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  1. Xae289

    Help me decide 686 or Python?

    Screw 'em both – S&W 629 vs Colt Anaconda.
  2. Xae289

    Anyone buy a semi auto rifle lately?

    In Westchester, the semi-auto rifle endorsement is added to your firearms license. You submit an amendment with one extra notarized document (forgot which). I waited 3-4 months for mine to be approved. They never mailed it to me, so I only found out it was approved 5 months after submitting it...
  3. Xae289

    WH responds to report Biden told ally he's weighing dropping out of race

    100% agreed. Keep him in the race! I want a landslide in November.
  4. Xae289

    Meanwhile in the City of Brotherly Love

    And you would go help the guy if you were there? You could guess the motive was some gangland shit. Do you want to be the number to dial 911 so that you're now on record as a witness?
  5. Xae289

    Measures to ban slaughterhouses, fur sales in Denver will be on 2024 ballot

    Denver is such a beautiful city geographically. But man do all the Cali transplants there suck so hard.
  6. Xae289

    What is the actual NYS legal definition of a pistol/revolver?

    Yup. Look to the Federal statutes for the definitions of pistol, revolver, shotgun, or rifle. NY law defines "Firearm" as any pistol, revolver, SBR, or SBS.
  7. Xae289

    Guns I wish were made but won't be (mostly)

    Well, 6 either already happened or is extremely unlikely to ever happen depending on how you look at it. Ruger owns Marlin now, so getting a Marlin 1894 in .357 is pretty much exactly what you're asking for. Unless you want one specifically Ruger-branded. In that case, I think it's a longshot...
  8. Xae289

    Sig .277

    Agreed with Podmonkey. Imo, it doesn't replace the .308 at all. It's fine if there wasn't already a .308, but in its standard form it's not much or any better. With the steel-base, 80k PSI version, it gains some great velocity with an AP penetrator bullet... OK, cool, but you can't switch...
  9. Xae289

    Hollow Points, illegal for NY carry?

    As far as I know, New Jersey is the only state that prohibits carrying firearms. I don't know of any localities that prohibit it either. There is definitely no NY state-wide or NYC-specific restriction on them. I'd be interested to know if anywhere else in the U.S. prohibits them.
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    Miniature Kentucky Rifle

    That's a beautiful work of art and machining
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    If the Communists take over, will Patriotism become MANDATORY ?

    It won't have anything to do with the country, it'll be in the form of the many non-nationalist leftist rituals already in place. Land acknowledgements, DEI statements, etc. Leftists already have their own form of "patriotism". You see it in woke American corporate culture.
  12. Xae289

    Ruger LCP ll 380?

    The LCP Max is a great little pistol. 10+1 of .380 in a pistol smaller than most people's phones. Not too fun to shoot with its tiny sight radius, but it has very good sights and not too snappy.
  13. Xae289

    Dexter Taylor Vs. New York (Bushwick Man Indicted for Illegal Possession of Ghost Guns )

    I hope that quote is on the record, because that line needs to be printed in size 20 font and highlighted when his lawyers prepare his appeal.
  14. Xae289

    Rounds of choice for home defense

    Yea, #4 looks to be just about the perfect balance of penetration and decisively ending a fight to me. I wouldn't feel undergunned with #5 turkey loads either. No. 4 buck is what I have stashed for a theoretical home defense shotgun. I say "theoretical" because my home defense long gun is a...
  15. Xae289

    Picked up my Glock 21 Gen4 today

    Gotcha, makes sense. Does Swampfox even still make the Kingslayer? It's a fantastic little optic. Mine has been idle for a while, but I think I'm going to mount it on a Ruger 22/45 Mk 3 I'm waiting on an amendment for. I wouldn't put it on a serious use gun though. I had it mounted on my .44 mag...
  16. Xae289

    Picked up my Glock 21 Gen4 today

    Hell yea. Versatility is awesome. A 21 with a 10mm slide is the way to go. Are you gonna cut them for optics or stick to irons?
  17. Xae289

    Finland to open 300 shooting ranges to boost interest in national defence

    whAt R uR rIFles gOiNg 2 Do aGaiNsT fiGhTer jEts¿
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    Kimber K6S

    Very nice. That's my favorite model of that gun by far. The trigger is fantastic in both DA and SA, the sights are good when you use ammo that they're regulated to, and the grips handle the recoil of full house magnums well.
  19. Xae289

    Report: Americans Own over 700 Million Ammo Mags with Greater Than 10-Round Capacity

    Rookie numbers. Get standard capacity mag bans overturned in CA and the Northeast and see those numbers skyrocket.
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    What is the most powerful, commonly available, short action cartridge?

    I looked into the WSSM lawsuit stuff. I had no idea. At the end of the day, those never interested me. Too many weird issues with such a fat, short case. As far as the 6.8 Western and .270 WSM, they're both a bit more powerful than the .270 Winchester, unlike the .300 WSM, which is a bit less...
  21. Xae289

    What is the most powerful, commonly available, short action cartridge?

    I didn't realize the WSSMs are dead by lawsuit and that the .300 WSSM was always a wildcat. But yea, going by the "commonly available" criteria, I still maintain the .300 WSM. It will be in some gun stores and will be readily available online. The next ones up would be the .338 Federal, 7mm...
  22. Xae289

    What is the most powerful, commonly available, short action cartridge?

    I'd say the .300 WSM. You can find more power in the WSSMs or the .325 WSM, but they aren't what I'd call commonly available. The .338 Federal is neither as powerful as the .300 WSM, nor is it as available. Even the .300 WSM isn't something I'd expect to find in most NY or PA gunstore shelves...
  23. Xae289

    NYPD licensing is getting slower and slower

    Absolutely insane. NYPD's licensing is broken by design.
  24. Xae289

    Hog hunt, what gun to take?

    If you land on the .300 Blackout, I definitely advise being very selective with ammo and wouldn't trust it on game with long shots using most ammo out there. Definitely supersonic. I've used the 110 gr Vmax and 110 gr Barnes TacTX hunting. I wouldn't recommend the VMax. Too lightly built and...
  25. Xae289

    Hog hunt, what gun to take?

    To me it depends on how far past 100 yards those shots are. Out to 150 yards max, I'd still go for the .44 Mag, especially if you can move a little to try to move in closer. Beyond that, I'd go for the 7mm, especially if you're going to be glued to one spot. With the .44 Mag, out at 150 yards...
  26. Xae289

    Russia started mass deportation of migrants after the terrorist attack at Crocusa

    I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Russia is currently winning a proxy war against an albeit, smaller, nation. The thing is that Ukraine is funded, armed, and supplied by all of NATO. They're getting NATO training, NATO (mostly American) money, American and German tanks and armored...
  27. Xae289

    Can you shoot 357 magnum out of S&W 350 legend revolver?

    I dunno if I'd call a 4.5 lbs, 7.5" barreled revolver a /companion/ to a rifle. Still looks like a ton of fun.
  28. Xae289

    Henry Big Boy Revolver

    Modern double-actions with the aesthetics of early single-action revolvers. Not my cup of tea. I'd rather have an actual single-action. That said, I get the appeal. Kinda neat as a collector's piece, though for something I'd shoot regularly, I'd probably prefer something else.
  29. Xae289

    Ingenuity & Necessity Trumps International Gun Control

    You can't stop the signal. Guns are becoming easier and easier to manufacture. Ammo is simple to make. Even if you're reduced to absolutely minimal equipment, black powder and muzzleloaders are both something the average person can make at home. Primers are the only really challenging part of...
  30. Xae289

    Observations on current production P226 Elite

    The Elite is great, but the Legion has some nicer features. The grip panels are nicer – better texture, more svelte, and a nicer shape. The sights are better – night sights with a blacked-out and serrated rear and a green contrast front versus the Elite's white 3-dot night sights. Finally, the...
  31. Xae289

    Westchester County Amendments?

    I'm sittin at 4 months right now. Thankfully, I submitted it when I knew I had no intention of buying another gun for a while.
  32. Xae289


    I saw one the other day when I bumped into a Sig rep coming outta the range. It's awesome. The same recoil spring setup as the MCX, so no buffer tube. Short-stroke pisto[n] gas system. It's only a barrel cap away from being NY compliant, and I love that stock – very similar to what I have on my...
  33. Xae289

    No Restrictions Impulse Buy!

    A Freedom Arms 97, Premier Grade in .45 Colt Options: – Octagonal 5.5" barrel – Additional cylinder in .45 ACP – Honed action with 3 lbs trigger – Trigger overtravel screw – Polished and jeweled hammer and trigger Accessories – Factory red dot mounting plate...
  34. Xae289

    State of the Union 2024 - 3/7

    It would make for a decent game of bingo if you also took a shot with every square you hit.
  35. Xae289

    LEO and Retired LEO's ammo shipped to their homes

    Basic reading, counting, and measuring skills are all you need to do it at a basic level. So that knocks out a good chunk of the current population.
  36. Xae289

    Civil War

    I hear conservatives talk about it and am uncomfortable. For all the talk, conservatives are not the types to make the first moves, but are the type to be more competent during it. I hear leftwingers talk about it and I become concerned. They're way more likely to start it and have way less...
  37. Xae289

    Observations on current production P226 Elite

    The P226 series is awesome. If you plan to modify it, get the Elite. If you want to keep it bone-stock, get the Legion.
  38. Xae289

    Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act

    Yup. Democrats have, for years now, ignored federal drug and immigration laws decriminalizing marijuana and declaring themselves sanctuary cities/states. They did these things without any consequences. Now that Republican-majority states are doing it, it's suddenly a big problem. Screw that.
  39. Xae289

    What's your EDC handgun?

    Yea, I think the 9mm LCR backup is a solid choice. Great for days when a bigger gun isn't a good option. As for the primary, my recommendation is really to try it out. If you don't already have good holsters for each, buy a couple good holsters and wear them around the house for a couple weeks...
  40. Xae289

    What's your EDC handgun?

    Are those what you have or what you'd get? If it's what you have, I like the VP9 better than the P320 in every way. If it's what you'd get, then the VP9SK is so much easier to conceal than the full-sized VP9. And I'm no P320 hater either. I like it pretty well, but I like the VP9 better.
  41. Xae289

    What's your EDC handgun?

    Now it's a Glock 23. Sometimes converted to 9mm. A Walther PPS M1 in .40 is my slimline carry gun.
  42. Xae289

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    Restated: I think licensing fees are unconstitutional in the same way a poll tax is unconstitutional. No one should be charged to exercise a right. As for people too poor to afford licensing fees– they're not the kind of people to start a lawsuit against the government. Your lawyer isn't free...
  43. Xae289

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    100% the former. Previously, there was no chance for the average metropolitan NYer to get a real carry license. You could get a premesis license or a carry license with a target or hunting restriction unless you were rich, famous, a business owner, clever, or lucky. Previously, the shorter...
  44. Xae289

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    It's still worth fighting. Things got worse for those who already had licenses, yes. However, it opened up concealed carry licenses to a huge portion of the population that otherwise would not have had access to them including those in and around the City. Then fighting sensitive places got us...
  45. Xae289

    Cyndi Lauper’s son Declyn bailed out by actor dad — who paid $20K in cash — after gun chargesI’m

    Don't know who she is, but she looks like a clown and her son looks like trash.
  46. Xae289

    GOP Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment After Special Counsel Casts Doubt on Biden’s Mental Acuity

    Please, these dolts need to do their part to let Biden fly under the radar now until a couple of months out from the start of voting. Don't oust Biden. Let him run against Trump. Demand debates. I want Trump to stomp Biden in the election.
  47. Xae289

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    Where did the Bruen decision come from? Yea, NY. What major national decisions have come out of Cali? Nothing. Yea, they have Judge Benitez give them the occasional, very localized, win.
  48. Xae289

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    Thanks for the reminder. Sent them a few bucks for their efforts.