk out with a pistol in hand! No permit required! I don't quite remember what ever became of that piece, I think it may have been lost in the Elephant Bute boating accident...
  27. Shadow rider

    New guy from Texas

    This is a Texas deer... Welcome aboard, I have a son in Rosenburg Tx and a daughter in Georgetown Tx. We visit often!
  28. Shadow rider

    Rising tide of pot-crazed lunatics

    I have to agree...and as far as driving and smoking...I drive around 1000 miles a week, all over NYS and have never noticed anyone toking up while driving, and I am a rubber necker when I drive.
  29. Shadow rider

    Rising tide of pot-crazed lunatics

    Sounds to me like living in Cali. is the root problem!
  30. Shadow rider

    Federal suppressor ban and buy back introduced, no you won’t be able to keep ‘em

    One Step Closer...moving the Overton Window!
  31. Shadow rider

    Hochul says buy our regulated, highly taxed weed because it’s safer and more socially equitable

    Oneida Nation is building a 50,000 sq. ft. "seed to sale" grow house not 3 miles from me. The shell of the building is already up. Oneida Indian Nation launches cannabis enterprise