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  1. ohms139

    Removing lead nose from 30 caliber bullet

    I'm in the progress of taking apart very old 7.5 french ammo to deprime and put new primers in. The one thing I noticed was that the 30 caliber bullets are lead nosed and they are deformed. If I was to chop off the lead nose and made it a flat nose would this be reusable or should I not bother...
  2. ohms139

    MAS 36 restoration, undoing sporterization butchery

    I got a sporterized MAS 36 from Kev74 for a great price and now it's time to return the gal back to her former glory. I've always been opposed to sporterization of classic rifles. This is the before: This is the current: Keep in mind I still haven't received the mid band swivel mount/screw...
  3. ohms139

    BRN-180 NYS legal?

    Is the BRN-180 upper legal in NYS or will it require the barrel to be cut/crowned or a thread protector to be welded on?
  4. ohms139

    Been waiting on NYPD for my Purchase Auth since 2/14/2020

    I was eligible for my next handgun in early February. I mailed in the purchase authorization request on 2/4 and got a USPS confirmation receipt a few days later. I realized they are probably closed down due to covid-19 but this shit is out of hand now. On May 14 I will be 120 days over due. My...
  5. ohms139

    FREE Covid-19 Karma thread

    I will take pictures once I get home from work (too lazy for that) I was looking through my pile of stuff last night and figured since Carlos Hathcock hooked me up with some free brass and everyone has been so helpful with advice on reloading I would do a karma giveaway. All I ask is people pay...
  6. ohms139

    First reloading yield

    I was a little slow getting started as the auto drum wouldn't keep steady at 42.0 gr on a powder drop so I had to do about 10 drops, there ultimately was a variance of 0.2 to 0.6 but not enough to push even half way to the next load fps. I used Federal 210 large rifle primers for the reloads. A...
  7. ohms139

    Variance in case length of 45-70 Govt

    According to Hornady's 10th edition the max case length on the cartridge is 2.105 but there is no mention of the minimum. Western Powders 7th Edition states the same with a Trim length of 2.095 and Lee's Die insert information card states Trim length of 2.105 When I was case prepping and...
  8. ohms139

    swaging and reaming of primer pockets

    I have read they both do the same thing it's just a matter of if you have a press that can do it like with a Dillon or if you have a case prepper tool like the Hornady Case Prep Trio. Is one better than the other? I've read that the swaging requires lube where you can do reaming dry. Currently...
  9. ohms139

    Resizing and collet dies, do I use both?

    I'm assuming that the answer is yes as the full-length sizing die removes spent primers, adjusts head space but both resize the neck; but the collet die strictly resizes the neck. So do I need a collet if the resizing already does this function? Should I use the collet regardless after using...
  10. ohms139

    Feedback on first time reloading equipment

    I'm currently looking to purchase reloading equipment. I have never reloaded but have been watching videos and reading up on it for 6 months. So far I have purchased: Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press (got it for a steal on Ebay w/ 3 tool heads and 3 shellplates #2L, #4S, #19S, it was just...
  11. ohms139

    Promag Archangel M1A stock legal in NYS?

    Does anyone happen to know if the Archangel M1A stock in legal in the PDRNY? It looks like the stock has what would be considered a pistol grip.
  12. ohms139

    Tin foil hat time: Kansas City Shooting Anyone else find it amazing coincidental that on the day of the Virginia Gun Rally and the day before Shot Show 2020 this shooting happens?
  13. ohms139

    SOLVED: .458 SOCOM upper not cycling

    As the topic says I'm having issues with my .458 SC upper not cycling. I fire one round and it does not eject and chamber a new round. I am not sure if the ammo I purchased from LAX ammo is the culprit or if it is something else. I am using the upper on my SCR and I have even tried it on my...
  14. ohms139

    Updated: Enfield No.5 MK1 Jungle Carbine w/ customized No.4 stock

    Would anyone know where to find after market new wooden stocks with similar build quality as factory for the Lee-Enfield MK5 No.1 Jungle Carbine? I have searched google but I can't seen to find any, even GB has nothing worthwhile. I'm at a point where I will even pay to have ones custom...
  15. ohms139

    My new Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical

    It's an amazing semi shottie. I got it yesterday and immediately took it to the range and put 50 shells through it. It handles like a dream and I had quite a bit of fun double loading. Had some decent groupings 7 shells to the head, 7 to center from 15 yards.
  16. ohms139

    Part name help for a Shotgun accessory

    Forgive my ignorance but what is the exact name of the thing that holds one shotgun shell on an angle right in front of the ejection port on a shottie? I've seen it used for a quick one load.
  17. ohms139

    Did NYC put a new gun law into effect today - Wed 8/7/19?

    Just some background on me. I have all my permits which allow me to have my handguns and long arms. I bring this up because this afternoon I went to Nassau County Pistol & Rifle Range with two of my friends (who are NYC residents) to shoot my long arms with me. I had a Mossberg Scorpion, .22...
  18. ohms139

    First Bolt action rifle

    I just purchased a Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/ Magpul Hunter stock as my first bolt action. Updated: Ordered a Magpul M-Lok bipod and Leapers UTG 1-8x28mm MRC scope Vortex Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO Rifle Scope w/ Vortex Viper extended cantilever for it. Also ordered: (3) Magpul 10 round...
  19. ohms139

    Customizing my Marlin 1895G

    I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate for doing this but I'm not a huge fan of wood furniture, especially in the standard lacquer finish. So far I have removed the stock wood handguard and have replaced it with a Midwest Industries rail and attached a Magpul AFG-2. I have everything on order and...
  20. ohms139

    AR Maglock and Hyperswitch legalities?

    I was looking into these two items and was wondering if they are legal in NY or not? I believe they are legal in Commiefornia. There are a few threads here but no definitive answer and all of them seem to go off topic. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  21. ohms139

    DONE Magpul SGA 870 stock and cheek riser

    Selling Magpul SGA 870 stock (black) and Magpul cheek riser. The items were used just to test fitment for a potential project. They were never modified in anyway and are practically brand new. They have never seen fire time. Price: $60 shipped for both items to lower 48. For anyone who may...
  22. ohms139

    Leaper UTG proprietary barrel nut wrench

    Is anyone familiar with this? When I purchased my SCR the shop had installed the Leaper UTG Pro slim free floating handguard for me. I guess they forgot to give me the wrench and its been a few months now. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing off besides buying the proprietary...
  23. ohms139

    Non-Reciprocating lefty side charging, no forward assist Upper

    Does anyone know if such a unicorn exists for 5.56/.223 ??
  24. ohms139

    Fightlite/Ares SCR stock removal

    Does anyone know how to take the stock off the Fightlite/Ares SCR? I have looked on the web but there is no tear down video that covers the stock removal or any sites that I have come across. Unlike the Remington 1100's (which has a slot in the nut so you can use a large flat head screw...
  25. ohms139

    Greetings fellow oppressed 2A supporters!

    Hello everyone, I'm from Brooklyn, NY and am a Paramedic by profession. I just recently purchased a Fightlite/Ares SCR and will be working on my build. The forum has always been a great insight of information but I was always too lazy to sign up but that had to change sometime.