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  1. Acer-m14

    2AWNY: Repeal NYS DOT Concealed Carry Ban

    for one its not the states property .. its the people of NY property .. if you want to say its the states .. then stop using our taxes to fund it ..
  2. Acer-m14

    The verdict Is In: Lawsuit Against AR-15 Manufactures

    so why cant the the defendant make a new case and sue them for BS and lost of $$$ of this .. is not the defendant the Ar maker WTF
  3. Acer-m14

    F/S Hornady LNL AP Ammo Plant + tons of extras. Setup for 9mm

    if he i selling this i would like to know what did he buy to replace it LOL .. if this state gets that database .. all we will have is reloading .. shhhhhhhhh
  4. Acer-m14

    Why Gun Confiscation Really Wouldn’t Work In The U.S.

    and they want the LEO to come and take them .. not them ...
  5. Acer-m14

    NYGF New Site

    @NYGuns @HEX any fix for the selecting text to change color .. now its limited to few choices unless you know Hex Color codes ...
  6. Acer-m14

    You can take my Bump Stock but I'm keeping my Crank.

    So is Meth and seems we have a bunch of it ..
  7. Acer-m14

    You can take my Bump Stock but I'm keeping my Crank.

    there goes my trigger finger and a lot of other shooters finger . .. and files .. stones .. lubes .. ect on doing that trigger job ..
  8. Acer-m14

    Help Finding Reloading Supplies in Hudson Valley

    here is another place .. i follow them on FB .. closed group .. invite only .. .. super fast shipping from all the posts i see .. what they will ship to NY/NYC do not know ..
  9. Acer-m14

    Help Finding Reloading Supplies in Hudson Valley

    i just seen his post on FB two or so days ago .. its a freaking candy store i commented .. LOL ..
  10. Acer-m14

    Break up NY Meeting 10/29/2019

    I think we would need a Electoral College in NYS first to balance out NYC .. then would we could have a chance
  11. Acer-m14

    SOLD 5D Pro Jig Package

    Well if @fnfalguy won't ship to Thailand ; sure as hell won't ship within NY .. LOL ..
  12. Acer-m14

    NICS Checks Reveal Americans’ Changing Gun Purchasing Preferences

    Thought the NICS was only for SALES .. hope someone is gunna in be hot water now .. but wont hold my breath ..
  13. Acer-m14

    Pinning an AR-15 A2 rear sight

    not sure if this will help .. but also check or post on arf arf ( dog bark sound ) .com .. LOL .. AR-15 Community
  14. Acer-m14

    Cant change screen colors bsck

    i'm 54 with reading glasses and have the dark background , white text .. works the best for me .. guess i'm on the dark side .. LOL .. but the font size is bigger so the text looks huge now .. ..
  15. Acer-m14

    FUAC Signs Bill Ending "Loophole" For Those With Presidential Pardons

    shit are they still at home or in jail yet .. totally forgot about them .. like it was swep under the rug ..
  16. Acer-m14

    FUAC Signs Bill Ending "Loophole" For Those With Presidential Pardons

    and what is coming Jan 1 .. no bail BS he just passed.
  17. Acer-m14

    SCOTUS Relists NJ Cheeseman Carry Case

    In the Heller decision, it is not noted that you have the right to self defense .. to bad that lady from NJ can't make her case too .. Carol Bowne ..
  18. Acer-m14

    Here's where the 2020 Democrats stand on gun control

    have to give the CNN girl a high 5 on this one .. 2:05 mark
  19. Acer-m14

    Woman shot in her Texas home

    the answer is yes .. they get a paycheck just like a auto mechanic does and the mechanic buy his tools and learns how to use them effectively and correctly ..
  20. Acer-m14

    Hesco Zombie Invitational.

    nice first shot with the tomahawk .. right in the ladyboy zombie junk .. LMAO ..
  21. Acer-m14

    Covill runs for re-election on her record

    “I am running for re-election to continue the work I have started, and to ensure that the people of Legislative District 2 have the voice they need from a well-qualified, experienced legislator. Since starting my first term as a County Legislator in 2018, I voted for critical legislation to...
  22. Acer-m14

    Judge Dolan’s position statement

    Elect Judge Dolan Sullivan County Judge People v. Gabriel: Jack Danchak came into my office 10 years ago and asked me to defend a member of the Federation of Sportsmen of Sullivan County who was wrongfully convicted of feeding deer under a DEC regulation that allowed them to basically prosecute...
  23. Acer-m14

    Judge Dolan’s position statement

    "“I swore to uphold the Constitution which includes the first and second amendments. So, if you meet the legal requirements you are entitled to the permit " from her FB post .. wounder what she has to say about the others .. .. red flags .. voting .. so where in the 2nd says i need a...
  24. Acer-m14

    The FBI Agent Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Waco

    i remember this going down .. always wondered why not just wait them out .. turn off the elect and water if they could and sit back .. why be in such a hurry .. your getting paid just sitting there waiting .. ahh post #3
  25. Acer-m14

    surprise, surprise, Pelosi ----> NO VOTE ON IMPEACHMENT

    well .. Cali Banned straws LOL ..
  26. Acer-m14

    must be nice to be young (16) and get a pistol ... FUAC ..

    what will go wrong .. she will out shoot you on the range any givin day or night .. and you would loose .. #2 she know more about guns then you do ..
  27. Acer-m14

    Feds Dropping Weapons Charges To Keep Regulations On The Books

    he should have injected .. guess how many factory made guns do not have serial numbers and was sold at the hardware store .. they all can kill too .. .. was it all made pre 68 or something .. havin a brain fart and don't feel like searching ..
  28. Acer-m14

    Nebraska man arrested for felony charges of possessing a loaded hand gun in a vehicle.

    what a bunch of lying thugs .. hand guns banned in NY .. BS you can travel thru ..
  29. Acer-m14

    Woman shot in her Texas home

    still they were called .. but yeah .. he was a dumb ass .. open house door .. check on my neighbor call .. hello anyone here its the police .. knock knock .. .. WTF didn't the neighbor go and check .. to fking lazy ..
  30. Acer-m14

    Woman shot in her Texas home

    "A Fort Worth, Texas, police officer called to check on a residence" so the call was direct to the officer ?? .. from TYM vid it was a call from a neighbor .. .. neighbor had the cop cell on speed dial .. ??
  31. Acer-m14

    My Steuben County CCW interview is tomorrow!

    omg .. well new option .. give to friend .. get same color paper .. cut to same size .. put in pants pocket and toss in washing machine then dryer .. take back the little ball of washed n dried paper .. sorry .. it went thru the wash .. LMAO ..
  32. Acer-m14

    Feds Dropping Weapons Charges To Keep Regulations On The Books

    ahhhh so the AR series are actually Sammies ( Sandwiches ) .. ;)
  33. Acer-m14

    My Steuben County CCW interview is tomorrow!

    Congrats .. but that was not nice returning the other ticket .. give to a friend LOL ..
  34. Acer-m14

    Monster fish caught on camera busting out of Hudson River

    i wouldn't eat anything from the hudson .. so fishing there is a waist of a good day . .. its FUAC land .. how many ummm bodies rotted there LOL ..
  35. Acer-m14

    Bump stock ban's flop a bad omen for Democrats' gun buyback plan

    have they made a law .. i mean regulation yet on how fast it has to shoot to be a machine gun .. i think Jerry Miculek .. LOL ..
  36. Acer-m14

    Dem Senators to Supreme Court: Rule our way on 2nd Amendment case, or face possible restructuring

    google .. current picture of ruth bader ginsburg .. images jan 11 .. no year .. #1 .. LOL .. current picture of ruth bader ginsburg - Google Search:
  37. Acer-m14

    2nd amendment November 2 (DC Rally)

    Armed or NOT .. that is the #1 answer .. cardboard AR was not good in NY .. even messing up the lawn was bad .. Grass life Matters ..
  38. Acer-m14

    Cool video? Or something gone haywire???

    Donald Trump Wick's .. were all getting jail time now LOL ..
  39. Acer-m14

    Ex-NYPD Cops Get Probation For On-Duty Sex With Teen In Custody

    how would this play out if she was a 18 yr old girl in High School and two male teachers in there 30's had sex with her to give her better grades .. bribe bet they be locked up for life .. "This incident led to a change in New York law, closing a loophole that allowed officers to claim...
  40. Acer-m14

    Ex-NYPD Cops Get Probation For On-Duty Sex With Teen In Custody

    never seen a blip of this in the News ..
  41. Acer-m14

    My Steuben County CCW interview is tomorrow!

    I just read all this .. never seen a word that he has his permit yet .. and its now 4 months seen @Kirk_STNY posted yesterday .. glad your still alive .. reminds me of the NJ lady killed by X-BF while waiting for her permit .. FUAC and More ..
  42. Acer-m14

    Woman shot in her Texas home

    maybe they should be sending the ambulance and medics for check the welfare 911 calls instead ..
  43. Acer-m14

    Elizabeth Warren: TAX ALL THE GUNS!... Ammo too....

    "Turn in your guns and ammo is a start..then it's turn in all your money/valuables and sign your properties off to the government and get a tattoo and instructions on what train to get on." fixed it for you ;) ..
  44. Acer-m14

    4 dead in Brooklyn club shooting

    last i knew it was true .. but who has a permit in Brooklyn to begin with lol .. ;)
  45. Acer-m14

    4 dead in Brooklyn club shooting

    can't have a gun at a club .. even if not drinking with a permit .. FUAC ..
  46. Acer-m14

    Trump did not betray the Kurds

    they should have shot them months or yrs ago ..