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  1. eochief66

    Marines see a shortage of optics!

    The Marine Corps sees a shortage of optics to train young recruits with. Marines Face Shortage of Rifle Optics for New Recruits at Boot Camp
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    After the coup is over!

    We are all asking these questions, will we ever get answers!
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    Listen carefully to a short speech Trump gave while running for POTUS

    He knew what he was up against and who he was up against before he became President.
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    First I have read from Neal H Ross!

    "Are we to assume that those who serve in the federal government are above the law? If they are not, yet they steadfastly refuse to obey the law which was written to guide their actions, i.e. the Constitution, then how dare they expect us to obey laws, which in more cases than not, they were...
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    What do you think, is this knife legal in NY?

    New Kershaw Leek Folding Knife, Black Blade w/ Red Handle 1660RDBLK | eBay
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    I have a couple of used holsters for sale. #1 Bianchi #111, Medium frame, 4" revolver holster, Right hand. In nice usable condition. $20 + shipping #2 Bianchi #8, 4" Medium frame revolver, Left Hand. Dark spots but in very usable condition. My 686+ 3" fits nice and snug! $10 + shipping.
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    PJF askes some good questions, for us all!

    Not sure where to put this, so it is here!
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    Just got back from the Ilion Fish & Game Club range

    I went to the range this morning to test some 38 special wad cutter loads I had worked up. Some guys from Remington Arms were there to final test the above new Marlin, without the suppressor. They were putting 38's and 357 mags through them for the final function test before release. Nice...
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    NYS Preparedness Corps

    One should be listed in your area! Aware Prepare - Citizen Preparedness Corps
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    Why do you need an AR anyway?

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    Hello from upstate!

    I knew the other site was dying but did not realize someone started a new site until last week! Thanks to those that started this site!