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  1. Justin

    Clays ammo???

    Anyone know a good place online or in the southern Rochester area to get some clay target ammo? (I mainly shoot 12g 1oz #8) I was able to score about 25 flats from Target sport a couple months ago but my stock is dwindling fast!! Thanks
  2. Justin

    DONE Browning Gold Evolve Sporting

    I purchased new around 10 years ago and shot a few shoots with it. Sat in the safe until I recently started shooting sporting clays again. switched to an O/U so no longer need this one. Has 30in barrel, factory hard case and factory chokes Asking $650 OBO I haven't done a private sale since the...
  3. Justin

    DONE WTB: M1 Garand

    Looking for an M1 Garand.... don't need anything fancy just looking for a shooter. I'm located in Livingston county but willing to travel out buffalo or syracuse way. Thanks
  4. Justin

    Target sport USA charging tax?!

    Ordered some ammo tuesday... no tax. went to order some more tonight and now they are charging tax FUAC!!!!
  5. Justin

    03 ffl C&R question

    So i'm interested in buying a Garand on gunbroker from an out of state person and asked if he had any issue with shipping to a 03 C&R FFL. He called the NYSAFE act hotline and was told that NYS does not recognize C&R 03 FFLs and would need to ship to an 01 FFL to do the transfer. Any one run...
  6. Justin

    Steel Targets

    Where is everyone buying their steel from? I just got a silhouette and stand from ar500targetsolutions and am pretty pleased with it so far. Looking to add some pieces
  7. Justin

    FFLs in Livingston/southern Monroe/Ontario county

    Has been a while since i've needed a transfer and the places I usually use are no longer around. Looking for for places around Livingston County area.... Thanks