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    biden and sanders running mates

    No surprise here really. Anyone care to speculate on who either one might pick ?
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    Breaking News - Trump test results are in.

    Trump Tests NEGATIVE for the Coronavirus | TrumpTrain
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    GOA turns the tables and applies for a Red Flag order against shumer
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    Another Red Flag Law State

    New Mexico joins the growing ranks of once pro 2A states with its own unconstitutional Red Flag Law.
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    NY’s bail reform at it’s finest

    Aaah NY , what a great state eh? NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: 'Bail reform, it’s lit!'
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    New York lawmaker proposes to more than double beer tax

    yup, the NY demonrats are definitely for the ny working class. All for screwing them any way they can that is. Check out this shit below:
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    Zuckerberg’s voter manipulation?

    Zuckerberg says if Warren becomes president, Facebook would sue U.S. gov't: 'You go to the mat and fight' | Fox News
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    Father of Parkland victim : Guns didn’t kill my daughter, democratic policies did

    Father of Parkland shooting victim: 'Guns didn’t kill my daughter, Democratic policies did' | Fox News @Diesel Tech , here’s a little something to chew on
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    Lets hope that there’s something to this corruption OR bye bye IIhan Omar, It WASN’T nice knowing ya
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    Vintage hunting knives

    I just received the first of three really cool old Vintage Hunting knives that I recently won bids on. Here’s the first. G D Schaaff out of Solingen Germany. Brass pinned stag handle. More to follow.
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    Ol’ touchy and feely Shotgun Joe makes it official

    I think we All knew this was coming Joe Biden officially launches 2020 presidential bid | Fox News
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    22 year old accidentally shoots himself

    While Changing Child's Diaper Outside Chuck E. Cheese Man Accidentally Shoots Himself to Death
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    Shooting at a Denny’s in Salina

    Must be something in the water Man opens fire inside Salina Denny’s; three shot, 4th person also injured
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    Start a conversation/PM’s

    What happened to the start a conversation feature ? I don’t see it anymore when I click on a members name.
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    Naaaw , we don’t need no stinkin wall

    Migrants from Terrorist Nations Try to Enter U.S. Via Mexico at Record Rates—300% Hike in Bangladeshis in Texas Alone Federal agents along the southern border routinely encounter individuals from terrorist nations and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers them one of the top...
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    Give us your tired,your hungry, your drunk and disorderly, your mentally disturbed FUAC

    After outcry, authorities will now slap criminal charges on three men who attacked cop on Manhattan subway platform in viral video - NY Daily News
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    Be Careful when you wear your Bigfoot suits out in public

    @Bigfoot Is that you
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    Cohen the Traitor

    What a punks ass traitor. Cohen gets 3 years, says Trump's 'dirty deeds' led him to 'choose darkness'
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    Tragic bear attack
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    The bi- annual voter suppression scam

    The Biannual ‘Voter Suppression’ Scam
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    Wells Fargo, the NRA’s Bank, Doubles Down on Gun Industry
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    DONE 2- New S & W 3rd Gen .45 acp magazines

    SOLD ON ANOTHER SITE I sold my S&W model 4506 and found these in the back of my safe. 2 new, never used hard to find S&W OEM 8 rnd. .45 acp magazines. If I remember correctly these will also fit a couple of the other full size S&W 3rd. Gen 45’s $85 for the pair Shipped.
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    DONE S&W model 29-5 classic

    This is probably a long shot here but I’m looking for a S&W mod. 29-5 or -6 .44 classic. Would prefer the 5” barrel version but I would consider other varations.
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    Unmasking Antifa terrorists

    ‘Unmasking Antifa Act' includes 15-year prison term proposal
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    DONE Ahrends S&W N frame square butt grips

    SOLD ->Ahrends N frame SQ butt tactical grips I have a Brand new set of Ahrends tactical grips for sale. Just purchased 6/15 .made of Myan Blood wood. I have decided to go with the ones with no fingergrooves instead. $70 shipped
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    DONE S&W model 4506/ Reduced

    I have decided to sell my 4506. It will come with two New black follower magazines, and Hogue wrap around grips. I may have the original delrin grips stored away. If I can find them I will incl. those as well. The gun has one small blemish on the serial number side of the frame. New springs a...
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    Another Candidate for Governor

    The ponential for yet more votes to be taken from commie cuomo Stephanie Miner to Make Independent Bid to Challenge Cuomo
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    Vet who survived Benghazi attack slams Hogg for Memorial Day tweet
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    Paul Harrell videos

    I’ve always enjoyed Pauls videos. Anybody else?
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    History repeats itself

    Today’s National Socialists are a mirror reflection of the past. Hitler Youth: Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Control - Tap Wires
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    Probable GOP endorsed nominee to run for governor

    Any body here from Dutches county or surrounding area know anything about this guy. The GOP Are endorsing him left and right. Marcus Molinaro has GOP leader’s backing for governor
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    Custom Revolver Grips

    Feast your eyes Gentleman! Home - Culina LLC
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    FUAC wants to bone you even harder

    New York's coming stealth tax hikes Hard up for cash, Gov. Cuomo is trying to sneak through a $1.5 billion “stealth” income-tax hike — on top of $1 billion in other tax bumps. As Empire Center fiscal expert E.J. McMahon notes, key parts of New York’s tax law are pegged to the federal model...
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    the copycat shooters are starting to appear

    Gunman killed in Reno after firing shots from high-rise condo
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    Any experience with MFT magazines ?

    I’m looking to pick up a few AR magazines and I was wondering if anyone had or has any experience with MFT - Mission First Tactical- magazines.
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    Congresswoman takes a knee

    This bullshit is getting out of hand. Anyone who believes this is actually about 1st amendment right is delusional. Congresswoman Takes A Knee On The House Floor To Protest Donald Trump's NFL Remarks | HuffPost
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    .22 cal. Revolvers

    Anyone into .22 cal. Revolvers? I enjoy the hell out of shooting .22 cal. Anything, but my all time favorite.22 cal.guns are revolvers. I have a couple that I shoot often. I just came across this one for sale on another sight that I frequent and I just have to have it! It's one that I have been...
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    New pocket knife

    I'm a sucker for a nice pocket knife. I just picked up this sweet little Boker Tree brand , pearlite handle trapper for a song.
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    Smith & Wesson model 67

    I came across this beautiful model 67 no dash Combat Masterpiece on another site that I frequent. I think it's time to add another revolver to my growing accumulation. What do you all think of the gun?
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    Armaspec ST-45 ambi safety

    I have a brand new Blue, 45* ambi short throw safety for sale,made by Armaspec. Made in the US and has a life time warranty. I bought it not paying attention to the fact that it was 45* short throw. $40 . shipped
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    Castle nut

    I need to remove the buffer tube on my AR and I don't have the proper wrench to do it. Out of all the tools that I own I don't have anything that I feel confident in using that doesn't have the potential to mess it up. I've noticed that there are many different styles of Castle nut wrenches out...
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    Ambi safety

    ok, instead of posting this in an old thread in hopes of getting a few replies I figured that I would just start a new one. Being that I'm left handed I am going to need an Ambi safety for my new AR. I've seen a couple that also show a measured inside width. Is this something that I should be...
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    Drone slayer wins again in court

    Bloke whose drone was blasted out of sky by angry dad loses another court battle for compo
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    S&W 1006 10mm

    I just thought that I would pass this along to anyone interested in a S&W 10mm. There are two for sale right now in the classified section of Both adds have good pics and both come with the original boxes. 1 is at $900 shipped and the other, with extras, is at $1050...
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    Battle sights

    I'm looking for some info. On a good, affordable , set of battle sights. I am planning on putting a red dot on my new AR 15 ORC and I would also like to put on a set of decent battle sights as a back up. I have looked at several kinds and brands, incl. the offset style ( which I really like) but...
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    Can this be done here ? "Tyrant Registry" Interesting article and idea. I wonder if we could start something like this here?
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    An open Letter to schmucky schumer

    Opinion: An open letter to Senator Chuck Schumer - Fox News
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    County amendment forms

    I went down to the county clerks office today to add another pistola to my permit. I had forgotten to fill out one of the amendement forms that I have at home, so I had to fill one out when I got there. I noticed that they have already changed them to reflect the up coming state recertification...
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    Forging video

    A little forging video by Lin Rhea