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    Gun-Rights Activists Look to Supreme Court to Take Up AR-15 Bans, Confiscation Bills

    Second Amendment advocates are pursuing multiple lawsuits against gun-control measures in an effort to trigger a Supreme Court challenge that could upend decades of legislation. The Second Amendment Foundation has filed multiple gun-rights challenges in federal courts across the country...
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    Gov Murphy proposes big hike in N.J. gun fees

    For the third year in a row, Gov. Phil Murphy has proposed big increases to more than a dozen gun fees in New Jersey. Murphy’s push for higher fees in his proposed state budget follows a series of bills he’s signed adding new restrictions to gun laws that were already some of the toughest in the...
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    New York Bill Would Mandate Individually ‘Coded’ and Registered Ammunition

    New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is a legislative genius. When last we checked on his work, he was planning to GPS-enable every new gun in the state, and require firearm owners to have just the sort of insurance that the state was busily shutting down. Amidst all of that, I somehow missed...
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    Advocates, legislators urge support for gun safety bills

    The bills include a prohibition on “ghost guns” by requiring self-manufactured firearms to have engraved serial numbers, establishing a statewide ammunition database, requiring manufacturers to include GPS technology on guns and establishing funding to develop personalized handgun technology for...
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    NYC, We Don't Want Your Crap

    Butler is a little town on the east side of Wayne County, New York, home to something less than 2,000 people, in one of the poorest regions in America. It has no money, and it has no power. Its Republican assemblyman and senator have no voice in the Democrat-controlled state legislature, and its...
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    ATF Proposes Step to Make a National Gun Registry Easier ( merged thread)

    The ATF has issued new rules that will alter the format for Form 4473’s and make it easier to create a national gun registry. We also know that a software company exhibiting its wares at the Shot Show in Las Vegas has crafted a system where ATF can take the contents of all the dealer’s Bound...
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    Cuomo, Democrats creating watershed session for gun control

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is proposing six gun control bills in his budget and more than two dozen more are active in the legislature this first election year since Republicans lost the State Senate majority and the power to block firearms measures...
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    Gun-free UK: Almost 10,000 gun crimes in a year, with help from Muslim migrants

    Almost 10,000 gun crimes were committed in a year in the UK, despite the country being known as “gun free” due to its “strictest gun control laws in the world.” Britain has seen gun crimes rise by “27 per cent in five years and the number of firearms seized has quadrupled.” Gun smuggling...
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    Major U.S. city sued for grabbing cars from innocent owners and demanding ransoms!

    Detroit earned its moniker "the motor city" for its leadership in the auto industry. But the city now is developing another reputation related to cars, it's practice of seizing seizing cars from innocent owners and then demanding a "ransom" to ensure their return. The Institute for Justice...
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    Everytown for Gun Safety to make $250k ad buy, aim to put Minn. Senate 'on notice'

    National gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety on Wednesday, Feb. 5, announced that it planned to make a $250,000 ad buy in Minnesota aimed at putting Republicans in the state Senate "on notice." The group said it would spend at least $60 million around the country in the lead-up to...
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    Is Nebraska the Next Virginia?

    As millions of firearms owners looked to the 20k+ thousands of Virginians who showed up, peacefully assembled, and petitioned their government to protest against further infringement of their Second Amendment Rights, we all have sat back and looked at how one bad bill is pushed forward is...
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    Tennessee’s Proposed Red Flag Law Would be the Worst in the Nation

    While those features of “red flag” laws in other states are bad, Tennessee’s Sen. Sara Kyle [D-Memphis] and Rep. Gloria Johnson [D-Knoxville] have found additional ways that would give their state a “red flag” law that’s far worse than any bill I’ve seen to date in any other state or at the...
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    Bloomberg Targets North Carolina Next

    group that spent millions of dollars in Virginia to help flip the legislature is planning to spend money in North Carolina aimed at the General Assembly and gun laws. All 170 seats in the state House and Senate are up for election this year. The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the...
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    Mass Shooting In Seattle Ignored! Why? Because Two Perps Already Had 65 Arrests/35 Convictions!

    These two gentlemen, Marquise Tolbert and William Ray Tolliver, both 24, were walking to McDonalds when they got into an argument. They pulled out their illegal handguns and engaged in a Hollywood-style ghetto gun battle. In the chaos, seven people were shot and one woman was killed. One...
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    Sheriff says he can’t support Second Amendment sanctuary

    The St. Lawrence County Sheriff says he can’t support a Second Amendment sanctuary. This comes a day after dozens of citizens called for just that. Several county residents stood up in front of lawmakers Monday night asking them to protect their constitutional rights by becoming a Second...
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    Virginia gun control fight sparks rush to join 2nd Amendment sanctuaries movement

    A contentious fight over gun control measures in Virginia is prompting hundreds of counties and localities around the country to declare themselves "Second Amendment sanctuaries." The national movement is growing momentum as the newly-elected Democratic legislature in Virginia plans stricter...
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    IL Supreme Court: Defends 2nd Amendment Civil right

    The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled a woman’s misdemeanor battery conviction can’t permanently prevent her from registering for a state FOID card and owning a gun, and said the right to keep and bear arms should be considered a civil right, on par with the right to vote, under the state’s...
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    Gun control group plans to spend $60M on 2020 elections

    Everytown for Gun Safety announced on Monday its plan to spend at least $60 million in the 2020 election, which is nearly double what the National Rifle Association (NRA) spent in 2016. Billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is running for the Democratic presidential...
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    A DUI in Pennsylvania could cost you your Second Amendment rights

    A drunken driving conviction could mean losing the right to buy and own firearms in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Court of Appeals has decided. The precedent-setting opinion handed down Friday hinges on the federal government’s definition of a “serious crime” — the level a crime must reach to trigger...
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    DNC Group Caught on Video Teaching Illegals How to Vote
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    New York State Governor Mulls Car Helmet Compulsion To Discourage Motoring

    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo told a press conference on January 23 that cars were “paralyzing” New York City and that motoring had to be discouraged with measures such as congestion pricing. When one reporter asked him if he would mandate car helmets for motorists—a measure that would...
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    NRA Treachery in Virginia! VA Director Admits They Are Willing to Compromise With Northam and Democrats!

    all risk to their safety–the NRA is offering to compromise. NRA official Daniel J. Spiker made the repulsive comments in an article posted earlier today: “Anti-gun billionaires who invested millions in the 2019 Virginia elections expect a return on that investment,” said NRA official D. J...
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    Sheldon Silver’s 2018 corruption conviction partially overturned

    An appeals court Tuesday partially overturned the most recent conviction of disgraced former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. In an 84-page ruling, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Silver’s conviction on charges of honest services wire fraud, extortion, and monetary transactions...
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    NYU Prof Slams SAFE Act As Example Of “Symbolic Politics”

    New York’s SAFE Act has been on the books for almost seven years now, which is long enough for folks to form an opinion about how well the package of gun control laws is working in the state. New York University law professor James Jacobs has been studying the law and its effects for years, and...
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    The Supreme Court’s Failure to Defend Heller Has Created The Situation in Virginia

    Why does it seem that liberal extremists are pursuing new infringements on gun rights seemingly unchecked? Why do we have an escalated situation in Virginia where liberal politicians seek to further infringe the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, threatening imprisonment and even violence...
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    The October All Time Record for NICS Background Checks Was just Broken

    Congratulations Gun Owners, we’re making it happen! The National Instant background Check System (NICS) for October 2019, showed record levels of background checks. In essence, the firearms community is buying more guns than ever before. Regardless of how you look at the NICS background check...
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    How Judges Ignore Law and the Constitution on the Right to Arms

    Good read on Progressivism.
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    Baltimore Wants To Sue Gun Makers Over Gang Violence

    Nobody would disagree that Baltimore, Maryland has a huge problem when it comes to violent crime. After all, the city recently surpassed 300 homicides for the fifth year in a row, and violent criminals seem to act with impunity on the city’s streets on a daily basis. Now, Baltimore officials...
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    Five people charged in shooting at NJ high school football game

    Police arrested five people, including the alleged gunman, in connection with a shooting at a crowded New Jersey high school football game — violence triggered by “petty vengeance,” officials said Saturday. Alvin Wyatt, 31, of Atlantic City was charged with 3 counts of attempted murder...
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    Oregon Attorney General Releases “Certified” Ballot Title For Gun Lockdown Measure.

    Late Friday afternoon (11.08.19) the Secretary of State released a “certified” ballot title from the Attorney General for Ballot Measure 40, the “ban on self defense act” of 2020. Under this measure, not only will you be required to render your self defense firearms inaccessible and useless...
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    Pictures Of Weapons Seized From Cartels
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    New Class Action Lawsuit Challenges the Constitutionality of Red Flag Laws

    A class action lawsuit was filed in a New Jersey court last month to challenge the constitutionality of red flag laws that take away firearms from an individual deemed a threat without due process following an arbitrary judicial decree. Albert J. Rescinio is a New Jersey attorney representing...
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    The Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun

    The parents of a dead armed robber are very angry over his death, and are demanding to know why his innocent victim was allowed to be armed.
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    129 'Red Flag' orders active in New York

    Petitions to disarm individuals deemed a threat to themselves or the public are pouring into New York's court system since the state's so-called "red flag" law went into effect on Aug. 24. There were 129 active protective orders barring...
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    Homeowner charged after shooting teen attempting to break into his car

    A Bellefontaine Neighbors man is accused of shooting a teenager for breaking into neighborhood cars. Neighbors support 41-year-old Charles Bams, saying he has right to protect his property. But that's not what the law says. Another resident told Fox 2 a group of teens was roaming the block...
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    Why Do Your Second Amendment Rights End At The State Line?

    You can travel from wherever you live in the United States to wherever you want in the United States, and your freedom of speech still exists, along with your right to peaceably assemble, petition the government, be secure in your person and property, or have a jury trial if you’re arrested. You...
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    Cuomo’s latest ‘development’ debacle

    Refusing to be discouraged by the multiple failures of his AndyLand economic-development “investments,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo dropped another one last week: $16 million in public funds to two companies for a promised 430 new jobs in Syracuse. Between them, Bankers Healthcare Group and JMA Wireless...
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    84-Year Old Korean War and Police Veteran, School Crossing Guard Has Guns Confiscated Under ‘Red Fla

    Local residents of a Martha’s Vineyard town in Massachusetts are up in arms after a revered school crossing guard has had his legally owned guns and carry license confiscated by police. Stephen Nichols is an 84-year old Korean War veteran who served as a police officer of Tisbury, Massachusetts...
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    Cuomo orders utility to pump imaginary natural gas

    There’s been a standoff between New York City and utility company National Grid going on since May of this year. As you may recall, plans for a new natural gas pipeline from New Jersey were killed off by the state government under pressure from environmental activists. As a result, National Grid...
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    13-year-old girl who pointed finger gun at classmates charged with a felony

    A Kansas middle school girl who formed her fingers into a gun and pointed it at several of her classmates after another student asked her who would she would kill was arrested and charged with a felony. The incident happened on Sept. 18 at Westridge Middle School in Overland Park, about 13...
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    Florida: HB 311: Illegal to say “If you don’t stop your forcible felony, I will have to shoot you.”

    General Bill by Massullo Threats: Prohibits threats to use firearm or weapon with specified intent. There is no exception for using of a firearm trying to stop a forcible felony. Florida: HB 311: Illegal to say “If you don’t stop your forcible felony, I will have to shoot you.”
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    Mass Shooting Suspect Got Probation Instead Of Prison In 2018 Case

    A man accused of orchestrating a mass shooting at a bar in Kansas City, Kansas last weekend could have been sentenced to nine years in prison for trafficking in contraband while behind bars, but a Kansas judge gave the murder suspect probation instead. Hugo Villanueva-Morales is still on the run...
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    Gavin Newsom Could Soon Make California’s Gun Laws Even Worse

    Coming soon to New Yorkistan. You’d think at this point California would have run out of gun control laws to put on the books, but as it turns out legislators have sent quite a few proposals to Governor Gavin Newsom this year, and time is running out for the governor to veto any of the...
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    Warren County man surrenders gun under Red Flag law

    A Warren County man is one of the first gun owners in the state to surrender his firearm under the state’s new Red Flag law after he sent threatening letters to public officials. Mario Hepp, 75, surrendered his handgun after a judge in Warren County issued a temporary suspension order for his...
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    Governor Cuomo Advances First-in-the-Nation Domestic Terrorism Law to Include Mass Violence Motivate

    New York State "Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act" To Define Hate-Fueled Murder with the Intent to Cause Mass Casualties as an Act of Domestic Terrorism with Penalty Equivalent to Other Acts of Terrorism Cuomo Also Calls on Congress to Enact a Federal Domestic Terrorism Law, Including Banning...
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    First Two Weeks of New Jersey’s Red Flag Gun Statute: State Went After One Person Per Day

    In a shocking display of real-world, in-your-face, wake-up-America tyranny, gun-wielding government agents across the state of New Jersey shot into action in September to grab privately owned firearms to the tune of one-per-day by mid-month -- which gives us a lot to consider... According to...
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    Cuomo loses latest battle against government watchdogs in federal court

    It took a federal judge to reign in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fiercest strikes against his good government critics, ending a three-year court battle over a state law that would have required the watchdog groups to disclose their donors. Manhattan federal court Judge Denise Cote sided with a coalition...
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    The making of Cuomo’s Medicaid mess was far worse than ‘reckless’

    You can call Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of state Medicaid outlays “reckless” — if you want to be kind. Yet this seedy pattern of pay-to-play merits far harsher terms. As The New York Times reports, the gov OK’d a $140 million-a-year bump in Medicaid reimbursements for hospitals soon after the...
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    FBI probe into Cuomo's hiring sparks $1.2 million legal contract

    A law firm hired by the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in 2016 amid the sprawling "Buffalo Billion" investigation received a $1.2 million contract extension in February. But the original purpose for contracting with the criminal defense firm has quietly morphed. It's now being used to...
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    Children as young as 8-years-old face gun ban under Florida’s new red flag law

    Florida’s new red flag law – created to protect the public from future mass shooters – has temporarily stripped gun rights from more than 2,500 people across the state, including at least 100 kids, an I-Team review found. I-Team Investigator found law enforcement seeking orders to take away gun...