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    Surefire 6P Flashlight

    Is this the incandescent or LED version?
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    Empire Pass

    10% of the purchase price from every Empire Pass sold goes to help pass anti-gun laws in Albany.
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    Another racist hoax! Jussie Smollett paid Nigerians to smear MAGA

    Because her story is as bullshit as Jussie’s and the media isn’t getting taken twice.
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    Decent Article! Deregulate all small arms... period!

    The article makes it sound like Chris Cuomo is a a-Fredo of the Second Amendment.
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    S-4849, stun gun regulation

    The way the bill is drafted stun guns would only be legal in your home/property or business. You could not carry one.
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    Barr announces DOJ will be going hard after Sanctuary Cities

    About time? Barr announces sweeping new sanctions, 'significant escalation' against left-wing sanctuary cities
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    State legislators consider legalizing prostitution

    You don’t have to go to any of the exotic places mentioned to find legalized prostitution. Start with the UK, Germany, and most other European countries (except, curiously, the Nordics). In other places where it was traditionally legal like France or Canada, laws were passed in the last five...
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    State legislators consider legalizing prostitution

    Future Penn Station:
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    Have to say I have had a phobia since the early 90’s about reassembling a bolt carrier group without the bolt cam pin in place and then going to fire it. So you touched close to a sensitive place! Albeit not quite the same one.
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    State legislators consider legalizing prostitution

    I missed the legal marijuana gold rush, I am going to make sure I don’t miss this one. I am off to scout locations for the future: Manhattan’s first Michelin-starred brothel.
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    NYS residents can no longer enroll in trusted traveler programs (merged thread)

    Cuomo likes to show DiBlasio who is boss, now Trump is doing the same thing to Cuomo.
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    GOP Volunteers Apparently Targeted by Vehicle Ramming Attack

    This story boggles my mind. How can nobody in a tent full of GOP volunteers in Florida be CCW and shoot back at a vehicle intending to ram them?
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    New York self defense laws... (discussion)

    You can view it in those terms but that's inconsistent with the legal terminology and also with the traditional common law descriptions. The castle doctrine is at common law an exception from the duty to retreat. Under a stand your ground rule, there is no need for the exception because there...
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    New York self defense laws... (discussion)

    GoPerfect, I am going to put a finer point on your post as New York State has the "standard" form of castle doctrine, not a weaker form, and is a completely different rule than Florida which no longer has the castle doctrine. For a man's house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum...
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    NYC bans renters from paying broker fees up front

    This one has my real estate friends in a huff. No warning, and upends the system entirely.
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    New York self defense laws... (discussion)

    New York's self defense principles are enshrined in Article 35 of the Penal Law. This short article does a good job of summarizing the key bits: When Can I Use Deadly Force in Self-Defense in New York City? | Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorneys To answer your question, NY is both a duty to...
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    Full Carry in Westchester County

    Bruce Willis did
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    Finally - Anti Trump A-holes are fired

    Trump should never have fired Vindman. There are lots of sensitive US Army institutions to which a man of his talents could be reassigned:
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    Talking about prepping will get you Dead

    The polar opposites: Loose lips sink ships <=====> Snitches get stitches
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    I will take this one too.
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    Ok done at 300. I will stash it all somewhere for the future. Will PM you to set up meeting time.
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    NYS Perp Disclosure Reform Kills Another Witness

    Ain't liberalism a great thing? Just wishing away the idea of criminals and jail and all will be good.
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    NYS residents can no longer enroll in trusted traveler programs (merged thread)

    This is a disaster. I use global entry constantly. The queues at JFK can be hours if you don't have it.
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    NYC Mayoral Candidate says he will carry CCW if elected in 2021.

    Just so you know who this asshole is:
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    If you're willing to split it up I will take Portuguese and Australian, I am pretty close to you I think.
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    LWRC International Finally Makes Elusive .45 Carbine Available to the Public

    A .45 caliber tactical carbine is a solution in search of a problem.
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    New Bill A1724 - Can Only Buy 20 Rounds Every 120 Days.

    This would be an awesome law if it passed. Very ripe for a challenge.
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    Shooting Watermelons Sodium bullets !

    Seems like a sure way to mess up your barrel and more.
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    DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention

    One thing I am not worried about is Bernie getting elected president. It's at that point that the Democrats will discover how little appeal there is among independents and the union set to turn our country into Venezuela.
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    Been waiting for them to add carbon fiber to some pistols but wow $$$$

    That’s the first aftermarket slide that I have ever seen that I want to buy. Going to order one now, it’s only $1500 - a lot, but not a fortune.
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    Neat new tools from SHOT

    There’s a nail for every hammer?
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    S-2361A Reported

    Amazing considering that all of the anti-semitic and gay bashing hate crimes in NYC have been perpetrated by persons of color.
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    What happened with NY pistol case?

    The Justices are in deep thought. We will see a decision in the spring.
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    New Mexico college student shot during alleged fraternity hazing A New Mexico State University fraternity member shot a student pledge during an initiation event at a campground, authorities said. Miguel Altamirano, 21, is facing charges of aggravated assault...
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    The Senate Impeachment Trial, may not go as the GOP planned (merged thread)

    I don’t see what the big deal is - just the anchor trying to roll to the next segment? Or are we complaining ABC didn’t give enough airtime to Jay Sekulow?
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    NYS 2020 budget - public protection and general government bill

    Lots of fun new terms to learn! Bump stock, rapid fire trigger modification device, binary trigger system, trigger crank . . .
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    Cuomos Latin director charge with domestic violence

    She's not doing too shabby. Here's her $1.7m waterfront home in New Rochelle.
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    Lawmakers Approve Bill Requiring Locked Storage for Guns

    Is there a police officer exemption? Even if no exemption, will POs actually be prosecuted for violating the law?
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    How Japan Has Almost Eradicated Gun Crime

    Japan still leads the US on mass nerve gassings . . .
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    The cops are taking great pains to avoid doing so, but people found her Instagram account and it was pretty clear that she was at the rally to counter-protest. Filmed for 6 minutes with a companion. Companion's comments include: “Way to keep our city safe guys while there’s fuckin’ Nazis and...
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    Federal Ammunition Unveils New Deep-Penetrating .380 Hollow Point Ammo

    Glock 42 is a small bit slimmer which makes a difference when you pocket carry. There are even smaller options for CCW in 380 but I prefer to stick with Glock as that’s more-or-less all I shoot in any caliber. It means I don’t need to ever think about the handgrip I use, the manual of arms...
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    Federal Ammunition Unveils New Deep-Penetrating .380 Hollow Point Ammo

    It pains me to admit it publicly but I know .380 is a very poor self defense round, and yet I CCW a .380 often (Glock 42). I will definitely check out the new ammo, I am currently using Hornady Critical Defense.
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    Tin foil hat time: Kansas City Shooting

    It's a good guy with a gun story. Shooter was killed by armed security. Bye bye!
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    I enjoy reading RT as much as the next guy but bear in mind it is a Russian propaganda operation. It is effectively a polished up international version of Tass/Pravda.
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Is it right that the only arrest was an Antifa protestor for wearing a mask?
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Brandon Lewis - from the Firing Pin in Bergen, NY -- are you a member here? Your 15 minutes is in high gear!
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    This smells like fake news . . .
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    F/S 7.62x54R Spam cans.

    Where are these?