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  1. Jsmegs77

    Broome county exec closes bus station Could this be a direct response to Cuomo's statement that overflow medical capacity will be shipped upstate?
  2. Jsmegs77

    WTB Ares/Fightlite SCR Lower

    Ok, it's time. Looking for an Ares or Fightlite SCR lower, stock configuration does not matter. All I can turn up on Gunbroker are the pistol variant, which is NOT what I'm looking for. Don't really want a full firearm, as it's for a project and I have different plans for the upper. A lower...
  3. Jsmegs77

    Antifa goon identified

    Revealed: Antifa Leader Relied On Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda An interesting read. Of particular note is the varying levels of derangement based on which personality is active. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jsmegs77

    Michael Avenatti suckered?!

    Via Mark Levin: 4Chan is claiming they BURNED Michael Avenatti with fake Kavanaugh witness!!! Please let this be true. And propagate like herpes in a whore house through the rest of the Democratic Fascist establishment. Edit: apparently now his Twitter account is set to private...
  5. Jsmegs77

    FightLite SCR Pistol

    Scrolling around Fightlite/ARES site and notice this... SCR® Pistol Lower Receiver I hadn't seen this before. Not pistol caliber, but still neat. I expect this would have to be registered in NY as a pistol, though, since they're calling it such. Perhaps if it had a pump-action upper pinned on...
  6. Jsmegs77

    Southern Tier LGS?

    Aside from our forum supporter @Bullet Guy, who isn't exactly next door to those of us in the Southern Tier, does anyone have any recommendations for a local gun shop? I don't like big-box stores much, and they're sometimes funny about transfers. Recommendations in/near the Binghamton area? I...
  7. Jsmegs77

    Hi, my name is...

    ...Jared, and I'm, in NY I can't mention or seek help for issues that I may or may not have. :) Wandered down the block from the now-Canadian-owned neighbor. Looks like fun! Definitely more activity and participation here. Fight crime, vote Cuomo Out. #nomocuomo2018