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  1. BMF JK


    Bahahaha Trying to remove that stain
  2. BMF JK

    I want yet another AR-15

    my current build I went SI gridlock hand guard with the red accents for a little pop . Also a red charging handle .
  3. BMF JK

    I want yet another AR-15

    X2 on a complete upper . Super easy to assemble a lower . primary arms usually has a good selection of complete uppers .
  4. BMF JK

    Legal Question: Covid 19 and Article 35

    Now if someone with HIV tried to rape you by all means blast away ! A covid cough certainly not .
  5. BMF JK

    So who sells and ships to NY these days?

    Grabagun and tombstone tactical last I knew were gtg .
  6. BMF JK

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Today I got range time ! Little practice with the rmr and some decent 10 shot groups with the 22 wmr .
  7. BMF JK

    FFL in Monroe County- Out of state private party transfer? (edit: Penfield Armory A++)

    Maybe I misunderstood, you saying directly from a private individual ?
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    FFL in Monroe County- Out of state private party transfer? (edit: Penfield Armory A++)

    The firing pin in Bergen just across the county line 20 mins or less from Henrietta .
  9. BMF JK

    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns! Just ordered this receiver set through my ffl today . After much consideration I decided to go with an AR platform .
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    Erie county

    Welcome !
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Received a little bit of ammo today . I seem to coincidentally buy a case of ammo prior to a gun purchase ... hmmm weird .
  12. BMF JK

    Blackwater’s Iron Horse Thumb-Triggered AR Pattern Rifles - Interesting

    Wow what could possibly go wrong !? :banghead:
  13. BMF JK

    Remove SBR from NFA

    Just call it “ common sense “ gun deregulation . Everyone will agree with common sense !
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    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns!

    I despise the fact we have to keep each other in check with our current reality . I’m sick every time I open my safe and see neutered or disfigured rifles . There is no “common sense” about it .
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    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns!

    According to my local ffl the faux suppressor is permanently attached from the factory.
  16. BMF JK

    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns!

    I see your point . But the definition stated in the penal law is beyond vague and is a matter of opinion. (ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon; WTF does that mean ? A standard pistol grip to me is not conspicuous at all , what truly draws my...
  17. BMF JK

    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns!

    I have an itch that I believe a PCC just might scratch . I’ve considered different platforms , ruger PCC , AR 9 and seriously considering CZ scorpion Evo . I’ve found what appears to be a viable FUAC option and my local ffl is comfortable doing the transfer . It’s a featureless evo with a...
  18. BMF JK

    The Firing Pin

  19. BMF JK

    The Firing Pin
  20. BMF JK

    CZ 97BD... but in 10mm?

    That’s a sexy CZ ! I very well might be begging for forgiveness yet again . I’m certain the wife loves when I buy new guns without asking permission . She simply buys something for herself and A LOT of shit gets done around the house .
  21. BMF JK

    50 & 100 Meter Zeroing trade offs for average medium HD distances on 5.56 systems

    Shawn Ryan has a good video that shows various zeros and the point of impact at various distances .
  22. BMF JK

    deleted ammo thread

  23. BMF JK

    DON Trump JR shows off new AR , check out the mag!

    He must be waiting on his SBR tax stamp so he can put a stock on it .
  24. BMF JK

    Iran offers $80million for Pres. Trumps head (merged thread)

    Proof that stupid is the worlds never ending natural resource .
  25. BMF JK

    Improper method of concealed carry?

    Hey Bob thumbs up on your diligent effort to find your perfect carry method . Just my personal opinion on aspects to consider when choosing a carry method in no specific order . 1 ) ease of draw , can you draw in any position without fumbling ( sitting, bending, standing , laying on your...
  26. BMF JK

    M@P 40 Cal. LE Trade in

    M2.0 would be engraved on the slide above the slide release of a 2.0 . If your looking for a 2.0 in .40 it’s doubtful you would find a police trade in since the 2.0 came out after most departments went back to 9mm .
  27. BMF JK

    Assembly Bill A8931: Put a GPS tracker in firearms

    Fairytales and unicorns nothing more . Play make believe long enough soon your slapped with reality.
  28. BMF JK

    Gun Show at Hamburg Fairgrounds

    I might venture over .
  29. BMF JK

    Gun Show at Hamburg Fairgrounds

    I’ve never been , usually any good ?
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    Posing in Monsey with High cap mags and non compliant guns

    Pink boots set the record straight.
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    Help me... 9 mm vs 45 ACP

    I hope you understand I’m not being insensitive to what this man did it’s actually the opposite. Unfortunately this man lost his life doing the best he was prepared to do is my whole point . Anyone of us faced with this situation could do better no matter how good we did .
  32. BMF JK

    Help me... 9 mm vs 45 ACP

    .357 sig ? Great more than ever I’ll certainly hear from my BIL how superior the .357 sig is ! On a serous note , thankfully this shooting wasn’t much worse . Not to criticize a dead man , however the first victim made some fatal errors everyone can learn from . Standing and drawing attention...
  33. BMF JK

    Help me... 9 mm vs 45 ACP

    Keep the beretta , get yourself a G26 for carry and call it a day . Glock subcompact and have 10 rounds of 9 mm ! I shoot my G26 as well as any of my full size pistols .
  34. BMF JK

    A-8870 introduced

    Will the 10s of thousands of existing “ghost guns” be grandfathered ? :ROFL::idk:
  35. BMF JK

    Hello from Long Island

    Welcome !
  36. BMF JK

    What to get next?

    Oh how enjoy very much spending someone else’s money !! Is there a budget in mind , ballpark? I’ve too been wanting a nice stainless 1911 with nice wood grips . Kinda drooling over the smith e series with or without a rail .
  37. BMF JK

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    You expect them to share an iPhone!? Pfff thats cruel dude .
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    Hello! From Saratoga County

    Welcome aboard Fred !
  39. BMF JK

    Virginia may very well be the virtual canary in the 2A coal mine

    This is getting interesting .
  40. BMF JK

    Upping the Ante in Old Dominion

    It’s promising to see counties Say FU to the state , exactly what some states say to the federal government. I agree with @libertysnake , I’d never want to see an actual a conflict between counties and state that results in blood shed . The key would be if the state police upheld their oaths...