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    FBI seizing property (ppe)

    What constitues “hoarding”? Your ”hoarding” is my “prepping.” If we are talking about a guy having 100,000 masks, then yes - hoarding. But, hwat about someone who has 100 masks? Is that hoarding? I wish I had 100 N95s!
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    Trump rollback of mileage standards guts climate change push

    Sorry, but, I’m all in favor of improved mileage for cars. I want 50 miles per gallon! Oil is valuable. Efficiency standards have led to some very good improvements in the auto fleet.
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    CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus

    I don’t wish this illness on anyone. He’s got a family, etc to look out for. He’s already somewhat sick in the head, and that’s enough. Maybe this will somehow help to change his outlook on things.
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    Woman Accuses Joe Biden Of Sexual Assault

    Proof positive that the Dems want Biden gone, and Cuomo, or someone else will be the person.
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    DANGER: H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

    Hank Johnson!!! You know he didn’t write a word of this. He’s the useful idiot in this game. The danger here, as it always is, is the “compromise” that may come out of this...”sure, the bill is over the top, but...”. It is an essential part of the play book. Propose outrageous DOA...
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    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    The only good response to this is “Gov. Cuomo Abandons NYS AMID Corona Virus Crisis!”
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    24hr QT for 3 weeks for San Fran

    You have a point, but, that also entails letting a lot of people go...which isn’t a totally bad thing. We will have to stay on top of this and see how it plays out.
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    24hr QT for 3 weeks for San Fran

    The time for this sort of cavalier attitude is long past. It is obvious now that we need to take community-wide action to try to stem the tide of this thing. But, I do wonder what they will do with all the homeless that are out on the streets in SF. What will they do with them?
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    Biden Freaks Out On Chrysler Worker Over 2A

    I fear the worst: the crazier “crazy Uncle Joe” gets, the closer ”insane Aunt Hillary” gets. Frightening stuff.
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    Congress and the Corona Virus, complications and implications.

    Could the apparent age-bias of the virus be why we are getting such an over the top response? It’s the old power brokers who are most at risk, not the younger upstarts. Are the “old guard” watching the Grim Reaper march up to their front door? As noted ad-nauseum the flu kills more people -...
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    Ammunition Sales Soar in Response to Coronavirus Panic

    I did catch that. All the more reason to load up on ammo I guess. There is a gun show here today. I’m undecided. Do I go and buy ammo and risk getting “the Covid” or do I stay home, sitting on my current heap, and hope I stay healthy? Hmmm...tough choice.
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    Ammunition Sales Soar in Response to Coronavirus Panic

    So, if your family members get sick, you need extra ammo to shoot them with? No, wait, the corona virus is going to turn victims into zombies, and we need ammo to shoot them with? Or, let’s see, the virus is going to kill almost everyone, all services will be impaired. We will all be slowly...
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    Biden, to make Francis his gun control czar

    This just proves that he has lost his mind.
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    A paranoid militia infiltrating Texas police is bent on rebellion, ‘ready to rise up

    Wow. Quite the slant to that story. Nice job Star-Telegraph, we all know where you stand now editorially.
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    Shield front sight help needed...

    Well, I beat the heck out of it with a brass punch. The only thing I accomplished was hacking up one side of the sight. It didnt move a millimeter. So, I broke down and ordered a cheap sight pusher tool. It should be here in a few days. We will see what happens. If it works, then I can...
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    Shield front sight help needed...

    I had a set of iDot pro sights installed on my shield, and they are okay, but for one thing: the front sight is off center, so its shooting left. They guy who put them on for me obvioulsy didn’t have a sight pusher, as evidenced by the marks on one side of the sight. So, I don’t want to go...
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    Black Rifles screwed it all up.

    It’s funny because its stupid.
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    New York Politicians Lied and Their Gun-Control Laws Failed Again

    It happened, they lied, it won’t make any difference at all, other than to lead to calls for more gun control.
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    AZ Democrat Senators: Register or Surrender ‘Assault Weapons’

    It’s always the same game. Propose and launch restrictive legislation that sparks an outraged response, then, “compromise” on a reformed regulation that passes into law. Net result: they get some of what they want and we lose some more of what we have. Repeat the process. It’s a true...
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    If you could only build one...

    Suppressing could be an option. That is one of my considerations.
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    If you could only build one...

    So, lets assume you have a bunch of parts laying around that you either need to sell, or, turn into another project. Let's assume that so long as that project is an AR pistol you have everything you need other than a barrel and a few little things. What would you build, a 300 pistol or a 5.56...
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    New York State Governor Mulls Car Helmet Compulsion To Discourage Motoring

    In that case mandate body armor too for protection from exploding air bags. Id do tat.
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    NRA Treachery in Virginia! VA Director Admits They Are Willing to Compromise With Northam and Democrats!

    Agreed. How is my enemies investment in hurting me my responsibility to recoup for them? This is strange double speak. If they get no ROI maybe they will reconsider pouring money in next time.
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    Barrel change help

    I just unbarreled one last night using two clamps a barrel wrench and a hammer to pop the nut loose. Ive already mounted a new barrel on a new upper. Didnt use a torque wrench since I cant find it. Not too worried. Bt, I guess I should head to the storage unit today to dig it out. So long...
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    Charge Cuomo!

    Would this be possible under NYS law? It’s an interesting idea. File Conspiracy Charges Against Gun Grabbers
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    Sanders Field Organizer Suggests Gulags to Help ‘Nazified’ Trump Voters

    Scary as it is, I’d bet old Bern has no idea this guy is working for him. If he has ANY sense, this guy gets quickly and publicly fired. But, on the other hand, where there is one cockroach, there are a thousand. Scary stuff for sure.
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    Lock her up!!!!

    They needed to clear her so she can jm- into the race with a fresh coat of innocent on her.
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    How can NY Gun Owners of different backgrounds and priorities better advance gun rights?

    Yes, any by dling out “specialness” and with it attention(money) you create votes. Therefore, more and more “special” constiuenies are created and the common good subverted. So, as I said, “I am an American.” Is the only identifier I care about. The rest is for you and your shrink.pastor...
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    How can NY Gun Owners of different backgrounds and priorities better advance gun rights?

    I agree, but for one thing. We don’t “want” labels. Labels have been forcibly applied to us. It’s part of the strategy. What’s needed is to find the strength - personal strength - to throw these labels away. The response, when asked, should always be, “I’m an American.”
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    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    FrogLube degreaser mixed either 5 to 1, or stronger depending on what you need. 5 to one works well so far.
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    Virginia AG Declares Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities Have ‘No Force Of Law’

    AT least as much force in law as ‘sanctary city’ laws, with the addaed advantage of having the full force of the Constitution behind them.
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    AR Pistol Build Question

    Since I’m considering this, and will have to buy parts to make it work at all, why even stay with 223? What would be a good non-pistol caliber to try in an AR pistol? 300? 6.8? ??? What have you tried that worked out well?
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    AR Pistol Build Question

    Interesting stuff. What about 300 BLK? I’m not wed to anything. Like I said, I‘m really just using up spare parts, so, it’s just for fun.
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    AR Pistol Build Question

    Just looking to have fun. But I still want reliable.
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    AR Pistol Build Question

    So, Im thinking of, maybe, putting together an AR pistol out of spare parts I have,but will need a barrel. My question is, what is the minimum length needed to allow for complete complete burn? This is assuming 5.56/.223 ammo.
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    ambidextrous charging handle deal $9.99

    Hows the build quality on these? Buying cheap is good, buying cheap crap, not so good.
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    Former Bill Clinton adviser: Only one thing is keeping Hillary out of the 2020 race

    Never, ever, hope for Hilary to run again. You can’t predict what will happen. There are millions out there who still don’t believe she is an evil, ambitious, witch. They will still vote for her, especially against President Trump. Just like in the last election, where she was supposed to...
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    On Thursday, Pelosi announced her Coup.

    Her hubris at wrapping her announcement in the Declaration of Independence is just mind-numbing to me. So many people hear this and just nod their heads in agreement, “Yes, she’s doing her duty. She’s doing what she has to do. She is the saviour of the republic.“ Although most don‘t even...
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    Red Flag standoff in Mahopac

    I’m speechless.
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    Mini 14 Magazines -Pro Mag

    Pro Mags have always worked for me. Never a problem.
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    I just got a pair. I guess I’m devolving.
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    Well, that is too bad. Do they still make Billy Beer?
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    I like the look of that Alaskan Guide rig. That could work well. I owe you a Pabst for that!
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    Do you wear overalls alot? Do you carry concealed while doing so? Then, heres the question: What do you do to stow your gun while wearing overalls? PS - If the subject line of this post offends you...go buy a six pack of Pabst and get over it.
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    State went blue..Virginia governor says he will reintroduce gun control measures

    I’ve got relatives in VA. I don’t dare call to ask them about this. They are true Virginians, not NOVA transplants.