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    Did something stupid and in need of some help

    while cleaning 2 rifles 1 a remington 700 243 varmint and the other a 308 vtr I lost tract of wich bolt went with wich rifle since there essetialy the same and fit both what to do? there are numbers on the bottom of each bolt but they in no way correspond to the serial numbers on the rifles...
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    new 22lr bolt gun

    so after many years i finaly managed to get rid of my Ruger M77/22 so I'm in the market for a new 1 been looking at Savage or maybe the new Tikka please no Rugers I'm not a Ruger hater but after many years and many thousands of dollars they just don't work for me they look good but never seem...
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    just picked up a used Remington 700 with a 26" barrel on thoughts on this gun and caliber
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    Remington chapter 11

    Just read on another forum that Remington is about to file bankruptcy chapter 11 again and that an Indian tribe was the lead bidder. is this false news?
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    Sig p320 conversion kits

    so I'm being a little lazy here instead of contacting Sig does anyone know why the conversion kits for the 320 are no longer available the caliber kits are there but to convert a full sized to a carry are not any clue?
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    fiber optic sights

    I've decided to put fiber optics on my sig p320/m17 and have narrowed it down to two companies Tru glow and dawson engineering tru glow i'm familiar with but dawson is something new to me any thoughts
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    Remington pcr hand guard

    anyone know of an after market hand guard for the prc
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    need some help with an older S&W 686 revolver

    I'm real new to the revolver game so bear with me if you will I bought an older Smith 686 the one with the firering pin on the hammer I've been getting light strikes with both 38 and 357 ammo A friend told me to check the tension screw on the front strap it's tight do I need a new spring or is...
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    first pc carbine

    thinking of buying my first 9mm carbine I've pretty much narrowed the field to the Ruger and the Beretta with the Beretta holding the lead for now. I've not shot either while watching some YouTube video's 1 guy said that the Ruger was damn near as long and almost as heavy as an M4 so I went to...
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    first pc carbine

    thinking of buying my first 9mm carbine I've pretty much narrowed the field to the Ruger and the Beretta with the Beretta holding the lead for now. I've not shot either while watching some YouTube video's 1 guy said that the Ruger was damn near as long and almost as heavy as an M4 so I went to...
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    Remington PRC

    anyone know if the Remington 700 PRC is legal in NY
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    Kimber move

    anyone know if Kimber is still moving out of New York
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    22lr snap caps

    anyone use dry wall anchors for snap caps in a 22lr revolver
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    all steel 1911 commander

    ok been wanting a 1911 commander for awhile narrowed to down to Colt combat commander or Kimber leaning toward the Colt any thoughts on this in 9mm by the way. or any other makers that you recommend again must be all steel frame and slide.
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    cleaning a revolver

    so a few months ago I bought my 1st revolver a Smith 617 in stainless love shooting it but hate to clean it how do u clean the top strap just above the barrel I've tried a razor blade steel wool and a few other things still as black as a witches heart. also glad the thing is a 6 shot and not a...
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    anyone know if Kimber is still manufacturing in Yonkers or have they completed there move to Alabama? thinking of buying another one but not until they work the bugs out in there new factory I checked there web page but nothing there except that all there job postings are in Alabama. may have to...
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    need some thoughts on pistol frames

    ok I'm contemplating a new pistol. up front I'm a 1911 guy served in the army from 1965 til 1970 so that's what I carried. still love the damn things then when the military broke my hart and went to the M9 with an aluminum frame I bought 1 being prepared to hate it fell in love with it and still...
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    safety on a commercial Mannlicher

    my cousin has a beautiful Mannlicher rifle i think made around 1902 the machining is flawless the problem is that he want's to upgrade the scope and the safety won't clear. if memory serves me Beuhler made safety's for mauser and Springfield's that allowed a low scope mount seems Timminy now...
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    opinions needed on a commander style 1911

    I've been thinking of adding a commander style 1911 to my collection pretty much narrowed the choice to a colt combat commander or a KimberTLE Pro (em) upfront I'm a big fan of Kimber a little more money than the colt but I've yet to shoot 1 on the other hand I've had the opportunity to shoot a...
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    Kimber full sixed 1911 leather holster

    looking for recommendations for a full sized Kimber custom11 target leather holster no thumb break or other retention devises owb of course
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    so I'm thinking of buying a 22lr revolver just for the hell of it the smith and the ruger are out because of the price any recommendations
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    Kimber and Fusion fiber optic sights

    so 2 questions 1 anyone have any experience with Fusion fiber optic sights 2 will they work on a 10 year old Kimber custom 11 stainless target model. Fusion shows a really nice set for Kimber but it says for none adjustable rear sight models only mine has an adjustable rear sight so I'm a little...
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    lead removal

    I have A seriously leaded S&W Victory barrel any thoughts on how to remove it
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    Sig Mags

    so I'm trying to buy a Sig P320/M17 but the problem is that it only comes with 17 round mags so as we all know not allowed here. so my question is will P320 10 round mags work in the P320/M17
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    Sig 320/M17

    in the market for a new 9mm narrowed it down to 3 Kimber Target 11 1911 in 9mm Beretta APX and Sig 320/M17 I own a Kimber in 45 and love it have handeled and shot the APX really nice gun have no clue about the Sig seems as though they are having problems with them going off intentionally. any...
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    Eley tenex

    anyone have a reliable source for Eley tenex 22lr pistol ammo in the mid hudson valley
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    Ssp shooting glass's

    anyone have any experience with these thinking of getting a pair trying to figure what magnification to buy not much help on the web site
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    9mm 1911

    been thinking about buying a 9mm 1911 style pistol. pretty much narrowed it down to a Colt competition a Kimber target 11 or a remington. any thoughts I have a Kimber custom target now in stainless absolutely love it but hate the stainless look Haven't had a COLT in awhile there in the running...
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    any thoughts on using balistol used it years ago then it seemed to fall out of favor and became a little hard to find. picked up a can at Gander in Kingston to try it's got a whole lot of organic environmentally safe writing that I don't remember on the original has it changed?
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    WTB 03 springfield

    anyone have a good source for 1903 Springfields looking for a shooter not a collector. something pre WW2
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    so thinking of taking the plunge in to revolvers never really cared for them so never owned 1. shot a ruger red hawk and a sp 101 didn't care for either of them going to try a Smith next any recommendations
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    Fiber optics

    thinking of mounting a fiber optic front sight on my Kimber custom 11 target 1911. first is this a do it your self project or should it be sent to Kimber or should I use a local smith. what color would you recommend?
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    thinking of a new striker fired pistol

    taking the plunge again for a striker fired pistol. tried the Glock's just don't work for me reliable but no more than my 1911's or Beretta 92's. thinking of the Smith M&P 9mm Beretta APX 9mm or the sig 320 9mm. any thoughts by the way tried a couple of Sigs in the past were good reliable guns...
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    9mm 1911

    thinking of a new 1911 in 9mm so far am considering Kimber Colt or maybe Remington any recommendations
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    compation Belt

    looking for recommendations for a compation belt. I'm using a blade tech holster and mag holders but need a good belt.
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    2nd strike capability

    looking for members thoughts on 2nd strike capabilty over striker fired auto's. something I've never realy thought about untill talking to my grandson who is on active duty. it seems as though he and other soldiers in his unit like the double action M9 because of the 2nd strike thing they say...
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    ear protection

    since I'm getting a little long in the tooth I've been getting a little deef! I have been using a pair of Beretta electronic muffs they seem to work well but I'm looking to up grade. any suggestions!
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    7mm 08

    any thoughts on the 7mm 08 versus the 308? have a chance to pick a 7mm 08 at a good price but can't seem to see where it's any better than the 308, and it seems that most of my local retailers don't stock much in the way of ammo for the 7mm, and what they have is more pricey than 308.
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    Mini 14 mag pouche

    any recomendations for 10 round mini 14 mag pouches
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    micro 9

    any opinions on whether to buy a Kimber or Sig concealed carry 9mm. I tend toward Kimber 1911 style pistols but am not adverse to trying a Sig
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    sling for Ruger mini 14

    looking for some thoughts on a 3 point sling for a Ruger mini 14 ranch rifle
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    just got off the phone with Remington customer service it did not go well. some years ago i bought a 700 vtr it came with a 1 in 12 twist. it is an exceptional rifle in that it will put 5 rounds of 308 hand loaded with 150 grain sierra match kings into 7/8 of an inch, but is not good with any...
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    Red Dot

    looking for recommendations for a red dot sight for a new Ruger ranch mini 14