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  1. ecosystem3

    SAFE Act prohibited rifles

    A while ago I had looked on the NY Safe Act website to determine what is considered an assault weapon. They had a handy little workflow where you answer questions and they determine for you if a rifle is or is not considered an assault weapon. I looked at the same website today. The workflow is...
  2. ecosystem3

    New site not working with TapaTalk

    Nothing but blank pages
  3. ecosystem3

    DONE Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    Never fired Spike's Tactical 9mm Spider stripped lower receiver. I had mounted a Thordsen stock and buffer tube but decided to go with a MAG-ADMP9 instead so I could use my S&W magazines. This will only accept Glock magazines. In person sale at an FFL in lower Dutchess to mid-Westchester County...
  4. ecosystem3

    DONE Bucket of Remington 40S&W 300 rounds

    I thought I grabbed 3 buckets of 9mm, I guess I only grabbed 2 :banghead: 300 rounds of Remington 40S&W 180 grain FMJ. Pickup local to Southern Dutchess and south to mid-Westchester County. $75