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  1. Mosinitis

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says He Will Not Run for President

    If you think about it, he doesn't really do anything impressive. He is hogging the microphone and pretends to be a great leader, while Trump and his team doing most of the work for NY.
  2. Mosinitis

    Due to Covid-19 NY State approves Class 3 items. Full Autos, SBR's, and Suppressors

    NYPD offered help with filling out the paperwork. Call their toll free number and ask for Sruly.
  3. Mosinitis

    Rhode Island Governor orders troopers to intercept NY residents

    She even looks stupid.
  4. Mosinitis

    Why smart people have firearms: civil unrest begins in Wuhan

    Plenty of focus on promoting civil unrest. Zero assistance to severly effected countries. Ideology uber alles.
  5. Mosinitis

    Woman Accuses Joe Biden Of Sexual Assault

    What would have happen if she came forward years ago? Since there are no witnesses, nothing. I don't see how that sheds any light whether the story true or not.
  6. Mosinitis

    Woman Accuses Joe Biden Of Sexual Assault

    Bernie is still in the race.
  7. Mosinitis

    Damn truck drivers delivering in a pandemic and stuff

    BTW, Washington Cemetery is a secular Cemetery, it's not a Hasidic Cemetery. My wife's grandmother is buried there. It's a long stretch to blame this on complaints from Hasidic Jews. There is simply no reason for them to park there, unless they are truckers. These avenues are the quickest way to...
  8. Mosinitis

    Damn truck drivers delivering in a pandemic and stuff

    I had to deal with Hasidic Jews as a window treatments installer. Comparing to all others they were better customers BY FAR, simply because they are not the types to initiate trouble. I had people of ethnic group I will not name skillfully fold a few $20 bills in half and counting them twice in...
  9. Mosinitis

    Damn truck drivers delivering in a pandemic and stuff

    I know the area very well, used to work in the neighborhood. These streets and avenues go around and through Washington Cemetery. Although Washington Cemetery is a Jewish Cemetery, it is not in a Hasidic neighborhood. It's in a mixed neighborhood with some Jews (not Hasidic) living near by, no...
  10. Mosinitis

    Woman Accuses Joe Biden Of Sexual Assault

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. If he can act inappropriately when the cameras are on, you have to wonder what he does when there are no witnesses.
  11. Mosinitis

    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    Cuomo is fixing to run in 2024, the chances of defeating incumbant are small. Unlike Bloomberg and Biden, Cuomo is not too old to wait another 4 years.
  12. Mosinitis

    Bloomberg Stiffs His Campaign Workers

    Beautiful ending to most expensive clown show in American history:
  13. Mosinitis

    2020 Census

    I know. I am paying hard to get. Last time they sent a young lady, who sweet talked me into answering these questions. It was fun.
  14. Mosinitis

    2020 Census

    They were originally supposed to just count the people, per Constitution. Now they want to know more about you, than you know yourself and not just you every member of your household. I tried to answer the census form on-line and it was taking forever, I stopped one quarter of the way through.
  15. Mosinitis

    LEO's question (domestic violence increases?)

    Sex can be addictive. The more you do it, the more you want it.
  16. Mosinitis

    LEO's question (domestic violence increases?)

    Expect a baby boom 9 month from now.
  17. Mosinitis

    Reports: 4 US senators sold stocks before coronavirus market crash

    This is why I never bought a single stock. I don't believe in playing in an uneven field. Wife has 401k, but that came with her job.
  18. Mosinitis

    Case trimming

    The scopes that I am familiar with come with a parallax adjustment or parallax free from a specified distance and out. I prefer to use the later. If I need to use it at a shorter distance, I just add an aperture disc to the front of the scope. It helps with astigmatism as well.
  19. Mosinitis

    Would you stake your life on a Magpul PMAG

    If they have anti tilt follower, then yes.
  20. Mosinitis

    NY compliant "Other Firearm"

    It would never go to DA as a stand alone charge. The worst possible scenario is confiscation.
  21. Mosinitis

    Case trimming

    As long as you are within specs, you are fine. There is no evidence it has any measurable effect on accuracy.
  22. Mosinitis

    NY compliant "Other Firearm"

    It's definitely a paranoia, because your fears don't have any basis in reality.
  23. Mosinitis

    NY compliant "Other Firearm"

    Toilet paper is for the newbs. Experienced gun owners wear diapers.
  24. Mosinitis

    NY compliant "Other Firearm"

    Too much paranoia in this thread.
  25. Mosinitis

    Trump considering 'full' pardon for ex-adviser Michael Flynn

    This whole Michael Flynn ordeal smells of McCarthyism.
  26. Mosinitis

    Family court judge "holds a hearing" at man's house

    Perhaps his ex-wife still had joined ownership of the house.
  27. Mosinitis

    Reloading scale

    RCBS is catching up with Autotrickler V3 and falling short. RCBS unit is slower and less accurate and cost about the same. It's not for everyone, but those who need fast and exact charges love Autotrickler. It uses a real lab grade scale unlike RCBS. On the other hand one can use a set of Lee...
  28. Mosinitis

    Reloading scale

    Get a set of check weights. Lyman is the best value. Check with weights close to your charge.
  29. Mosinitis

    GOA turns the tables and applies for a Red Flag order against shumer

    If Supreme Court Justices were elected officials, one can make a case that Schumer meant they will pay the price at the polls. However they are appointed for life and immune to consequences from unpopularity of their decisions, so what he said can only be interpreted as a threat of physical harm.
  30. Mosinitis

    Schumer Threatens Gorsuch & Kavanaugh - Time For This Asshole To Be Jailed

    Gorsuch and Kavanaugh don't do shit for gun owners. He can go through with his threat for all I care. Unfortunately it's just talk like most of partisan purse fight in this country.
  31. Mosinitis

    BREAKING: Bloomturd comes up short

    Fucking slob.
  32. Mosinitis

    Michael Bloomberg Confronted Over Having a Security Detail While Pushing for Gun Control

    Even half a billion dollars in ads couldn't make Bloomberg's image less repulsive. Obismal performance on super Tuesday.
  33. Mosinitis

    Michael Bloomberg Confronted Over Having a Security Detail While Pushing for Gun Control

    98% of Americans polled, said old foreskin with ears like Bloomberg should not run for president. Don't say no, we actually did the studies that show that.
  34. Mosinitis

    Michael Bloomberg Confronted Over Having a Security Detail While Pushing for Gun Control

    There were no gun shows before NICS was passed? Really??? How many people are arrested per week for threatening his life? He just makes things up as he goes.
  35. Mosinitis

    Favorite Cleaners and Oils

    Go Juice from Geissele is becoming very popular lubricant. It's also organic and totally harmless to your health. I started using it on AR few month ago and I love it. Clean with CLP and lube with Go Juice. It doesn't attract carbon like CLP, less fouling to deal with during cleaning and it...
  36. Mosinitis

    Tucker: Ruling class incompetence

    First it was idiotic domino theory, now it's elections meddling. Same Russophobic Mishigas.
  37. Mosinitis

    Lower receiver marking questions.

    I am getting a headache.
  38. Mosinitis

    Reloading room air compressor

    It doesn't get rid of dust, it just moves it somewhere else.
  39. Mosinitis

    Local group pushing for '2nd amendment sanctuaries

    It's a small step in the right direction.
  40. Mosinitis

    Bernie sanders rally interrupted by topless milk protesters

    His wife was pulling him off the stage, when he tried to take advantage of the situation.
  41. Mosinitis

    Bloomturd Did It Again

    The media and all of the demoncrat candidates are turning on Bloomberg. Just watched ABC news and the bias was obvious. I love it. You can win as a Republican when the media is against you, but you will not win as a democrat.
  42. Mosinitis

    Armed Thieves Steal Truckload Of Toilet Paper In Hong Kong Amid Worsening Shortage Of Basic Goods

    Propaganda 101, made up reality based on selective use of anecdotal stories.
  43. Mosinitis

    Armed Thieves Steal Truckload Of Toilet Paper In Hong Kong Amid Worsening Shortage Of Basic Goods

    Can we survive without egging on a turmoil in some part of the world? It is getting very obvious and old.
  44. Mosinitis

    Bronx precinct shooting suspect Robert Williams surrendered after running out of bullets

    I remember the story of his original arrest from years ago. It had a lot of question marks. There was some bad blood between him and the cops even back then. He surrendered in presence of a reporter or an attorney after a shoot out. If I remember correctly.
  45. Mosinitis

    Bloomberg is considering THE HILDEBEAST for Vice President!!!!!!!

    They have one thing in common. They are both notorious for over-rating their own wisdom.
  46. Mosinitis

    The Sentencing of Michael Flynn Represents a Very Big Problem for AG Bill Barr…

    After Trump is reelected he should pardon all of the people tied to his campaign who were convicted through partisan political prosecutions.
  47. Mosinitis

    New York Politicians Lied and Their Gun-Control Laws Failed Again

    NY Republican politicians lied about being pro-gun. Democrats were honest about being antigun all along.
  48. Mosinitis

    Mike Pompeo warns against Chineese influencing state govornors

    "Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, was arrested this morning and charged by criminal complaint with one count of making a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement. Lieber will appear this afternoon before...
  49. Mosinitis

    Mike Pompeo warns against Chineese influencing state govornors

    This is all about control of the hearts and minds by Washington think tanks and our government. We as people are not sophisticated enough to hear both sides of the story from both sides.