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  1. Tinman

    Let's see your reloading room! (Pics only please!)

    I purchased rolls of drawer liners from Home Depot. They are about $10 for a roll that is 16” by 100”. They really work nice. Thanks for the compliment.
  2. Tinman

    DONE Free Brass

    Ok. When things settle down a little we will meet up.
  3. Tinman

    DONE Free Brass

    Consider them yours. We can meet somewhere convenient. At the next coffee meet up you can buy me a cup.
  4. Tinman

    DONE Free Brass

    I have 179 pieces of once fired brass in .45 acp. It is all a mix of Blazer and Federal. It is all SMALL primer. Free to a good home.
  5. Tinman

    Grabagun pausing firearm shipments to NY (and some other states)

    I have purchased from them a few times with never a problem. Would buy from them again.
  6. Tinman

    How Many Different Calibers Do You own

    .177 bb .177 pellet .22 short- long & LR .380 9mm .38 .357 .45 acp .45 colt .454 casull .460 mag .308 30-30 20 ga 12 ga I think that’s it.
  7. Tinman

    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    I think you guys are right. He very well might be the nominee. He may be a better speaker, but I didn’t vote for Trump because he was a good speaker. I voted for him because he wasn’t a politician. I voted for him because I knew he would get things done.
  8. Tinman

    Gun Control Proponents

    Very good video.
  9. Tinman

    LEO's question (domestic violence increases?)

    Thanks for the heads up. We appreciate it.
  10. Tinman

    Mossberg 500 or 590A1?

    I have a 590 A1 and I love it.
  11. Tinman

    The Princess is a two faced bastard - and a douchebag as well...

    I think that he is loving this. He gets to play all powerful.
  12. Tinman

    24hr QT for 3 weeks for San Fran

    Keep us advised GoPerfect. We appreciate it.
  13. Tinman

    Dicks wants to lose even more money!!!!

    In Williamsville , Dick’s is next door to BJ’s, a coincidence? I think not.
  14. Tinman

    Holster Experts Needed

    I must be in the minority because I love leather holsters.
  15. Tinman

    F/S 10ga pardner sb2

    Do you have anymore pictures?
  16. Tinman

    WNY (Hamburg) Outdoor Target Shooting

    Look at Hartland Conservation club in Gasport. Very reasonable and a nice outdoor range with trap shooting.
  17. Tinman

    Which set of dies to buy

    I use the Lee Carbide 3 die set. I also use the Lee Loadmaster progressive reloaded.
  18. Tinman

    F/S Duncan Phyfe Drop leaf Table

    Lowered price to $175 obo
  19. Tinman

    F/S Lee Loadmaster Shell Plates

    I have 2 Lee Loadmaster Shell plates for sale. Lee # 6S ————— 32-20 / 25-20 and similar casses Lee # 7 AS ———— 32 acp / 30 cal. Carbine and .22 hornet $35.00 for both shipped.
  20. Tinman

    Don’t Write Off the .380

    The Walther PPK is a very nice 380. Handles well and is very accurate. I love mine.
  21. Tinman

    Reloading room air compressor

    Well I purchased the small 1 gal. Compressor from HF. The Fortress. Nice little compressor and is extremely quiet. About 57 db. Only paid $109.00. I now have a little compressed air if and when I need it.
  22. Tinman

    Don’t Write Off the .380

    I have always liked the 380. I have a few.
  23. Tinman

    Pennsylvania Pistol renewal notification ~~~for those who need to renew SOON!

    My wife and I go to Centre County Pa. We enjoy the trip. Always nice people down there.
  24. Tinman

    Storage for the 5 hole loadmaster turret

    I have the Lee Loadmaster with the 5 hole quick change turrets. This is how I store them. I use a 3” PVC coupling. The turrets fit perfect inside of it and the lip of the coupling works as a step to hold the turret. You can have all of your dies preset in the turret and store them in the...
  25. Tinman

    Reloading room air compressor

    Not sure yet. Have just been thinking about it. I do have a couple of canned air and a small canister vacuum. Just sorta thinking out loud.
  26. Tinman

    Reloading room air compressor

    1 gallon and real quiet.
  27. Tinman

    Reloading room air compressor

    Does anyone keep a small air compressor in their reloading room? If so what kind and size. I am thinking about adding one and looking for suggestions. I have been looking at the Fortress 1 gal. at Harbor Freight.
  28. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    I looked at In Line Fab. They have some nice stuff. The risers are nice but I prefer to sit while reloading. I think for me the riser would be too high while I sit.
  29. Tinman

    Bloomberg is considering THE HILDEBEAST for Vice President!!!!!!!

    She will take it. If they win Bloomturd will have a massive heart attack and the beast will finally be president.
  30. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    I bought those at Ace Hardware. Just added a couple of nuts to limit the travel. The thread is 1/4-20. They run about $4.00 ea. I am sure the have them at Home Depot or Loews. I got the ones with holes in the top and threads. Added a 1/4-20 x 2 1/2” carriage bolt with a nut under the knob to...
  31. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    It does not seem to bright to me. Lights up just right, but everyone has different tolerances for light.
  32. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    That looks nice too.
  33. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    Very nice. I like that idea.
  34. Tinman

    Light for your reloading press

    I just purchased a light made just for my loader. It is from a company called KMS Squared. They have lights available for most loaders. Cost was about $30.00 shipped. Comes with the light, a switch and a 12 volt adapter. Here are a couple of pictures.
  35. Tinman

    For those that live in the - 27th congressional district of New York

    I think it is the same old crap with the Republican Party picking our candidate for us. We need a special primary so we can vote for who we want to run. Typical politics in NY. They have had plenty of time to do this. Now they are having the election on the Democratic primary day. What a joke...
  36. Tinman

    Democrats: Trump's acquittal doesn't count | SUPERcuts! #740

  37. Tinman

    DONE Treadmill

  38. Tinman

    New bill requiring gun purchasers to go through a mental health check

    I have said this many times.......... “ I don’t see anyone coming up with a way to take away or keep the bad guys from getting guns.” They only want to go after the law abiding citizens.
  39. Tinman

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Thanks for the advice.
  40. Tinman

    DONE Sambar Stag Grips

  41. Tinman

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Well I ran a load of brass through the ultrasonic cleaner today. Ran 2- 15 min cycles using the Hornady One shot. Really did a great job. Brass is clean as a whistle. Now I am going to put them through the vibratory tumbler to police them. The ultrasonic cleaner was well worth the money. I got...
  42. Tinman

    DONE Treadmill

    Make me a good offer that I can’t refuse.
  43. Tinman

    DONE Treadmill

    This is a Fitness Gear Mdl. 830T. Excellent condition. Works perfect. Has hardly been used. Has programs for workouts with multi speed and inclines. Also includes original owner’s manual and a mat. Paid over $800 new. Asking $400 obo. Must be picked up.
  44. Tinman

    Albany's latest ban: Cigarette filters

    Some more useless crap that our legislators can spend our tax money on.
  45. Tinman

    NY carry permit holders that have Pa permits?

    My wife and I have our Pa. permits. We have to renew this year, had it done in Centre County. We will go again in June. A nice little day trip.
  46. Tinman

    The Senate Impeachment Trial, may not go as the GOP planned (merged thread)

    So in all reality, what kind of shit storm is going to happen if they remove Trump?