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  1. Criticalt

    Unprovoked stabbing at Walmart.
  2. Criticalt

    Safe recommendations.

    I need to upgrade from my 20 year old Stack On gun cabinet. I have no idea how much difference there is between a safe costing $700 and one costing $2000 when they both offer basically the same options. I dont need a huge safe but would like a quality safe. I got this ad on Facebook for a...
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    NYS hunting course 100% class needed.

    Get you hunting licence online for $19.95.
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    Tarnished brass

    Wondering if tarnished brass that has been laying in the grass all winter is still useable for reloading? Thanks.
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    Need some reloading advice.

    Long story short, a friend of mine had the idea he was going to do some reloading. After buying a bunch of equipment, he decided he didnt even want to try. All his equipment is brad new ad never used. He recently gae it all to me. Im going to gie it a try. Im sure this is all crappy equipment...
  6. Criticalt

    Flashen....the 90,000 lumen flashlight that can start a fire.

    Ummmmm, doesnt sound too dangerous.
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    Well, I sold my glock 20, Gen 2.

    And bought a new Gen 4. It fits my hand better and shoots alot smoother. I also bought a Rock Island Armory M206......just because im still waiting for a gun I ordered last week so I got antsy.:)
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    Illinois: hunter saftey course taught in school.

    Law Allowing Hunter Safety Courses to be Taught in School Signed by Governor
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    Walther Creed

    Does anyone have any experience with this sub $300 Walther? Our local shop has them for $295. The reviews ive read are all very good with many people wondering how Walther made a gun with the "best trigger on the market" for under $300. It is a pretty big gun and has a HiPoint look to it, but...
  10. Criticalt

    357 Mag CC ammo suggestions

    Im beginning to carry my Ruger GP100 3". I havent really thought about carrying this gun before, so I just use it on the range with 158 grain flat soft points......its cheap where I buy it. So, what is good defense ammo for a 3 inch 357 mag?
  11. Criticalt

    Good leather holster recommendations.

    So, ive decided to carry my Ruger GP100 3 inch occasionally. I love this gun and its my best shooter for me. Im looking for a sturdy leather holster that will keep the gun close to my side. Price isnt important for the right holster. Most ive looked at are just ugly. Also, the huge rubber grips...
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    RBG in the hospital

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Hospital With Broken Ribs After Fall
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    Cracked primer.

    The other day I was shooting some targets with my Shield 9mm. After a few rounds, one did not fire. I cleared the gun and found this. The primer was struck but did not fire. Did this happen from the firing pin or was this primer cracked before loading? Ive never seen this before.
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    Chris Collins indicted

    New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins to be indicted on insider trading charges He was just arrested by the FBI. That sucks, he was a big 2a supporter.
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    Sig Sauer P226

    I was recently offered a good deal on a Sig 226 in 357 Sig. Its the base model and has around 1000 rounds through it. Factory night sights and 3, 10 round mags. In the box with manual. From what I can find, $500 is a good deal. I just want to know if this gun has any known...
  16. Criticalt

    Another school shooting.

    Shooting reported at Maryland high school, sparking lockdown Nothing confirmed yet Oops, put this in the wrong place.
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    October 21st cant come soon enough.

    Every morning about this time these guys come to our yard. About 20 birds, mostly jakes and gobblers with beards dragging on the ground.
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    Deadly force

    I have read all of penal code 35 and I believe I know the answer, but, of course, this is NYS. Two days ago my girlfriend and I were visiting my parents in a urban town. We were walking down a long road when we heard a loud truck coming behind us. The Dodge truck was literally driving with its...
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    Florida concealed carriers hacked.

    Im sure looking forward to recertification online. Florida concealed weapons permit holders exposed in computer hack
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    Why no NIBIN?

    I may be an idiot because this is the first time I have heard of this technology, The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network. Apparently if used correctly it is a great tool that is aimed at the criminals, not the law abiding. The few cities that use it say things like "fantastic"...
  21. Criticalt

    .22 target rifle help

    My GF is really interested in target shooting as of late. I have very little experience in target guns. She hates my guns because they are all large caliber hunting rifles and shotguns. We went to our local PA shop but they are more geared toward hunting and had nothing she liked in stock. She...
  22. Criticalt

    New Holster

    Ive bought several holsters over the last 2 years but I think ive found my favorite OWB for my Shield. Its small and light. I ordered it on Monday, it came today. $40 on Ebay De Santis Mini Scabbard
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    HECS Stealthscreen suit

    So now our heartbeat is spooking deer. Any thoughts on this product? HECS Blocks electrical signal | HECS Stealthscreen
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    Deer calls and scents

    What if anything do you guys and gals use to either call or lure deer to you? I have a 20 year old tube grunt that has stopped many bucks in their tracks for me but im not sure if its really helped call them in. I will make low contact grunts for an hour, then a buck comes down the trail. Did I...
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    1000 yard + scopes

    I have a couple guns that are capable of shooting well over 1000 yards. Im looking for advice on scopes. Mainly looking for a new scope for my 338 Lapua Magnum. Right now I have a Burris Eliminator digital. It is a good scope but it is broken, it fogs inside for days and the electronics are...
  26. Criticalt

    Range Day!!

    Sighted the 308 at 100 yards. Decided to bring a couple others out. Henry 357 Henry 45-70 Marlin 45-70 And finally, the 338 Lapua magnum at 300-400 yards.
  27. Criticalt

    Hunting ammo

    My girlfriend was at the gun shop the other day and did me a huge favor. I have shot up all my 308 ammo and she knew I had to get more for hunting deer next month. This is my first time using a rifle for deer. So, she bought Federal 180 grain soft points......4 boxes. I was planning on using...
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    Oh No!! Trumps a guy, he likes to #%& women!!
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    S&W M&P Shield 9mm and +P Ammo

    Do any of you use +P ammunition in your Shield for either practice or carry? Ive researched a bit online but there are about 50/50 opinions for and against the use of +P in a 9mm Shield. The manual from S&W does not come right out and say yes you can, it says if you do use +P, you should clean...
  30. Criticalt

    Target practice on state land during deer season.

    A friend of mine lives on the edge of state land in Chautauqua Co. Target practice IS allowed on the state land because there are NO signs prohibiting it. He asked me if he was allowed to target practice and sight in rifles and handguns during deer season, Oct 1-Dec11? I looked through DEC...
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    Am I lost?

    I try to find a new place to hang out and here you all are! Oh well