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  1. camper4lyfe

    Have Reel, need rod

    I found a rod and reel on the side of the road on my bike ride today. He rod was trashed, but the reel seems to be functional aside from some road rash and a couple small cracks that I’m repairing. I was eyeing a 7’ Ugly Stick To put this on, but I’m open to any other suggestions anyone might have.
  2. camper4lyfe

    WTB Partial Shingle Bundle, Grey

    Does anyone in the Rochester area have an extra, or partial, bundle of grey 3 tab shingles laying around that they want to part with? Must be 3 tab as I need it to make ridge caps with them.
  3. camper4lyfe

    Livingston County Permit

    This may sound kind of dumb, but it’s a reality that’s on my mind lately. I recently moved back to Livingston County after living in Monroe Cty for the past 12 years or so. I’m planning to apply for my permit once I establish residency (Livingston requires 1 year), but I’m struggling to come up...
  4. camper4lyfe

    Tile adhesive and grout/adhesive

    Free to a good home in the Rochester area.
  5. camper4lyfe

    Child Lifetime License

    My oldest is going to be turning 5 in June, and I need to get him his lifetime license before then (it's the cheapest it'll ever be). Has anyone done this, and what is needed to do it?
  6. camper4lyfe

    Bare minimum for coyote hunt

    My cousin has some land, and access to land, that has a pretty high coyote population as of late. We're eyeing end of February/early March, as that's when he's heard they're most active during the day (no night vision goodies, so night hunts are pretty much out right now). In order to do...
  7. camper4lyfe

    Help me decide

    While out on a run a few weeks ago, I saw some signs talking about hunting (bow only) in Perinton, NY in a handful of approved areas. There's a $30 fee to be entered into a lottery for 2-8 permits for any given area, and the number of permits is dictated by the size of the area. That said...
  8. camper4lyfe

    4 years in the making

    Yes. I've been sitting on these parts for 4 years. I finally put them all together.
  9. camper4lyfe

    Email Notifications

    It appears that email notifications have given up the ghost. I haven't received any in a couple days despite multiple comments on subscribed posts.
  10. camper4lyfe

    AR15 Upper Receiver Clamp in Rochester

    Does anyone in the Rochester area have an upper receiver clamp they'd be willing to let me borrow, or rent for a nominal fee? I'd really like to finish building my AR, and that's the one thing I have left to do. I'm in no rush since I've had these parts sitting around for...oh....almost 4...
  11. camper4lyfe

    Another FNG

    New guy, same name, different place. Hey guys. Thanks NF for the invite.