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    You can take my Bump Stock but I'm keeping my Crank.
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    Cuomo orders utility to pump imaginary natural gas

    I bought from Suncommon. I bought panels in a solar farm so I did not have to replace my house roof. Panels have a separate title so I can sell at anytime or if I relocate they transfer to my new house. Just switched a $180 utility bill for a 12 year loan payment of $180. After 11 years I will...
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    Cuomo orders utility to pump imaginary natural gas

    Glad I bought solar panels; when Indian Point closes electricity costs will go through the roof, but my loan payment will stay the same.
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    Anybody shoot the steel matches ??

    Please post more details; i'm interested.
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    Anybody shoot the steel matches ??

    Check out the Black Rock Club I think they have regular steel matches.
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    F/S Glock 19 G4 With 3 10 Round Mags / $400 + FFL Fees

    Is this still available?
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    What is our world coming to? ....

    4 homeless men beaten to death in New York City; suspect in custody
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    Help Finding Reloading Supplies in Hudson Valley

    Master Class's website is not the best, it does not clearly depict how extensive their ammo and reloading stock is. You will not be disappointed if you make the trip .... don't forget your credit cards.
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    This why you should carry a gun....

    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight .....Samurai sword-wielding man killed by liquor store owner on LI. Samurai sword-wielding man killed by liquor store owner on Long Island: Police
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    Children as young as 8-years-old face gun ban under Florida’s new red flag law

    • And an 8-year-old in Polk County who got mad at school and then threatened to “get a gun and shoot everybody up.” .... this is the one who needs an intervention, and a little counseling. .... and maybe a swat on his butt.
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    Paris knife attack - kills 4.

    Paris attack sees knifeman shot dead after killing four police officers...
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    Hello From Downstate

    Welcome; what do you consider Downstate?
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    Help Finding Reloading Supplies in Hudson Valley

    Many Hudson Valley gun stores carry powder, bullets and primers - Both the Davis locations and Master Class. The trouble may be finding a specific powder if you are picky about what you use. I recommend Master Class because of their variety and they are great guys.
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    MDTS - Update

    LOL - I wish I shot and handled a gun like Chris Fry. ... I just cut and pasted his post from Facebook.
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    MDTS - Update

    All, for those who do not know yet you may have noticed a lack of classes on the MDTS schedule page and a lack of my presence here on THE Facebook. In April I accepted a full time position with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts ( in NV as Senior Director of Training. We made...
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    Anyone have a spare "buffer retention pin" that they could sell me?
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    Just found an allen key that will work. I'm going to cut that down to size.
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    I don't know what happened but i just out the detent pin snapped in two, and the buffer spring retention pin is deformed.
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    Exactly ...
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    It is an Anderson Lower ...
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    I will be contacting seller on Monday
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    Jam occurred on first round of the day ... :( (factory 223 not sure of brand.)
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    No sure what happened.... had a jam, and when i disassembled the AR this is what I found. Not sure if this caused the jam or if the jam caused the blow out.
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    I figure that as long as the takedown pin does not fall out everything should work properly. I just got to work out a way to stop that pin from walking its way out when I'm firing.
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    I think my AR just blew-up; Attached is one picture of the lower receiver, you will see a small white dot at the edge of the takedown hole. Closeup picture shows the takedown detent pin has blown through the receiver and out the side. Anyone see this happen before? Any fixes or do I need to...
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    WTB Sig P320 Full Sized slide

    Looking for 9mm - Sig P320 Full Sized slide.
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    Dutchess County Pistol Association Outdoor Sports and Gun Show Sat Sept 28

    Only one month until our 4th annual Outdoor Sports & Gun Show on Saturday, September 28, 2019! [FONT=&amp] Here are some highlights about how the day will look:[/4FONT] Swap Meet & Gun Show: New & used shooting, archery, fishing, hunting items, and other outdoor sport related items; new & used...
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - The gift that keeps on giving

    Did anyone else see/hear this;
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    This is interesting, for Dry-Fire training?

    They also make them for Glocks.
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    Places to shoot trap, etc., lower Hudson Valley?

    Thunder Mountain Trap and Skeet | Ringwood, NJ | 973-962-6377
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    Woman shoots suspected robber

    But why did she only have two bullets in her gun?
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    Red Flag; First Abuse in NY?

    This will happen; ... some idiot teenager, thinks it would be fun, to call the cops and make anonymous red flag reports on every gun owner he knows, or some crackpot Lefty will get hold of a NRA membership list and start making calls to the police about everyone on the list. Obviously no proof...
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    Among Democrats, 'Mandatory Gun Buyback' Plan Gains Traction

    So let me get this straight; I spent my money to buy a gun, and the government now wants to make it a tax payer expense (also my money) to buy back the gun from me. ...... I'm screwed. Paying twice for my guns.
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    Simmons Red Dot Karma

    Congrats to @Exonautic, happy shooting.
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    ‘Shoot every federal agent in sight’: Teen behind online threat had 10,000 rounds of ammo in house,

    Was thinking that myself. I have 500+ rounds of various calibers sitting in my car right now. I always have a couple of boxes of 9mm just in case I decide to stop at the range on the way home from work.
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    Simmons Red Dot Karma

    Count me in.
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    F/S Craftsman Rotary Tool Bench - $50

    3-in-1 tool bench with a rotating center section for mounting 3 tools. Pool pin and the center rotates to allow access to three different bench tools.
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    Illinois Anti-Gun Democrats Hit a Homerun Against FFLs

    I can see this happening in NY State very soon.
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    CCI and Winchester Primer Rebate!

    What's your cost for Winchester small pistol primers?
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    Biden says his administration would take certain guns from Americans

    Let's start a poll; Who will participate in the AR15/AK47 buy bag program?