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  1. turbobike

    ALERT!! Ordered Closed by NY State....Firing Pin, in Bergen

    TinFoil Hat Time......are state government projection-models calling for "civil unrest" in our near future? Shuttering of Gun stores and FFL's a precautionary measure to reduce possible violence? . ..hhmmm
  2. turbobike

    ALERT!! Ordered Closed by NY State....Firing Pin, in Bergen

    Just posted by Brandon, know 50 BMG guy from Virginia...
  3. turbobike

    Gov. Cuomo to sign executive order to take ventilators from upstate hospitals

    Pretty simple really...down state = Democrat voters....upstate = mostly not Dem voters....Heathcare rationing is beginning...and we ain't on the list!
  4. turbobike this our Pearl Harbor?

    Possible BioTerror from China...oh boy.
  5. turbobike

    Counties That Issue Unrestricted Permit?

    Livingston county is Unrestricted
  6. turbobike

    Defensive posture changed?

    Nobody, as of yet. Early in February, early morning AM, my motion detector flood lights lite up, also sends me an email notification. I’m just reading, grab nightstand 1911, look out window and see some running up my driveway, towards the road and jump in car and race off... I grab my AR and do...
  7. turbobike

    Defensive posture changed?

    DEFCON 3....Sadly, I live on the main exit route that the urban rats would use if the riots started. I’m a half mile from NYS Thruway, we’ve been dealing with desperate people stopping for “help” for years. Isn’t the first time I’ve had to persuade the rats to get off my property....
  8. turbobike

    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    More "President Cuomo" grandstanding for the POTUS nomination...
  9. turbobike

    DONE AR 15 Parts

    I take a carry handle...
  10. turbobike

    ..."Show me your Permit"!!...buying ammo

    Runnings Brockport..2 box limit....Clerk wouldn't even open the ammo case, till I show'd him my CC permit.... Off course, being the asshole I am... I said "it's for a 9mm rifle". He said "doesn't matter"... I said "I bought it here...Chiappa M1-9mm rifle.".... "No Permit..No 9mm Ammo" sigh...
  11. turbobike

    What crazy gun control / confiscation rumors have you heard?

    You can't be that naive, but I'll play along... a new york state pistol permit IS, I repeat IS a privilege that the local county government (judge) grants its county residents, after a lengthily dog and pony show of letters and finger prints and background checks, you MAY be issued the Privilege...
  12. turbobike

    What crazy gun control / confiscation rumors have you heard?

    They might not come door to door, but they can recall all NYS CC permits and you will be required to turn all registered pistols to the "authorities". Non-compliance makes you automatic criminal, and targeted during the Emergency...happened before in other countries, look no further than modern...
  13. turbobike

    LEO's question (domestic violence increases?)

    CC everywhere I go and a BUG...
  14. turbobike

    Gun Rights Under the Stafford Emergency Act (Trump enacted)

    Just for your viewing pleasure....
  15. turbobike

    Do you need a new gun? You may have some extra cash soon.

    Teachers (tenured) and administrators are only a portion of the education system getting paid. I'm a "contract teacher" we work for short periods of time in different schools within the school district, all of us basically hourly workers, so are not getting paid as the schools are shut down...
  16. turbobike

    Ruger American Ranch 7.62x39

    Hodgdon reloading site has a max of 29.7gr of CFE-BLK, 40,000psi for the 125gr. But I’m using 31.5 slightly compressed. Remember 7.62x39 is loaded max, 40,000psi, for semi. BUT Saami max pressure for 7.62x39 is 51,488psi, Quickload software calculates a pressure of 46,000psi for the 31.5gr of...
  17. turbobike

    Ruger American Ranch 7.62x39

    After much experiment with the 7.62x39 in my CZ527, The best accuracy is with +P full load of CFE-BLK (for Bolt action not whimpy semi's) Hornady 123 SST bullet and right behind that is a full-load of CFE-BLK and the .311 Speer 150gr SP....sub MOA seeing over 2600fps with the 123gr
  18. turbobike

    Mini 14 inaccuracy

    best case 3-4 MOA
  19. turbobike

    Great NRA Video

    Lets hire Jerry WAYNE and fire the other WAYNE...Wanye Lapierre!!
  20. turbobike

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Didn't need a RB 454, BUT, it was on clearance for $399 at local Runnings...couldn't pass it up. For fun, I loaded a full load of Hodgens Longshot in a 454 case, 240gr HTP....Longshot powder should be called LOUDSHOT. I touched a couple of those babies off at my local indoor range, the range...
  21. turbobike

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Raging Bull 454 and 1858 44 Cal "Target"
  22. turbobike

    Howdy from Brockport

    Checkout Brockport Conservation Club, Monday night open Trap.... Bunch of great people...
  23. turbobike

    Good Samaritan uses concealed weapon to stop attack in Franklin County

    Sadly, here in NYistan, I would probably call LE, and wait till they showed up. If we intervened as a CC, we would probably go to jail for pointing a weapon at the guy....
  24. turbobike

    Gun-Rights Activists Look to Supreme Court to Take Up AR-15 Bans, Confiscation Bills

    I feel Alan Gottlieb is wrong, there is no way the SC will side with the 2nd. Especially after over 100 years of gun control precedent. Look no farther than the 1911 NY Sullivan Act....109 years and it sill hasn't made it to the court. You can "hide your head in the sand", and pray the...
  25. turbobike

    Guy in the lane next to me tonight shooting 10mm.

    Thats why i usually carry my 454 Casull loaded with a full charge of Hogdons Longshot, man are they loud and the concussion will almost knock you down, that usually gets their
  26. turbobike

    450 bushmaster problems

    I’m near Rochester, wanna try swapping parts from my 450BM to see what the problem is?
  27. turbobike

    450 bushmaster problems

    Pull the upper apart and see if you can hand cycle the bolt in and out the of the breach also check ring seals are not damaged on bolt
  28. turbobike

    DONE TulAmmo 7.62x39mm

    Anywhere near Rochester? If you are I'll take it...
  29. turbobike

    NFL bans pro 2A ad but Approves Michael Bloomberg's Super Bowl Gun Control Ad

    When was the last super Wealthy person to come out in support of the US Constitution....let-alone the 2nd A. Last was probably Charlton Heston...all of Silicon Valley are anti-constitutionists. It seems only the dwindling working class supports anything that resembles what our forefathers created.
  30. turbobike

    Buds not shipping semi-auto handguns to New York

    The continual errosion of freedoms that we peasants in New York are unworthy of....there's reason its called The Empire State....did the British ever leave?
  31. turbobike

    Pistol ranges that rent handguns in NY state?

    I know it’s not near you, but Firing Pin in Bergen, NY has a hundred or so pistols you can demo, plus you can shoot free-state AR’s and AK’s with all the evil features...
  32. turbobike

    SOLVED: .458 SOCOM upper not cycling

    I’m glad you solved it! May I recommend dedicated C-Products 458 mags, and your upper may be happier with a minor buffing of the feed ramp...YMMV
  33. turbobike

    SOLVED: .458 SOCOM upper not cycling

    My 458 did the same thing, it needed the gas port drilled to .102”...simple drill bit and I enlarged it cycles and drops spent cases 6-8ft in a nice pile...
  34. turbobike

    Democrat Bill Mandates Licensing of All Virginia AR-15 Owners

    Lets share the Love of un-SafeAct with the rest of the Country...I know the odds are extreme, BUT, just maybe the Fudds will wakeup in the last remaining free parts of America....but Fudds being Fudds.....
  35. turbobike

    first pc carbine

    Another alternative (and actually my favorite) The early models had issues, but my new version has been rock solid, they do have a break in period of 150-200 rounds..Firing Pin in Bergen, has a demo and has had thousands of rounds with no problems...street price $400ish...
  36. turbobike

    first pc carbine

    As an alternative to Ruger, check out Just Right Carbine Take-down Glock mag model in 9mm..mine has ben flawless...
  37. turbobike

    New York Jailbreak Law / Bail Reform/ Articles/Stories and Discussions(multi-merged thread)

    Playing “Devils Advocate”....isn’t on the main tenants of our Constitution....we do have a grossly over populated prison system.
  38. turbobike

    Buffalo Blizzard of 77

    ‘77..I had a SkiDoo 340...stuck, f’n helpless, it wouldn’t even move through that light powderpuff snow, my old man laughed about that for days...damn I was
  39. turbobike

    Thoughts on .350 Legend

    Waiting for a 10.5” pistol upper to be produced...;)
  40. turbobike

    .450 BM wont cycle.

    Same problem with my 16” 450BM...finally 0.088” cured it...
  41. turbobike

    2019-2020 Hunting Photos

    10 Miles from my house :(...dressed out 244lbs...
  42. turbobike

    NASCAR Begins To Inject Left-Wing Politics Into Racing

    NASCAR is going to be sold, purely $$$$ driven, gotta keep it sanitary for the LIB investors....NASCAR has been dead for years, as with most racing, they killed off the factory competition with the shit ”car-of-the-future” crap...then shit on the red neck contingent that supported them, with all...
  43. turbobike

    Woman, 65, Tased following short pursuit after refusing to sign ticket

    Typical arrogant old feminist hag, I have to deal them also...always thinking they are a special category....he should have drained the battery dead on the Taser till she complied fully!
  44. turbobike

    Reid is getting upset...

    Not to laugh, but he's really late to the party. The destruction of our liberty began well over 100 years ago, 1913 income taxes, property seizures for failure to pay taxes, driver licenses in 1908, marriage licenses, hunting license on your own property, 1911 Sullivan Act, 1934 NFA, 1950's NY...
  45. turbobike

    Reloading Supplies Rochester Area ???

    Batavia Marine and Sporting. 585-343-4131
  46. turbobike

    yardage? (for hunting with a handgun with iron sights)

    75yd with 357 MAG 180gr BuffaloBore heavy load...with shooting stick to rest gun on..
  47. turbobike

    Rabid Raccoon... F’n 2nd one this summer!

    The first one was tested and came back positive, So I am assuming this one is also, you only have a very very short window to test the brain, as the virus dies extremely fast after host death.
  48. turbobike

    Rabid Raccoon... F’n 2nd one this summer!

    Tonight, Letting the puppy out tonight, rabid raccoon charges me and I close door in it’s face. Puppy is at end of 100ft run barking his head off. Raccoon drunkenly wanders off deck, and puppy comes running into house. I grab my 380 and can’t get safe shot... Last month, 8:00pm, another Raccoon...
  49. turbobike

    Family of Las Vegas mas shooting victim sues gun makers

    I did! no more government a 496hp turbo...8.29et at 180.5mph..:)