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  1. ECU Pirates

    Air rifles.... anyone have a pcp?

    Took the boy out to shoot a pellet gun for the first time. He’s too young to do by himself but I’m teaching him gun safety early. I have a pretty cheap ruger airhawk. It was actually pretty accurate and fun. Thinking of upgrading to a .22 or .25 pcp. Any advice? I’m seeing sub one inch groups at...
  2. ECU Pirates

    Arizona police officer who fatally shot sobbing man collects $31K a year pension

    This is gross. What other job fires you then rehires just so you can get a pension? Arizona police officer who fatally shot sobbing man collects $31K a year pension
  3. ECU Pirates

    Parkland deputy charged..

    Police arrest ex-deputy who 'did absolutely nothing to mitigate' Parkland school massacre I don’t see any conviction happening. There is no duty to protect. Being a pussy is not illegal.
  4. ECU Pirates

    F/S 870 police magnum

    870 police magnum for sale. This is a newer model. It has some wear from being in the rack but has not been shot much at all. Wilson combat follower, factory mag extension. $375 plus shipping. Please make sure your ffl will accept a shotgun from a non ffl shipper. If not you pay the transfer...
  5. ECU Pirates

    Stream light racker

    Take my money. I hate the magpul mount. The light slams into my hand. That’s about the only option for an 870 dm. Until now. Going to order soon.
  6. ECU Pirates

    Glock 48. Great nanny state carry gun

    i has a chance to shoot a g48 a bit the other day and I am impressed. For people like us in nanny states it’s a fantastic option. It’s slim abd at the same time large enough to shoot well. It must carry great iwb. I shot it very well. Looks like I’m getting another Glock...
  7. ECU Pirates

    Ed Brown

    anyone have expirence with Ed Brown 1911’s? I’m considering this disgraceful thing (9mm 1911) Evolution Series | Ed Brown Products, Inc.
  8. ECU Pirates

    Trying some new carry ammo

    I hope to get a gel block and see what it does. Light and fast. @Willjr75
  9. ECU Pirates

    New to me .45 super launch pad

    police trade in usp .45. These are overbuilt and make a great .45 super or .45 smc pistol. Cleaned it up to get the donut crumps and powdered sugar off it. It shoots real nice!
  10. ECU Pirates

    .45 ammo even Will might not hate

    I have been trying out some of the faster .45 semi auto offerings. These are my two favorites. I'm going to hunt with a 1911 next season. .450 SMC The 160 Gr barnes copper at 1350 FPS (648 ft lbs) is my new ccw load. I also like the 185 gr bonded HP also at 1350 (750 ft lbs) but the recoil is...
  11. ECU Pirates

    Should I learn to shoot right handed or change the caliber...

    I'm a south paw and my left wrist and forearm were about destroyed years ago. I have plates, pins, screws ect in it. I'm still in my 30's but my arm is getting worse every year. I was at the range a few weeks ago shooting a model 29 (want to use it for deer or hogs ect.). I can't get through...
  12. ECU Pirates

    Solid cheap pistol for HD range and could be used for carry....

    This is a smoking deal in my opinion. Some won't but because of the safety but if that's not a deal breaker I don't recall seeing a deal this good in a long time. I'm going to pick one up to match my Ruger PC (when I can find one). Ruger SR9E 9MM 4.1 3D 10R BLK
  13. ECU Pirates

    HK USP .45 gauntlet test

    Calling @Willjr75 Your favorite caliber and manual of arms.
  14. ECU Pirates

    CZ P07 torture test. Better than Glock?

    Very impressive. It seems like there might have been a couple of hard primers maybe.
  15. ECU Pirates

    "Major" weapons bust in Broome.

    Lot's of details here.... Details to be announced on major weapons bust in Broome County I will post more once released. I wonder what "major" means?
  16. ECU Pirates

    Anyone have an H&K (besides DET)?

    I just ordered a P30SK from Penn. guns and ammo (great shop by the way). Anyone have a hammer fired H&K? The reviews look promising. Can't wait to put it through it's paces!
  17. ECU Pirates

    Weis shooter fired 59 times from two PGO shotguns

    Tragic for all those shot and killed but the last one. I will never not carry no matter what company policy is. This is the piece of shit right before the killings (and a bit before). John Milius I know we are not supposed judge a book by it's cover but that Lanza stupid ass haircut always...
  18. ECU Pirates

    Mak torture test

    You can do much worse than these old guns: @Willjr75
  19. ECU Pirates

    Lucky Gunner .38 Special and .357 Mag testing

    If you want to kill some time this page has great info. It's interactive, you can click the ammo and see videos and pictures. Some of these could kill frying pans easily. .38 Special and .357 Magnum Self-Defense Ammo Ballistics Test - Labs
  20. ECU Pirates

    I didn't buy the 590a1 like I was planning on getting...

    But I got a good deal on this 870 police trade in. It's a 2009 and looks to have been in a cruiser rack and shot very little. I really like the xs sights on it. Looking forward to some shotgunning at the range soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. ECU Pirates

    Naked savage. Need rings.

    In the past I would just throw on some weaver plain old rings. This was On my hunting rifles. I need some advice on rings for my 10 fcp. It has a 20 moa base and I will be using a 50mm scope. I want to stay under $100. The rifle was only $475. The stickers are off now by the way. Sent from...
  22. ECU Pirates

    Marines adopt the Mossberg flex (500A2 MEK)

    It's a fine light duty shotgun system (the flex). I would not recommend for military use. The 500 is plenty rugged but the flex lock system is not. I have one and they get loose. It's an easy enough fix (pound it with a rubber mallet to tighten the bracket). Not a great move in my opinion.
  23. ECU Pirates

    Did you mean to do that? Yeah.

    This I old so I'm guessing many of you have seen it. I had not. Omg what an idiot. Wow.
  24. ECU Pirates

    2016 (and newer) 590a1. They finally got it right

    I had a 590a1 and sold it. I wanted the 18.5 inch tube but hated that they only held 5. They wasted space under that barrel the could have been used to hold another shell. The newer models have fixed this (6+1) and added a forend that has rails on it. In my opinion it's now about the perfect...
  25. ECU Pirates

    Former NYPD officer upset.. Awwww poor guy. He's just like everyone else in that dump now. "A newly-retired hero detective with more than 600 arrests wants to carry a gun in retirement — but the NYPD has treated him like a common...
  26. ECU Pirates

    4 shot in Binhamton...

    Police Chief: 4 people shot after fight inside Binghamton business Nice area....
  27. ECU Pirates

    Scope in the $500-$700 range.....

    I could not pass on the Savage savage 10 fcp-sr deal. The rebate sealed the deal. I want to get glass in the 4-12 or 4-16 range. I'm leaning towards this Vortex...
  28. ECU Pirates

    Henry Long Ranger

    These are starting to make their way to stores. I'm selling a bolt action and getting one. I just like lever actions! Sort of like the Browning but the trigger does not move with the action and it's made in the USA. Henry's New "LONG RANGER" Leveraction Rifle in 308 Winchester If anyone sees...
  29. ECU Pirates

    DONE Mossberg 500 18.5 inch barrel

    Pics up shortly. It's a couple of years old. In good condition. Midway has them for $112.99 plus shipping. $75 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  30. ECU Pirates

    Let's bing them all here!

    Wheelchair-Bound Woman Raped By Refugees At Sweden Asylum Center, Police Say Article speaks for itself. What a bunch of inbred savages.
  31. ECU Pirates

    Would you use this holster?

    I ordered a holster to carry my M&P with a light attached. I take hikes at dusk and sometimes don't get back before dark. Having an extra night is never a bad thing (even if I had to take it off the gun and use as a normal flashlight). I'm a bit concerned about the trigger guard coverage. I can...
  32. ECU Pirates

    F/S Mossberg 500 smooth bore (with rifle sites)

    Hunting season is fat approaching and I have some things to move (made a deal with the wife to only have on safe filled haha). I need to make some room. This is my old hunting 12 ga. I am now using my flex for all things. It's a 500 that shows wear but functions perfectly. The action is smooth...