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    Maryland SWAT Team Serving Red Flag Warrant Shoot, Kill 21-Year-Old Man Asleep In His Bed

    Is that still your stance when it's a red-flag warrant that was obtained through the use of falsified accusations by an aggrieved third party, as in an ex-wife or other person with an axe to grind against the accused? Regardless, you just deserve what you get? Wow, just wow.
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    Family court judge "holds a hearing" at man's house

    This can't possibly be legal.
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    Black Rifles screwed it all up.

    Fudd, troll, or both? You decide.
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    Which one of you guys owns a liquor store. Red flag law (merged thread)

    Really, really bad idea to let your emotions show when terminating a bad employee.
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    Pelosi calls for investigation into Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

    He can. Of course there will be calls from Dems to investigate that as well. In truth, the Dems will call absolutely anything Trump says or does an impeachable offense. It’s all they have.
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    Sheriff says he can’t support Second Amendment sanctuary

    Then the voters of St Lawrence County should not support this sheriff come next election.
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    New Bill A1724 - Can Only Buy 20 Rounds Every 120 Days.

    So what about your mini 14? It’s not an “assault weapon” per NY. Another bill written by people who don’t know anything about firearms.
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    Mission Accomplished – Chaos in Iowa Caucuses Helps and Hurts All The Right Candidates…

    Who would be suicidal enough to want Hillary as VP?
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    The FUDD Mindset...

    FUDDs simply do not understand what 2A is all about. It isn't, and was never about, hunting. Agree that these fellows are not our friends, and in many cases vote against their own interests. They won't get it until their deer rifle becomes a "sniper rifle" and is banned.
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    S-2361A Reported

    Awesome. Thought crime is now a thing.
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    Remington v3 TAC-13

    You can buy 3 TAC-14s for that price. Dont get me wrong, it looks like fun, but way too much $.
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    Gun Group Warns State Lawmakers Considering 5-Round Mag Limit

    Judge Scratchy felt the 7 round limit was "arbitrary".
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    Should I get a Shockwave?

    I second that. The .410 Shockwave is a ton of fun. Squirrels beware!
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    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    Roberts is a coward. His greatest fear is setting major legal precedent and being called partisan by anyone.
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    A question for all you deplorable NY redneck, hayseeds. You know who you are.

    Truth. PBR has been adopted by the hipsters. I call cultural appropriation!
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    Everytown Spent Record $2.5 Million to Flip Virginia Red to Blue

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Dems will over-reach as they usually do and lose power once again. Unfortunately its a lot of work to get the damage they will do undone.
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    Pelosi, Schumer Write to President Trump Urging Him to Call for Senate Passage of House Background Check Legislation

    Because they convince themselves that it's not a human child until birth.
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    Stop showing your receipt

    You don't own the store, Walmart does. While you are on their premises they have every right to ask to see your receipt.
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    Ruger PC9 released with adjustable stock, pistol grip.

    Nice. Too bad we can't have it in New Yorkistan. I'll have to be content with my standard PC9 buttstock. Great little carbine.
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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rules for Impeachment – 116th Congress

    Not in the Constitution, therefore a power not granted.
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    President Trump Is Stacking The 9th Circuit

    Trumps court appointments are probably going to be his strongest legacy. And they can’t be undone by a future Democrat.
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    Chuck Schumer Says He Doesn’t Know Any Democrats Who Support Beto’s Gun Grab

    Chuck doesn’t know Diane Feinstein?
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    Schumer and Gillibrand want universal background checks or nothing at all

    Individuals didn’t, but as a body politic we did. If every gun owner had turned out to vote against Cuomo, he be gone.
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    Best Moments From The Lewandowski Hearing

    Go back to your safe space, snowflake. You have made it very clear that you don't belong here.
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    Schumer and Gillibrand want universal background checks or nothing at all

    You mean like it did here in NY? A couple of rallies and we tapped out. And re-elected Cuomo twice.
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    RES 1044 introduced today

    No kidding. We follow the BS law they wrote, and they still don’t like it.
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    RES 1044 introduced today

    I didn’t “modify” my ARs. I built them to be compliant from the get go. Not sure how you make it illegal to build a compliant firearm.
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    High cap mag ban passes house committee

    Of course it did. It’ll pass the full House as well. The only question is if the Senate will vote on it or not.
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    New Bill Would Require Gun Owners to get 5 year Federal Licence

    Apparently Booker does not understand the difference between a state-granted privilege and a Constitutional right.
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    California classifies gig workers as employees. NYS next?

    I don’t see the gig economy as a good thing for workers in the long run. Just another way for companies to cheap out on labor.
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    Police: Family worried after finding military weapons in elderly couple's Montgomery County home

    I hope the family member that caused this is out of the will.
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    RBG in the hospital again.

    I won’t wish her ill, but she’s obviously in poor health of late, that’s broken ribs and 2 cancer issues in about 9 months. At her age she ought to give it up and enjoy whatever time she has left.
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    Ithaca Mayor joins #localgovs4gunsafety

    But doing nothing about the opioid problems in his city.
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    Jacobson introduces bill to ban bulletproof vests

    Yep, that’s sure to deter those darned criminals.
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    Gillibrand suggests support for mandatory buyback of assault weapons

    That’s an insult to a bag of hammers.
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    Seeing a trend yet?

    Thanks for your input, Mr. Fudd. All you left out was “I support 2A, But,,,,”
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    Kirsten Gillibrand slams the NRA and Federalist Society in Supreme Court filing and warns the court

    I’m going to guess that the Justices really don’t like being lectured to and threatened by politicians. Hope this backfires bigly.
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    M16 being auctioned off

    What you are really paying for is legality. I agree the prices are nuts, but it’s supply and demand.
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    I'm Not Panicking!

    I have no reason to panic. I am well prepared.
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    Shooter injures at least 18 at Walmart in El Paso - 08/03/19

    If this isn’t some kind of a joke, you probably need to find a new message board.
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    Judge: 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect Semiautomatic ‘Killing Machines’

    Umm aren’t all firearms definable as “killing machines”?
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    New York Judge Issues Red Flag-Style Gun Confiscation a Full Month Before the Law Takes Effect

    And that is why I will not get a pistol permit. Not only is the process invasive and arbitrary, if you lose your permit for some reason you lose ALL your firearms. No thanks.
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    Do folks frown on buying online?

    I bought my PC carbine the same way last month. Very smooth, and my local guy seemed pleased. I also bought a few boxes of ammo when I picked it up.
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    Do folks frown on buying online?

    Give them a shot. Tell them what you want, and what you can get it for online. If they can’t be competitive, oh well. You’ll find many online sellers have a list of FFLs that work with them. There will be some near you to do the transfer.
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    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed the Farm Workers Bill,

    A bill written and passed by people who have never set foot on a farm except to have a photo op.
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    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dead at 99

    We will be reading no more anti-2A opinions from this man. That's a good thing.
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    Cuomo showing his inner Emperor Palpatine
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    New ruger pc9/40

    Nice, but not for NY. You'll have an evil assault weapon. A $300 stock for a $500 carbine may not make a lot of sense either.