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    FFL staying open in upper westchester area?

    Gunbroker's FFL search might be helpful - FFL SEARCH
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    Helped a friend value some guns and stuff today can you help me with some prices?

    The grease is Vietnam era, for the Garand and 1903. There's a gross of small vials in the box. They're selling on Ebay for a few dollars each on average. Past sales show $8 for 3, or $25 for 20. There's a guy offering the empty box for $10 but I don't see that any have sold. There's another guy...
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    Drinkthekoolaid ! Biden Freaks Out On Chrysler Worker Over 2A
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    You can take my Bump Stock but I'm keeping my Crank.

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    9mm Gatling Gun. And it takes Glock Mags.

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    TSA Finds Missile Launcher in Luggage

    Looks to be the Common Launch Tube by Systima Technologies as mounted on the MD969 attack helicopter - MD Helicopters Displays New Common Launcher at Army Confab
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    Ban lifted on gravity knives????

    Here's the signed bill: NY State Assembly Bill A5944
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    Anybody know their botany?

    Might be giant ragweed.
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    Read more:

    This looks to have been introduced in January of 2017. Hasn't made it to the floor yet, still in committee. Versions Introduced in Other Legislative Sessions: 2013-2014: S3853 2015-2016: S2683
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    Help with ID'ing these rounds

    Neither are Hydra-shocks. Hydra-shocks have a post in the center of the cavity and are head stamped by Federal. I think the first one is a Winchester-Western JHP. Guessing from around the 80's. The second looks to be Speer Gold Dots. The Speer is an 8 petal bullet in your picture, but the...
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    3 brothers arrested weapons charges after a traffic stop in Rochester !

    Presumtive possession. PL 265.15 (3). If the gun is not on one person, if it's just somewhere in the car, then all occupants in the car are considered in possession of it.
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    Gun store packed wrong ammo for m1 garands

    P25 is a German marking. It's probably 8mm Mauser.
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    Age limit for buying AR-15 assault rifle 'on the table': White House

    Federally, it's 18. That could be changed to 21, 25, etc...
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    Shooter reported, people reported shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland

    A rifle can be purchased and possessed at 18. What am I missing?
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    Shooter reported, people reported shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland

    If this photo from the now deleted cruz-makarov instagram page is his, it's likely an AR was used.
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    Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke The Law And Tried To Decide The Election - an Annotated Timeline

    I thought the 4 page article did a great of covering the timeline and making the necessary calls for justice. I guess that's not allowed though - the entire article has been deleted.
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    Political Picture thread.

    She's playing Candy Crush -
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    people have been arrested for possessing illegal "gravity knives"

    That's the first line of defense for sure. Be inconspicuous. Going to the big event near you with a big ol' Buck knife on your hip is only going to bring you attention. First, it's tactically stupid. Second, the Police are going to get "if you see something, say something" calls. They will be...
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    people have been arrested for possessing illegal "gravity knives"

    As usual, it's the lousy way the laws were written that get us into trouble. 265.15(4) provides the presumptive evidence of intent for almost any object if you "adapt' it for use primarily as a weapon. Adapt is a broad word. It doesn't necessarily mean modify. A piece of heavy chain under your...
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    Updated Standing of H.R. 38

    It did not pass. It's being voted on now. Those previous votes were on procedures. Edit: YEA's are at 219. It will pass.
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    DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November

    The messages Saturday night offered only HF frequencies to listen and check in. What's worse, is that they're all in 60 meters where most radios can't transmit. Maybe Sunday's noon time message will open things up. I'll post if it does.
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    DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November

    I haven't seen them posted anywhere. It appears you need to listen to the HF comms on Saturday night and Sunday morning to get the local frequencies and instructions.
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    NY Legal "SBR" or "AR Pistol" without having a Pistol Permit

    That's correct - absolute and total nonsense. I don't have to agree with it, but we are bound by their rules (like it or not). And they wouldn't know about it... unless they already know. That's my concern. I don't know if this is even possible, but if the stripped receiver is already "listed"...
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    NY Legal "SBR" or "AR Pistol" without having a Pistol Permit

    This is what I was thinking, and the reason I brought it up. It may be an FFL screw-up if the stripped lower is transferred as anything other than an Other, but it's ultimately something that would bite the weapon's owner in the ass if it was wrong. That said, if the manufacturer listed it with...
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    NY Legal "SBR" or "AR Pistol" without having a Pistol Permit

    If a person bought a stripped lower some time ago with the intention of using it for a Rifle (yet never did build it) but the ATF form lists that purchase of the receiver as a "rifle", would that pose a problem for using it to build (for the very first time) an Other? I don't know what the ATF...
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    Looming north korean threat

    "The US Air Force, in the face of rising tensions with North Korea, will deploy a dozen F-35A Lightning stealth fighters to Japan next month." US deploying dozen F-35A stealth fighters to Japan
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    Looming north korean threat

    "A third U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group entered the western Pacific, the Navy announced Wednesday..." 3 aircraft carrier strike groups in western Pacific ahead of Trump visit
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    Cuomo keeping $60,000+ in Harvey Weinstein donations

    Maggot... Cuomo to keep over $60,000 in campaign donations from Harvey Weinstein
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    Arbys venison burger coming soon

    From FOX news: "This year, the thick-cut deer meat, marinated in garlic and topped with a juniper-infused Cabernet steak sauce and crispy onions will be available in all states for a limited time. However, the juicy elk steak sandwich, drenched in a blackberry port steak sauce and loaded on a...
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    NRA Shits The Bed and Folds

    NRA opposes bump-stock ban: NRA balks at bipartisan plans to ban 'bump stock' devices
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    Active Shooter Mandalay Bay

    Imagine what a high-flow crop duster with 600 gallons of gasoline could have done...
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    Bill to ban bump stocks and binary triggers introduced

    Husk, here are some thoughts - This ban is blaming and penalizing innocent gun owners, yet again, for the actions of a single deranged person. These kinds of devices have been around for decades but were never used in a crime like this. There's no evidence to show they would be used again...
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    Active Shooter Mandalay Bay

    If anyone is interested in seeing the immediate aftermath - victims, first aid efforts, etc - here is a short video.
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    Active Shooter Mandalay Bay

    I think it was a Vista suite. This video shows the 2 bedroom suite. It doesn't wrap that far around the front of the building. It also shows the correct view of the concert area, but it's from the 8th floor. The Vista suite is shown here, with the wrong view. You can see the bedroom has a...
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    Sheepdog warrior range

    Looks good. Anyone know what the max shooting distance is?
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    Looming north korean threat

    Ya know, it would be unfortunate for Kim if someone got into his missile control software and made the missile land somewhere he did not want it to go...
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    Generator Open discussion

    Inverters need to be built for that purpose - they would have feedback circuits so they could sync with the opposing inverter. Rotary generators can be sync'd manually if you have frequency control (which is usually speed adjustment). You put a 240v lightbulb between the generators (120v from...
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    US Governor orders gun & ammo seizures!

    NRA threatens lawsuit after US Virgin Islands governor orders weapons seizure
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    Mossberg Shockwave

    The short barrel on the Shockwave offers a wider pellet spread. The birdshead mostly compensates for the short barrel to keep the OAL over 26". If you swapped it out for a pistol grip, the gun would be too short. I once had an opportunity to fire a short barrel NFA 12ga with both a cut off wood...
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    Thin Blue Line warning - ANTIFA

    I'm guessing those dopes looked up Vanguard and America on google and ended up with the Air Force's NCO Vanguard Award. Hence the AF symbol. The 6th flag (the green one) looks to be a Ferengi Alliance (Star Trek) flag. Kekistan is a fictional country invented by 4chan /pol. There is no...
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    Thin Blue Line warning - ANTIFA

    I assume most of the LEO's have heard of this on Police forums they belong to, but just in case anyone missed it I'm posting it here. ANTIFA has apparently decided that the Police and their supporters are the same enemy as White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right groups. LEO's and their family...
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    "It’s clear from what we have already learned that the Obama administration freely used our tax dollars for political purposes, including support of the Soros operation." Why is the State Department refusing to disclose Soros' involvement in Macedonia? "The Open Society Foundation has...
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    If You Could Help Reduce Gun Thefts by 70-Percent, Would You?

    Lock your doors... this way you have a stolen gun, and a broken window. Brilliant!
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    Historically significant calibers

    30-06. If one was allowed to have guns in NY, such a caliber might fit in a 1903 Springfield, a 1917 Enfield, an M1 Garand, a 1919a4 semi-auto, or a nearly limitless number of bolt action and semi-auto rifles made over the last 110+ years. Historical significance? Is that not enough, LOL? I'm...
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    DC Carry law requiring "good cause" is struck down 2-1

    DC Circuit Issues Permanent Injunction: 'Good Reason' for Concealed Carry Unconstitutional
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    Florida carry asks SCOTUS to rule on open carry outside the home

    Florida Carry Asks SCOTUS to Rule on Open Carry Outside the Home - Breitbart "According to the filing... the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms “does not guarantee a right openly to carry a firearm in public.” Norman is now asking SCOTUS to issue...
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    Eff the SAFE Act - can we still have these?

    NY is working on banning them... NY State Assembly Bill A2976
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    refilling a 1lb LPG bottle

    I've done this before. I never messed with the overflow valve on the 1lb bottles, as the pressure from the upside down 20lb tank was enough to fill the bottles about 3/4 of the way by itself. A big CAUTION - do this outside. I had many propane bottles leak after filling them, and there is no way...