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    “Shoot Them Dead”: Philippines President Duterte Orders Law Enforcement To Kill Citizens for Violating Corona Lockdown

    Interesting to hear, I thought it would be the usual political rhetoric leading to nothing.
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    “Shoot Them Dead”: Philippines President Duterte Orders Law Enforcement To Kill Citizens for Violating Corona Lockdown

    That's his go to answer, he said the same thing about drug dealers. Simple, to the point, wonder how that's working out.
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    Rensselaer County Telling Cuomo How It Is

    Last night's news said 14 corona/covid patients had been sent to Albany Medical Center.
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    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says He Will Not Run for President

    If Cuomo's mouth is moving he's lying. And the Democratic party never had a rule it wouldn't toss out for more power in America.
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    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    It might be easier to like Cuomo if you've never lived in NY. Or only have 2 functioning brain cells.
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    New / updated 4473 on the way...

    At one time having a NYS pistol license took care of the need for the instant check and then NY screwed it up. Line 29 brings the license item up. Is it possible ATF recognizes NY pistol licenses again?
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    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    Why the hell not, Cuomo is as useless as Biden or Sanders. I don't see him winning any of Bernies bros and doubt he would be appealing to voters elsewhere in the country.
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    Albany 2A rally

    Why wait until the last day of the session? Stupid question, but I will plan on going even if it's a waste of time in this state.
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    AOC to lose her house seat?

    She'd blame it on the weather. Racist New York weather.
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    Spyderco Sharpmaker reviews?

    I agree with the Lansky sharpener, but occassionally use a ceramic stick set I got from A.G. Russel to refresh an edge quickly. But then I like the Ken Onion work sharp system and Arkansas stones too! Everything has it's uses.
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    My 16 year old wants a sword-any recommendations?

    Would your son like a historic reproduction? I have a Rev-war period officers sword in need of a new home. It could use a good polishing, but sword and scabbard are in good shape. If interested let me know. I'd like to see it somewhere it would be appreciated.
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    Latest knife restoration with my son. Italian

    That came out looking great, tell your kids they did a fine job
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    Gun Humor thread

    Or 12 years old. My grandkids love those nerd guns.
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    Opinions wanted on double Barrel Shotguns

    I have had one O/U in 12 gague and a S/S in 16 gague. I never shot the O/U well and one shooting friend couldn't miss with it. The 16 gague was, still is, a natural pointer for me. Thegatman is right, shoot the one that fits you best
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    NRA Treachery in Virginia! VA Director Admits They Are Willing to Compromise With Northam and Democrats!

    Sure, the NRA will fight Northam's gun grab just like they fought Cuomo's Safe Act.
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    Vortex vs. Leopold?

    Nikon Is closing out their scope business and I've heard the warranty service will be done too. I do have a couple and they are good scopes but I like Leupold.
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    No-knock warrant, the dog...

    You can did good bringing the dog in. How soon will this offender be back out without bail?
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    There goes the neighborhood

    I cut up a large pine that fell across my neighbor's driveway. Not so much as a thank you. He put up a Delgado sign and a Dump Trump sign. Now he's on his own.
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    Gov. Cuomo proposes new gun safety law for 2020 to keep guns from 'dangerous people'

    So, we going to have some new "gun license" scheme coming out of Cuomo's cave? Aside from handgun licensing? FUAC.
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    .38 sp

    I load for the .38 special too. It's a good round.
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    Political Picture thread.

    Yes he is, any way you look at it.
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    Berkeley’s gas ordinance

    Those democrat corpses, you'd have to dry them first. Just like a buffalo chip.
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    Gunsmith of Williamsburg (video of 1969 educational movie)

    Great video, owned a VHS copy for years. Got my son interested in building muzzleloaders and he twisted my arm into building him locks for a while. Thanks for posting that.
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    Seems the democrats are worried about the election and will Hillary run?

    Got this nightmare, late summer 2020, Michael Obama decides to run because every other Democrat has blown their chance. So for the good of the party and the Obama view of Amerika..... Yes, it does wreck a nights sleep.
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    Brass brands for reloading

    I would agree with both Remington and Starline being good brass. I have had mixed experience with range pick up brass, you have to check it carefully.
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    Factory 44 mag ammo for 77/44?

    Buffalobore makes great .44 magnum loads. The old Winchester white box .44 magnum soft point was, maybe still is if available, a great deer round.
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    357 Lever gun. Marlin or Rossi ? Anyone have experience?

    I don't own a .357 lever gun, yet, but have a Marlin 1894 in .41 mag, and owned a Rossi in .45 L.C for a long while. There is nothing at all wrong with the Rossi 92, well made gun. These days, I''d check the Marlin over very carefully, Remington is slowly working on their QC but they're not...
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    must be nice to be young (16) and get a pistol ... FUAC ..

    That is a fine looking revolver. I haven't no problem with a well supervised 16 year older shooting a handgun. And I'd bet she could out shoot me!
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    Shooting buddies

    I had a regular shooting partner, my grandson. Then he discovered women, priorities put shooting in a distant second place.
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    The cult of Greta Thurnberg

    Yesterday there was some talk on Fox news that she is autistic and has obsessive compulsive disorders of some sort. This is is apparently mentioned in a book her "mother" wrote. May be pure b.s., but looking at the kid I do wonder.
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    AG James Pumps Brakes On Online “Ghost Gun” Sellers, Orders Cease And Desist Of Sales Into New York

    Just asking why anyone would buy anything from Cheaper than Dirt, biggest gouger out there during the Obama ammo shortage. Back to the ghost guns!
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    Schumer and Gillibrand want universal background checks or nothing at all

    My vote is to give them nothing, they said they wanted it.
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    Goat isn't bad at all. Buffalo is better though.
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    Anybody have (and hunt?) with a flint lock?

    I always found that I was more likely to fumble a cap than miss priming the pan. A good flintlock doesn't give up any speed of ignition to a percussion gun. There's something particularly fine about hunting with a flintlock.
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    What Visitors Have You Had to Your Yard?

    Turkeys, deer, rabbits, chipmunks, bobcat, racoons, bear hits the trash a couple times but mostly see it heading up the hill with a bag, snapping turtles in nesting season, but no coyotes this year, plenty last year, none now. One fisher but that was back in March. Always have to look before...
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    Kirsten Gillibrand slams the NRA and Federalist Society in Supreme Court filing and warns the court

    Gillibrand is forever in search of an issue to make her own and never quite getting one. But threatening the Supreme Court is ballsy, even for her. It will backfire.
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    Political Picture thread.

    I actually had to Google Tommy Lee, no idea who he was. Still don't care, just another self important quasi musician with an opinion no one but a fan would care about. Funny though how Twitter let's this stand, seems like hate speech to me. Then again, I don't use twitter.
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    Cuomo wants presidential candidates to endorse NY's gun control laws

    Cuomo is looking for the V.P. slot on anyone's coat tails.
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    9 killed in Ohio in second mass shooting within 24 hours

    It is not reported because it doesn't have an opening to blame WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORISTS. It'only misunderstood youths acting like themselves.
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    Kamala Harris announces $100B plan for black homeownership

    She's getting right out there with the pandering isn't she. Better pace herself or she'll be offering sex, wait a minute, she's done that already.
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    Rep. Wilson "People who mock members of congress should be prosecuted"

    Loose the hats and shut your mouth and no one will be paying any attention to you. Or is that too much for her liberal riddled brain to handle.
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    Senate floor calendar

    S-6151 is an attempt to avoid the Supreme Court from making a ruling on the case about NYC permit holders restrictions on leaving the city with their handguns.
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    Sarah Sanders Resigning.

    She did well in what must have been a tough job.
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    Mind boggling that abolishing the second amendment is not popular!

    Stevens seemed demented on the bench, now at 99 he's just pathetic.
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    Political Picture thread.

    You have to admire the way she hangs on to her delusion. Or not.
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    CNN's Chris Cuomo Directs Ambiguous Tweet At Rape Survivor. Here's Her Response

    Good responses, but Cuomo doesn't give a damn about anything but his own opinion.
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    Powder Meter Mystery

    Like Acer said, a dryer sheet will help kill the static on the plastic.
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    Next up Bill de Blasio

    Good lord, the only democrat with less chance than Gillibrand wants to run too.