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    Lets talk IFAKs

    Check out kits at Bear Independent, many different setups. Also available at Adventure Frontier.
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    No More Gun Laws In Oregon

    Wasn't there already some cases similar to this out of Kansas? I think the State of Kansas had passed some laws that legalized NFA roster items as long as they were manufactured and sold within the state. I believe that the rational was that the NFA specifically was based around interstate...
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    How much ammo do you keep on stock just incase?

    Just 2 12ga shotgun shells....for my Double Barreled Biden Yeet Cannon....type of shot doesn't matter as I only intend to fire two blasts outside the house.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    No sir. Just started a forestry mulching business so that head is my main deal.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Got it a few weeks ago but didn't have any pix. T770 with Bradco MM60 mulching head.
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    New York State Defeats Challenge to Gun Licensing Laws

    @BDinPutnam Thats what I'm saying is that the May Issue hoops of Sullivan is at odds with Heller decision. It seems that a right to possess a handgun in the home has been affirmed by SCOTUS. If so then the State Law requiring me to apply for a permit to purchase and possess one which they may...
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    New York State Defeats Challenge to Gun Licensing Laws

    I've always been confused that the Sullivan Act can still be legal. Didn't the Heller decision declare that people have a right to have a handgun in the home? How is it that here in NYS that you can't purchase one for that? I can see the carry restrictions being upheld as there is no legal...
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    Kamala Harris - Biden's Choice for VP (merged threads)

    I'll never understand her harping on the bussing issue. I grew up in Mass. and, though I was a little kid, I remember the complete shit show caused by Judge Garrity and his forced bussing mandate. I don't know what other parts of the country were like but it turned the poor neighborhoods in...
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    .338 "Thunder Sausage" Thread

    Shit! Does this mean I'll soon no longer be satisfied by .300 win mag?
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    Austin man shot at BLM protest Saturday night

    "Take guns off the streets" Hey pandering asshole politicians how 'bout we start with "Keep protesting jerk-offs out of the road"!
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    That meme always confuses me. The soldier pictured is Russian. No beach storming in 1944 for him!
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    Cuomo: Higher taxes, tolls coming to New York if federal aid doesn’t follow soon

    Great plan. Put people out of work and then take more of their money. Nice work dumb ass. Better start by trimming the fat in the public sector.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Got my new machine for the business today! Bobcat T770 and Bradco Forestry Mulching Head!
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    "Ghost guns" A-9903A amended ( merged with senate ghost gun thread)

    Don't worry meketrefe. I'm sure they have that one on deck.
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    Get with the time Deplorable! This thread was derailed at least 7 posts back! Do feel free, however, to expound on any views or anecdotes you may have regarding speeding or fast driving!:D
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    @GOPerfect. It is the law federally. Private sales are allowed between individuals but they must be residents of the same state (depending on state laws). It is illegal to sell a gun to someone who is not a resident of the sellers state. Prior to un-SAFE if I wanted to sell a gun to the guy...
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    That would not be legal unless transfer was made though an FFL. Federal law prohibits the interstate person to person sale of any firearm without being transferred through an FFL. I believe that gifting them to the usual approved entities is permissible even interstate as it is not commerce...
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    Emperor Tyrant Has Spoken: No more alcohol without food

    This is completely against the science! Princess Party Tits pimped the use of hand sanitizer. The key ingredient in it is what? ALCOHOLl!!! Trump was right! If there was some way to disinfect our insides? Put the alcohol inside you!
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    Let’s Talk Statues.

    What GOPerfect posted. See the video on How WWIII will be Fought on The Corbett Report youtube channel.
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    who is the Firearms Policy Coalition

    They are an organization started out of CA. As far as I can tell they have brought or supported many lawsuits both in and outside CA. They seem very pro 2A. I believe that Adam Kraut is working as a lawyer for them. Also check them out on Youtube. From everything I can find out about them...
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    House Dems kneel for George Floyd before unveiling police reform bill

    Saw that video somewhere. It looks like that fat fuck Nadler couldn't/didn't take a knee!
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    Can you use a passport to purchase a gun in NY

    Awesome! Medical Marijuana Card is valid? Form 4473 has a disqualifying question on it regarding the use of marijuana even medically prescribed. If someone used the card and checked that box yes I would think they would be denied. Using the card and checking no you would be lying on the form...
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    Golden Joe does it again *(Biden today on police training)

    Massive Femoral Arterial Bleed comes to mind.
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    M1A Scope recommendations

    Not so bad. The M1A is not a tack driver! It is usually a 2-3 MOA shooter. The National Match versions are a little better. Those who compete in M1A matches spend quite a bit of $$$ on their rifles (Hint: Not modern SA manufacture) and more $$$ having them accuratized. It is a battle rifle...
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    Minneapolis Police Choke an Unarmed Handcuffed Man to Death

    There is a fine line between induced un consciousness and death. Hitting someone hard enough to knock them out is a mere fraction from hitting them hard enough to kill them. Chokes especially carotid chokes are very similar. Young and healthy individuals are usually more adept at regaining...
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    Can you use a passport to purchase a gun in NY

    This is true. The employees at the big box stores often either don't know the laws regarding transfers or operate under more oppressive store guidelines or both. Before I began boycotting Dicks I once overheard a gun dept. employee stating some misinformation to a customer about how you can't...
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    ROCHESTER is a mess

    Thats one of my favorite hobbies. Round counting when I hear someone around me shooting! It always makes me smile when it goes to 11..... and beyond!
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    Riot Evolution: Looters robbing Looters

    Or they could whittle!
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    My observations ( I posted my Facebook page)

    Unfortunately there will nothing left to open up.
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    Can you use a passport to purchase a gun in NY

    It will also depend on the FFL. I had a P.O. Box as the address on my license for many years and the FFLs would usually require some supplemental ID showing proof of residency. I started carrying my property tax bill with me to gun shows and I think only once did an FFL have reservations. I...
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    Man shotgunned naked man found in child's room....

    Buy yerself a backhoe!
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    New York City COVID-19 contact tracers

    Great. Salary alone will cost between 365 million to 969 million. Lump in benefits and it will be well over a billion. Where will this money come from? This is completely irresponsible and unsustainable. Tax tax tax the citizens into poverty. Great plan Princess Party Tits!
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    Andrew Cuomo, The Virus King

    "Andrew the Pierced" :ROFL: I guess it's more regal sounding than Princess Party Tits.
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    Cuomo Gives People Another Reason to Hate New York: He'll Tax Coronavirus Volunteers

    As much as I detest FUAC, the practice of taxing income made working in a state other than the one you live in is a common practice done by many states. There are at least 24 states that will tax the income of out of state workers. Only the wages made while actually working there are taxable...
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    Safe recommendations.

    Much of the quality difference in safe models is the steel thickness in the door and jamb construction. Most of the big box store safes have rather thin steel used in the door (10-12ga) where the high end safes have much thicker steel (1/4"+) for the outer door skin. The jamb weight and...
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    Debate: If The Safe Act Was Gone, What Would Happen?

    A lot less complaining about infringements. Guns "lost in boating accidents" miraculously leaping out of the lakes. The show off your gun picture threads on the forum blowing up the server.
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    California ammo background checks back on.

    @togmaster I believe that CA has their own background check system. I think that firearms are still run through NICS through the state system. PA has something similar with their BGC system. It is run through the state database to the national database. I think with the CA ammo laws only...
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    Maloney awarded Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

    Moms Demand Action are a bunch of Karens .......Change my mind.
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    What if Biden wins? What’s your predictions with a president Biden?

    I agree, BHO was charismatic if nothing else. He was a good speaker and also very populist. Now these politicians cannot even form a sentence. Trump is a terrible public speaker but so many of the democrats are even worse. Creepy Joe is completely incoherent at this point. Pelosi cannot put...
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    What if Biden wins? What’s your predictions with a president Biden?

    ^^^^^This^^^^^ Seriously. Who the hell had ever heard of BHO a junior 1 term senator from Illinois? How did he beat candidates with far more brand recognition lose against him? Is it all a big farce being perpetrated upon the citizenry?
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    Mil Surp

    @BDinPutnam Unless it's a super hot loading I think you would be GTG. My research into Ishapore 2A/2A1 says that the heat treating process used was superior to the original SMLE and No.4 rifles. These rifles were built for .308 to fill the gap in supply of FN FAL production. I haven't had...
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    16 Dead in Canadian Shooting

    I always have to scratch my head at the argument that these "Assault Weapons" are only designed for one purpose 'to kill the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time'. Then why the fuck do the police have them? Is their mission to kill lots of people? The picture in the article...
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    Cuomo Eligible Bachelor

    Now that we've gone down the nipple piercing/abnormal large/taped down rabbit hole.....FUCK! Now thats stuck in my head! There isn't any mind bleach on store shelves! You bastids ain't payin' rent! Get out of my head with this crap!
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    Mil Surp

    Lee Enfields are still reasonable - No.4 Mk.1 If you can find an Ishapore 2a or 2a1 you can shoot .308/7.62. Some of the non german Mausers are still relatively affordable. I think that Mosins are overpriced for what they are at this point. Another good one is 1917 Enfield, shoots the same...
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    Received Something In The Mail!

    Garand Food! Ping!
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    Biden says we need more "economic intercourse".

    Yep. Gonna get a financial f*cking.
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    Forgotten Weapons - M1 Carbine: A Whole New Class of Weapon

    I've always thought that the bad rap given to the M1 Carbine was due to the fact that it was put into use in roles for it was never designed. For the technology of the era it did what it was supposed to do. A lightweight personal defense weapon for shorter ranges. Easier to train troops to...
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    What gun laws do you support.

    One of the biggest problems with gun control laws is that they are punitive to those who follow laws by restricting their access to firearms meanwhile those who don't follow laws are unencumbered by the rules. Does anyone here think that the criminal or evil elements of society give a rats ass...