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  1. Eddie Gunks

    New stock arrived

    Hey all we are fully stockedwith large and small trigger guards as well as magazinelocking buttons. We are currently shipping daily. The “new “ flu has not slowed us down. Enhanced Extended NY Trigger Guard
  2. Eddie Gunks

    Thailand has 10 million privately owned guns

    Tranquil Thailand's gun culture in spotlight after shooting sprees
  3. Eddie Gunks

    Active shooter in thailand (merged thread)

    Korat Mass Shooting: Army to Revise Security Protocols
  4. Eddie Gunks

    Active shooter in thailand (merged thread)

    17 dead. Rumors of bombs, Hostages , and sniper a rifle. All went down in a mall Police, Army Besiege Shopping Mall to Search for Soldier Who Kills 17
  5. Eddie Gunks

    Two shot dead over loud music

    An 11mm pistol was used.....hhhhhmmmm?
  6. Eddie Gunks

    Taran tactical in thailand

    Plenty of gun and gun related stuff here in thailand. check out this facebook page: ชุดพราง ชุดกิลลี่สูท อุปกรณ์เดินป่า อุปกรณ์ยุทธวิธี maybe i will go shoot a match....
  7. Eddie Gunks

    Muzzle device question

    sorry for the late reply. No i did not. Only cause i never/(seldom for the pedantic people. I cant remember....ha ha ha) bought “compliant” firearms from other manufacturers.
  8. Eddie Gunks

    AR Rebuild - Problem Question

    If the barrel extension is loose it WILL need to be head spaced. Get a new barrel
  9. Eddie Gunks

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    And a new helmet as well (Not sure why they are sideways. Sorry)
  10. Eddie Gunks

    FFL Alert -- New York FFL Alert public safety advisory to FFLs

    I say run one nics. If delayed run a second one two weeks later. If the 1st ine does not get a denial after 30 days transfer it on the second nics you ran. this satisfies both state and fed you waited 30 days with NO denial (ny) and you transferred it within 30 days (on the second...
  11. Eddie Gunks

    Black friday sales.

    Get em while they are in sale! NY Trigger Guards
  12. Eddie Gunks

    AR-15 Spare parts organizer

    Ha ha ha. all you need is a LPK and a few odd upper parts. some are interchangeable, like the ejector spring and the safety detent spring. Who needs a safety anyway, so maybe you dont even need a
  13. Eddie Gunks

    NY Trigger Guards

    Hey all just wanted to say thanks for the add. we have the beat solution for your ny compliant ar15. NY Trigger Guards thanks
  14. Eddie Gunks

    .450 BM wont cycle.

    Ha ha ha. I juat thought you could not hear me. it is not an aero. It is made by Davidson. Not the same thing at all. It is a marketing ploy. One part may be aero. But not the barrel, gas tube, gas block etc.....the parts that are the issue. not a big deal huh? Wow. If it was one i bought it...
  15. Eddie Gunks

    .450 BM wont cycle.

    wtf? stop trying to redesign the system. I have carbine gas system uppers on a2stocks and they run fine. I have rifle gas system uppers on carbine stocks and they run fine. stop using 308 parts in a 556 system! wtf? i guess know one read my 1st post FUCKING CHEAP ASS SHIT FUCKING UPPER...
  16. Eddie Gunks

    .450 BM wont cycle.

    ha ha ha. Damn internet! THAT WILL MAKE IT WORSE!
  17. Eddie Gunks

    Cleaning A Neglected AR

    Best to read the instructions in some of those cleaners. Many of the foaming ones etc etc specifically say do not let stand multiple hours. They can do more harm than good. why not shoot it and see how it goes. ps. I have some you can clean for me!
  18. Eddie Gunks

    .450 BM wont cycle.

    Shit upper. Send it back. Most likely gas hole/ orientation issue. But may have other issues as well.
  19. Eddie Gunks

    Shooting buddies

    oh! based on the title i thought we were talking about getting rid of a few friends......
  20. Eddie Gunks

    How loud is 357 sig?

    145 dB
  21. Eddie Gunks

    F/S Six (6) ten round AK47 mags

    Metal. (Not korean) $66cash/check. Plus shipping and 3% if any other payment method is used. Thanks
  22. Eddie Gunks

    DONE FUAC Lowers

    11 days till paradise
  23. Eddie Gunks

    F/S Complete bullet guy lowers

    11 days left in hell. Paradise bound. What does not sell i am gonna burn....:) complete bullet guy lowers. $175 cash/check. Plus shipping and 3% if paid by any other method.
  24. Eddie Gunks

    DONE 8 inch 9mm barreled upper

    11 days more of hell then back to paradise. What you see is what you get. No bolt. New. Ballistic advantage barreel. Just The barrel is worth more than what i am offering. Lets call it a blem as it has been kicking around for a while. $99 cash/check price. Plus shipping and 3% if paid by...
  25. Eddie Gunks

    F/S Ballistic advantage 16 inch NON THREADED barrel.

    11 days left in hell. Then back to paradise. Okay. These gotta go. Awesome barrels. They will shoot better than you! new. $130 paid cash or check. Plus shipping and 3% if any other payment method is used. buy two or more. Free shipping.
  26. Eddie Gunks

    Middletown gunshow SUCKS sale 11/2-11/3

    I have 11 days left here in hell. hopefully this is my last gunshow forever. no one is here.Come buy for great deals.
  27. Eddie Gunks

    F/S Enhanced extended trigger guards back in stock

    it will work fine scratched. Dont worrry. or buy two. One to scratch. One to keep unused and unscratched.... ha ha ha
  28. Eddie Gunks

    DONE FUAC Lowers

    I need to sell a few more. I have 13 days left before i escape from hell. buy buy. :)
  29. Eddie Gunks

    F/S Enhanced extended trigger guards back in stock

    sale. $49.99. This weekend only!
  30. Eddie Gunks

    NYGF New Site (Basic Dark)

    Please hurry on the color change........
  31. Eddie Gunks

    NYGF New Site (Basic Dark)

    the new site does not seem to know i have viewed posts from mobile to desk top. i looked at a thread on my phone. hours later i am on my desktop, i hit "new posts" threads i have already viewed on my mobile posted as new, without any new content being added since i say the posts on my mobile...
  32. Eddie Gunks

    1000 yard range

    ha ha ha. Maybe. (I shoot steal. Not paper) i shoot a scar17 with a NF 2.5-10x24. I am very comfortable out to 650-700. I even hit a few at 825-850 at the ironman 3 gun in idaho........i did miss the 990! I also only send 2 at it. (It was a bonus target. So no need to get crazy burning ammo)
  33. Eddie Gunks

    NYGF New Site (Basic Dark)

    yeah. what he said
  34. Eddie Gunks

    Open Iron Sights

    I shot irons for years in 3 gun. (Not precision shooting). I did very well. I switched to optics to getbetter prize table offerings. Magnified optics is awesome. Basically if i can see it i can hit it. now my vision is going. So irons is much harder now. But i believe shooting irons all my life...
  35. Eddie Gunks

    Sullivan farmers speak out against proposed NYC ban on foie gras

    yup. Ate it. Mine was a chicken. Weird. Crunchy. Still had a yoke .
  36. Eddie Gunks

    DONE 5D Pro Jig Package

    iam reporting you to paypal. TOS violations.
  37. Eddie Gunks

    DONE 5D Pro Jig Package

    Shipping to thailand. Right?
  38. Eddie Gunks

    DONE 5D Pro Jig Package

    Will you ship to thailand? do i get a receipt?
  39. Eddie Gunks

    FUAC Signs Bill Ending "Loophole" For Those With Presidential Pardons

    What about all the illegals? They broke the law.
  40. Eddie Gunks

    Cant change screen colors bsck

    Light backgrounds....
  41. Eddie Gunks

    Hesco Zombie Invitational.

    had to wear it
  42. Eddie Gunks

    Hesco Zombie Invitational.

    Ps. Thanks @Calculon for lending me his shotgun.
  43. Eddie Gunks

    Hesco Zombie Invitational.

    Best 3 gun ever. I missed last year to be “responsible “ and go work a gun show. The gun show sucked so i swore i would never miss the zombi match again for a dumb reason like work! Zombie Invitational – Hesco Zombie Invitational I struggled with my pistol shooting....i year of no shooting...
  44. Eddie Gunks

    Ruger PC9 released with adjustable stock, pistol grip.

    Ha ha ha. Ruger figured out to finally get in the “ar” bandwagon. looks like an ar. Shoots like a mini....ha ha ha go with the ar