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  1. Cavalry

    Are Handgun Holsters that allow firing while IN the Holster illegal under ATF regulations ?

    $6 in the 50's, I cant imagine they sold many? Thats close to $60 after inflation.
  2. Cavalry

    24hr QT for 3 weeks for San Fran

    And how many of the seasonal flu deaths and severe sickness were actually covid19 because it was never tested for?
  3. Cavalry

    Courts Reject Trump Administration's Effort To Allow Release Of 3D-Printed “Ghost Gun” Files

    I dont get it. 2 mins after they were released they were out there and freely available, and have been updated and expanded on since. They locked out one site, not the hundreds if not thousands of other places to obtain. I can download something stupid like 60gb of files right now. Not...
  4. Cavalry

    Arfcommers think LEO should not be exempt from gun laws..

    Send it to the NY FFL, let them figure it out.
  5. Cavalry

    A-9903/S-7763, Enacts the Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act

    So I'm a bit confused. 16 year old Jose "Spillz" Webster (I'm sure Spillz is just a friendly nickname not a gang thing) is shot 15 times by two known gang-bangers (I'm sure just a misunderstanding) 10 years ago in the Bronx . This has what to do with guns that are constructed legally at a...
  6. Cavalry

    The end of ownership in NY (S7065 and S1412 Bills)

    Yawn. You guys are getting all excited over something that is even too draconian for this cursed state. That POS parker puts in crazy shit every session hoping that it will be the right time, this time. It will die in committee like the rest of his crap. I would however be perfectly fine...
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    Its been a while since I popped off a stinger, but I dont recall a way to shoot it unarmed. Find your target, uncage until you get tone, fire. Its completely Ronco after you fire.
  8. Cavalry

    Flashen....the 90,000 lumen flashlight that can start a fire.

    I love the "testimonials". Craptacular translated Engrish, supposedly from white people with American names, well except where they put consonants in random locations.
  9. Cavalry

    ATF Definitions - AR-15 lower is NOT a gun

    "Firearm frame or receiver. That part of a firearm which provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to re-ceive the barrel. " The whole stink was a (AR) lower by itself is not a firearm as...
  10. Cavalry

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Both FUBAR and SNAFU were WWII in origin List of military slang terms - Wikipedia In my experience, soup sandwich was universally utilized as "fucked up like a soup sandwich" typically referring to a person but on occasion a situation
  11. Cavalry

    Cuomo saves the day! "Helps save" passenger from vehicle.

    It would be nice if they had another angle of his Suburban. As of last year the king still had illegal window tint, just wondering if his goons had gotten around to scraping it off yet.
  12. Cavalry

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Yes, except FUBAR while not unheard of being used is more akin to WWII lingo
  13. Cavalry

    Herr Cuomo Kicks Off New Year with New Ban On All Gun Parts

    The feds recently went though the whole debacle of the serialized part with AR's. Seems that a lower is not a receiver federally. Is there a bill that goes along with this propaganda? I'm curios if they wrote in any penalties for possession, what "major components" are and how exactly they...
  14. Cavalry

    Pistol Recert Question

    Correct. One can check their status online and that is it. I took a screen shot of my permit status and saved it to my phone along with a calendar reminder of the next due date. My money is that NY will not be sending out renewal reminders next time in an effort to jam up as many PP...
  15. Cavalry

    New Gun Control Bill Encourages Financial Institutions to Report 'Suspicious' Firearm Transactions

    And they are going to get this info how? If someone buys $2500 worth of stuff at Dick's, is it a rifle and cases of ammo or a kayak? So, they want flagged businesses? Business A-good, Business B-bad because they only sell "bad" things.
  16. Cavalry


    I refuse to potentially offer my information to some database willingly. A q-tip with acetone makes the barcode unreadable in seconds.
  17. Cavalry

    357 Lever gun. Marlin or Rossi ? Anyone have experience?

    This. I have a 92 big loop and it needed a spring kit right out the box. I slicked it a bit, between the two make quite the differance. Accuracy and reliability are not issues at all, they just need some fit and finish. Mine was so bad the loading gate would bite me if I wasn't careful...
  18. Cavalry

    Man wearing swastika cap

    Both left and right facing are ancient symbols, Buddhist and Hindu among others.
  19. Cavalry

    Dem Senators to Supreme Court: Rule our way on 2nd Amendment case, or face possible restructuring

    She was spotted in Aug at Suny Buffalo
  20. Cavalry

    Cuomo launches “red flag” law education program

    All I know is the chick on the left makes me want to watch the news
  21. Cavalry

    Texas fisherman reels in semi-automatic rifle on lake

    They are now reporting it is a Galil ACE
  22. Cavalry

    Term limits should really double check health care benefits for congress. Not saying they are not generous benefits looking at the country as a whole, but far from free and not lifetime. The benefits are probably on par with most federal/state or large union employees.
  23. Cavalry

    200 House Democrats Sign On to Assault Weapons Ban Bill of 2019

    (H)All of the following rifles, copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof: (ii)All AR types, including the following: (XXXVII)SKS with a detachable magazine I learned something today, A SKS with a detachable magazine is a AR type rifle...
  24. Cavalry

    Dozens line up for Newburgh municipal IDs on first day

    Where exactly is this valid and what can it be used for? Reminds me of the "Sheriff ID's" back in the day, absolutely worthless. *edit* I tried to look up what this is good for exactly, and was directed to this common council meeting. Good thing its bilingual. Christ, its almost as...
  25. Cavalry

    Tannerite bill A-4452/S-1456

    The way I read this is its licensing to sell, not regulating use other than selling only to adults.
  26. Cavalry

    Armed Utah teachers practice responding to school shootings

    If its her first time shooting I must ask, if one hit was the "bad guys" forehead, where exactly did the other two land?
  27. Cavalry

    The Atlantic: The Boomers Ruined Everything

    I agree with where you are coming from, but boomers ended in the mid 60's. They would likely be staying with their Gen X and early Gen Y parents.
  28. Cavalry

    Bernie wants to cancel 1.6 trillion dollar student debt

    Here's a concept. Pick a degree that is actually useful and a career path will pay off your calculated education debt.
  29. Cavalry

    Mandatory storage exemption passes legislature

    Lol, yeah I dont get many visitors. 500m range out back, but the bugs are much more tame on the front porch!
  30. Cavalry

    Mandatory storage exemption passes legislature

    So where is the definition of "shooting range"? I have steel set up at 50 and 150m from my front door. Sounds like my house would qualify as a shooting range.
  31. Cavalry

    Gunman shot after opening fire on federal courthouse in downtown Dallas

    The Marshal in business casual with a tac vest and kevlar cracks me up.
  32. Cavalry

    smash and grab gun store break near DC

    Say they have 200 guns on hand, which is s pretty modest gun store, it would have to be a huge safe. Imagine the amount of time it would take to empty shelves every night and set up in the morning not to mention the inevitable wear,tear and damage from handling/moving new guns that many times.
  33. Cavalry

    Alabama lawmakers pass bill requiring chemical castration of child molesters

    While I am certainly no fan of convicted molesters by any means, I dont really like this concept. If a person is too much of a risk to be reintroduced back to the population then why are they being released? A part of me sees it as if one has paid for the crime and are released, why do they...
  34. Cavalry

    Looks like no 3D printed guns in nys.

    Its getting there. There are many successful AR lower models out there and a couple pistols. The more the media pokes at this, the more attention it receives and the more people want to try it out.
  35. Cavalry

    Looks like no 3D printed guns in nys.

    This does nothing to prohibit 3d printed guns, it is solely for "undetectable" guns (which are already regulated on a federal level). To be in compliance, Print around a 3.7oz piece of stainless steel thats a wireframe so it resembles the weapon shape. A solid block of SS could also be used if...
  36. Cavalry


    Um no. Once its past the "80%" point it already is already regulated under federal law that it would need to be marked with the makers info to transfer and generally would need to go through a FFL to ship across state lines.
  37. Cavalry

    A-663/S-5801, animal cruelty provisions

    Yep. 6. a. "Wildlife" means wild game and all other animal life existing in a wild state, except fish, shellfish and crustacea.
  38. Cavalry

    New York Wants To Force All Gun Owners To Buy A Million Dollar Liability Policy

    A "firearm" in NY is a pistol or revolver (or a SBR/SBS, which are illegal anyway) So, this is aimed at pistol owners only, which they conveniently have an updated list of.
  39. Cavalry

    Safest non safe act place?

    Fulton County although a depressed shithole is pretty easy going with guns. Pistol permits are some of the easiest to get in the state. I believe something like 1/3 of the population has a permit, unrestricted is equally not difficult to obtain. Last Saturday one of my neighbors was doing 30...
  40. Cavalry

    Fur ban proposal in New York City has the industry shaking

    So fur is different from leather how exactly?
  41. Cavalry

    How to destroy America in just 8 steps

    Oh, how things have followed course since 2004
  42. Cavalry

    Two Concealed Carriers Meet Armed Robber, But They’re Unarmed On Vacation

    My first thought. Kid should have kicked a field goal, Homeslice would have gone down like a sack of shit.
  43. Cavalry

    Precision AR-15 CAD Files for 3D Printing Released Via Twitter In Defiance Of New Jersey Threats

    "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." Anyone with a copy here care to put it on a file sharing platform?
  44. Cavalry

    Iranian Lawyer Who Campaigned Against Hijabs Sentenced to 33 Years in Jail and 150 Lashings...

    Check out some videos of Saudi lashings, its pretty tame actually. I'm sure it hurts like a MF for a couple days after. The are nice enough to break it up to 50 a week lol
  45. Cavalry

    Trump Endorses Making Daylight Savings Permeant!

    I am up before dawn and go to bed after dusk, There is no benefit.
  46. Cavalry

    County moved to scrap 102-year-old heirloom gun

    A news article regarding the pistol amnesty process Police encourage gun-amnesty program
  47. Cavalry

    County moved to scrap 102-year-old heirloom gun

    When I have done it, the pistol got shipped off to the SP to check it with a real basic state form to accompany. I'd assume they verify its not stolen, lost etc. I remember it taking about a week to get back.
  48. Cavalry

    County moved to scrap 102-year-old heirloom gun

    Its still horseshit from the county, they can but just don't want to. I claimed amnesty on pistol illegally brought to NY from another state and another from a long deceased permit holder than was no relation to me.
  49. Cavalry

    Lawmakers Approve Bill Requiring Locked Storage for Guns

    They were nice enough to provide an exclusion if the child has a valid hunting license. How is this not in contradiction of Heller?