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  1. eochief66

    Grandfather. Full Documentary

    Excellent video, takes you back to when families relied on themselves to survive. I will bet 85% of people now would just give up and die if they had to work like that to survive!
  2. eochief66

    M14 abandoned? Whose got a CNC Machine?

    The M14 is a progression in small arms, just like all small arms before it. It had it's negatives, like the weight of the rifle and ammo. But it also had it's pluses like penetration, knock down power and reliability. Especially compared to the M16 at it's time in history. I was in when the...
  3. eochief66

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    I just purchased a S&W Performance Center 642 today. Not sure I am going to like the grips but they can be changed to Hogue's easily. I had 2 LCP 2's and had trouble with them dropping the mags after the first shot with defensive HP ammo. I will not have to worry about mag drops with this baby!
  4. eochief66

    Walmart plans to dramatically step back from gun sales after ‘horrific’ shootings

    Maybe they are closing their doors because people buy ammo and guns at Wal Mart!!!
  5. eochief66

    Walmart to stop selling short-barrel rifle ammunition

    Bitching on here relieves a little frustration but does nothing to let Wal Mart know we do not agree with their decision. I have not steeped foot in a Wal Mart for many, many years. They have put many family businesses out of business since they opened their doors! I would rather pay a little...
  6. eochief66

    Vortex Strikefire II - 4 MOA Red/Green Dot - $127.98 shipped

    I have one and I am some what happy with it. Sturdy, functions well but at 100 yds the red dot covers up the target. A 2 MOA dot would be much better!
  7. eochief66

    Safest non safe act place?

    Herkimer County is Republican and the northern part has some remote areas. Not that far from where you are now! Right now you will be issued a CCW if you desire, no hassle, no fuss!
  8. eochief66

    Safest non safe act place?

    There are lots of Republican Counties in the state, pick one!
  9. eochief66

    Marines see a shortage of optics!

    The Marine Corps sees a shortage of optics to train young recruits with. Marines Face Shortage of Rifle Optics for New Recruits at Boot Camp
  10. eochief66

    After the coup is over!

    We are all asking these questions, will we ever get answers!
  11. eochief66

    Will Hilary finally be prosecuted?

    Only in Hell! Not here and now so we can enjoy it!
  12. eochief66

    Nancy STILL says no SOTU !

    A little reading! Constitution Party
  13. eochief66

    Listen carefully to a short speech Trump gave while running for POTUS

    He knew what he was up against and who he was up against before he became President.
  14. eochief66

    First I have read from Neal H Ross!

    "Are we to assume that those who serve in the federal government are above the law? If they are not, yet they steadfastly refuse to obey the law which was written to guide their actions, i.e. the Constitution, then how dare they expect us to obey laws, which in more cases than not, they were...
  15. eochief66

    What's your EDC knife?

    I have one also, green scales and a bright blade!
  16. eochief66

    Oneida LTD / Community

    We used to make a lot of things here in upstate. Thanks to FUAC and the communists before him we now do not make much of anything!
  17. eochief66

    What do you think, is this knife legal in NY?

    New Kershaw Leek Folding Knife, Black Blade w/ Red Handle 1660RDBLK | eBay
  18. eochief66


    I have a couple of used holsters for sale. #1 Bianchi #111, Medium frame, 4" revolver holster, Right hand. In nice usable condition. $20 + shipping #2 Bianchi #8, 4" Medium frame revolver, Left Hand. Dark spots but in very usable condition. My 686+ 3" fits nice and snug! $10 + shipping.
  19. eochief66

    Hunting gloves whatcha got

    I have the same problem with cold hands. I have tried numerous pairs of gloves over the years and nothing works for me. I had to give up sporting clay's during the winter months because of my hands. Try mittens with gloves as liners, might work for you!
  20. eochief66

    Here's how it's going to happen...

    When a ‘forest fire’ is lit, there is no telling which way it will go. It depends on the ‘wind’, the ‘fuel load’ and the ‘humidity’. The ‘wind’ is about to blow real hard, the “fuel load” is huge and the humidity is dropping rapidly. It just takes the right ‘match’, a lightning strike, or...
  21. eochief66

    Changed gas bushings on mini14

    I purchased the pack and have the 50 in my gun. What size do you need?
  22. eochief66

    Changed gas bushings on mini14

    I do not notice any difference in the cycling and now I can at least find my spent brass. Before the gun ejected them so far and in a wider span it was difficult to recover them. Now they only go about 3-4 yds.
  23. eochief66

    Changed gas bushings on mini14

    I have a mini 14 Ranch and agree with the op. Bought it for the same reason. I had a trigger job done on it and changed the gas bushing from the 80 to a 50. Now I can at least find my fired brass! I put a Vortex red dot on it, but doing so I had to add a cheek riser. It works well for what I...
  24. eochief66

    PJF askes some good questions, for us all!

    Not sure where to put this, so it is here!
  25. eochief66

    Just got back from the Ilion Fish & Game Club range

    I went to the range this morning to test some 38 special wad cutter loads I had worked up. Some guys from Remington Arms were there to final test the above new Marlin, without the suppressor. They were putting 38's and 357 mags through them for the final function test before release. Nice...
  26. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    PM sent.
  27. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    I will take the 300 38 special shipped via post office. How do you want to handle the transaction?
  28. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    I will take 300 shipped post office. Will contact you via email or messenger.
  29. eochief66

    SOLD Alessi OWB Holster

    I am interested, but what are the lines on the lower half of the holster, front view?
  30. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    Is the 38 special brass "once fired", or range pickups?
  31. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    Yes, I can always use a few 38 special brass.
  32. eochief66

    WTB 45-70 and 357 mag brass

    If you still have the 357 mag brass I am interested in 200 pieces, thanks.
  33. eochief66

    Saratoga NY gun show 5/26 a 5/27

    I will probably show up, not much else going on this weekend!
  34. eochief66

    NYS Preparedness Corps

    One should be listed in your area! Aware Prepare - Citizen Preparedness Corps
  35. eochief66

    SOLD Ammo cleanout-12 ga and .357 Magnum

    Do you ever get to the Utica area?
  36. eochief66

    Why do you need an AR anyway?

    There was an image posted with this thread. I hope the image shows this time!
  37. eochief66

    Why do you need an AR anyway?

  38. eochief66

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Government Guarenteed Jobs For All Americans

    Reminds me of a piece I read years ago about Russia. Apparently they made trucks in western Russia, then shipped half of them to some place in eastern Russia. Took them apart and then made buses out of them. All to keep everyone working!
  39. eochief66

    Help with Cuomo photo Caption

    Here is your cut brother!
  40. eochief66

    50/200 Improved Battle Zero

    Zero at 25 and always aim for the belt buckle. Don't worry about the range!
  41. eochief66

    Shooting gloves

    I have a lot of trouble keeping my hands warm. A few years ago I spent the money and purchased a pair of the insulated version of these. My hands still get cold shooting clays when it gets to 10 or 15 degrees but they still function. GripSwell Ergonomic Shooting Gloves
  42. eochief66

    Hello from upstate!

    I knew the other site was dying but did not realize someone started a new site until last week! Thanks to those that started this site!