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  1. BMF JK

    DONE Coachman Catalina 233 DS camping trailer

    I have a 2016 camper for sale very clean inside and out . Located in Genesee county . Bought used last summer barely used by previous owner . Wife and I only used 2 x last year . Inspection just done . Clear title . Model : Coachman Catalina 233 DS *****PRICE REDUCED ***** 14,500 or best...
  2. BMF JK

    Hot brass might kill ya

    I cringe every time I watch this !
  3. BMF JK

    Another home invasion ending the way it should ! This occurred 1/2 a mile away from my home . The Sheriff's Office reports that the suspect appears to have targetted the specific residence. "This was not a random act," the Sheriff's Office...
  4. BMF JK

    Dynamic Weapon Solutions Glocktober sale !

    Heads up to anyone who is interested in a RDS milled slide or just a custom cut slide . After some research I’ve decided to go with a DWS slide for my G19 ( my RDS Pistol cherry is about to pop ). The sales this month are between 100 - 200 bucks off , depending on if you order an aftermarket...
  5. BMF JK

    Norsso glock slides ?

    Anyone hear anything about these guys or have a slide from them ? I’m specifically looking at their G19 reptile ported slide with a RMR cut . I’ve looked all over for reviews and all I’ve found was a couple reviews from tactical toolbox. Their slides look badass and are reasonably priced.
  6. BMF JK

    Sig P226 Legion ?

    So for a while now I’ve pondered buying a more refined handgun. I love my polymers but I have an urge to buy either a nice 10 mm 1911 or a P226 legion DA/SA in 9 mm. Anyone with a Legion I’d like your opinion on the gun and if you believe it was money well spent . I’ve found a legion for 1,199...
  7. BMF JK

    The Keltec KS7

    Hmmmm ... interesting.
  8. BMF JK

    neighbor who claimed to have seen a shotgun in a home

    Police: Person in custody after call about shotgun at Farmington Rd. home WTF !?
  9. BMF JK

    “Red Flag Law” confiscation leads to 60 year old man shot and killed by police

    Who didn’t see this coming!?,amp.html
  10. BMF JK

    Judge denies asylum to illegal who threatened to shoot up East high

    “I’m coming tomorrow morning and I’m going to shoot all of ya bitches." Probably not a statement you should post on social media especially when your an illegal! The left demands actions to stop school shootings... well here ya go !! Judge denies Abigail Hernandez request to remain in the U.S.
  11. BMF JK

    Is it possible Larry Sharpe is a fake !?

    Larry Sharpe’s secret scheme to reelect Cuomo and defeat Trump Idk guys seems possible considering the underhanded climate of today’s political norm. Ya know stop republicans by any means type of shady shit . Thoughts ?
  12. BMF JK

    Did Cuomo sexually harass Ms Kramer?

    At closing of the debate Cuomo stated to Ms Kramer “ want to hear me sing come to the shower “! Ummm in today’s society wouldn’t that be considered sexual harassment?
  13. BMF JK

    AR build is short stroking

    Figure I may as well include a picture . FDE is my latest creation and my problem child ! Decided featureless since I have a couple fixed mag rifles already ! Ok guys looking for trouble shooting suggestions. Rifle will not eject unless I manually eject spent cartridge with charging handle ...
  14. BMF JK

    Arrest made in the Firing Pin theft

    Jackson Street raid finds stolen weapons; one man charged