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    Shield front sight help needed...

    I had a set of iDot pro sights installed on my shield, and they are okay, but for one thing: the front sight is off center, so its shooting left. They guy who put them on for me obvioulsy didn’t have a sight pusher, as evidenced by the marks on one side of the sight. So, I don’t want to go...
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    If you could only build one...

    So, lets assume you have a bunch of parts laying around that you either need to sell, or, turn into another project. Let's assume that so long as that project is an AR pistol you have everything you need other than a barrel and a few little things. What would you build, a 300 pistol or a 5.56...
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    Charge Cuomo!

    Would this be possible under NYS law? It’s an interesting idea. File Conspiracy Charges Against Gun Grabbers
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    AR Pistol Build Question

    So, Im thinking of, maybe, putting together an AR pistol out of spare parts I have,but will need a barrel. My question is, what is the minimum length needed to allow for complete complete burn? This is assuming 5.56/.223 ammo.
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    Do you wear overalls alot? Do you carry concealed while doing so? Then, heres the question: What do you do to stow your gun while wearing overalls? PS - If the subject line of this post offends you...go buy a six pack of Pabst and get over it.
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    Is this the silent majority?

    I like her. I hope she is just the tip of the iceberg.
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    Reid is getting upset...

    Reid has always been a rather level headed guy, but, lately he’s gotten more and more upset. Is he reflective of the larger national community? If so, time to strap it up.
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    How the Greatest Generation failed US!

    This little piece puts it in perspective nicely. Larry Taunton: Did the Greatest Generation 'fail' us?
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    An Actual GUN question!!! Performance Center Shield

    Okay, so I picked up a Performance Center Shield the other day - one of the new ones with the 4 inch barrel. I like it. I decided that I really NEED to have one. I test fired one in 9mm, which is all that was available to test. Trouble is, I don’t think I want a 9. I think I want a 40, or a...
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    DONE Browning Nomad - Beautiful! - sale Pending

    I want to sell my old Belgian Nomad. I just don't use it enough, and we're still moving around some, so, it's one less thing to worry about. Plus, I like the idea of being able to send this back to New York. It's in excellent condition and comes with one magazine. Fantastic trigger! Plus...
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    F/S Sig P226, etc. DAK trigger and parts

    I just got my old 226 back from GrayGuns, where I had the DAK removed and converted to DA/SA. They also installed their EDC trigger and and SRT kit. So now, I'm selling the whole DAK setup, as well as all the other parts that came back with he gun. trigger, trigger bar, main spring, strut...
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    F/S Bullpup Unlimited Conversion Kit - Mossberg 500/590

    Selling a Bullpup Unlimited conversion kit for a Mossberg 500/590 shotgun. I used this on a 12 ga. It may also work on a .20. Have to check the manufacturers website on that. Anyway, I was using it with my trusty Mossberg 500 while living on the RV. The conversion cuts about a foot off the...
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    Shield 45?

    I did a bad thing. I picked up a Shield 45 yesterday in the store, and I loked it. Ever since trying out an XDs in 45 I’ve been secretly wanting one. I think I like the feel of the shield better. Im not sure how much longer I can keep the impulse at bay, so, I need input. Anyone have any...
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    F/S H&R Sportsman - Very early model

    Guys, I'm selling my excellent Sportsman (Variant 1). I've got it listed on Armslist. Here's the link: H&R Sportsman for sale I have additional photos that I will supply if you are interested. I'm am accepting offers and will give forum members first consideration. This is an excellent gun...
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    H&R Sportsman...need info.

    I’ve got an old Sportsman that I want to sell, but don’t really know what its worth, or where I can find a value for it. I’ve looked on Gunbroker and other sites, but nothing equivalent comes up. So...I’m hoping someone here can lend some expertise. Here’s what I have: A 1932/33 H and R...
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    Farewell to England...

    I got this from a friend and thought it would be a good share. Scary stuff, and we are not immune... “This is an interesting "Farewell to England" list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that's the...
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    The Moment I Knew I Wasn’t in NY Anymore...

    Traveling. Pulled up to a gas station to fill up. Went inside to pay. The old woman behind the counter was talking to a younger woman and trying to help her make a decision about something. As soon as they saw me, the younger woman turns to me and askes me; “Which shotgun shells should I...
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    F/S AGM AR15 Airsoft

    Selling my Airsoft gun. Don't want to, it's a lot of fun, but it won't fit on the new rolling bunker, so it's got to go. Selling it cheap. Very lightly used. Never in competition, just in the back yard to harass the squirrels that make the mistake of breaking the perimeter. This is a full...
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    Would I be an awful person if...

    I Ceracoated by M 1917? I recently completed a rebuild/rebirth of an old M1917 rifle that was originally built in 1917. It had been converted decades ago into a "shorter" hunting rifle, and I really wanted to return it to its true aspect. So I hunted up all the parts, using only "Eddystone"...
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    Fetishizing Fraility - why am I laughing?

    You all already knew this was true...and it's still sadly pathetic. Fetishizing Victimhood: How Colleges Promote Psychological Frailty
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    I figured out where everyone went! Damn Canadians left me over at that other place all alone! (I already like the design of this forum better too.) It's nice to be here, I learn so much.