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  1. 2WheelGnnr

    muzzle loader supplies

    Got myself a NEF Hunstman .50cal muzzle loader last year in right after the season ended...this year need to get it out and in doing so realized I need Supplies? Whats a good local GS in Roch or finger lakes to get stuff. I need/take 209 Primers and triple 7 Powder pellets...I see runnings may...
  2. 2WheelGnnr

    Ruger Buys Marlin and Vista Outdoors buy Rem's Ammunition Biz - Remmy being picked apart

    Ruger Buys Marlin for 30 mil Vista Outdoor Group Too bad to see it being spun off...
  3. 2WheelGnnr

    Rochester NY - Great Car Sticker

    saw lettering on a cars back end this weekend .... Brother may have picture of it...hope saw...out riding our motocycles throught charlotte city area and had to turn around on a side street...saw a hybrid/Electric car...cant remember the make but had lettering on the back: NOT A LIBERAL ...
  4. 2WheelGnnr

    Mexico Catches US Smuggling Ammo!!!! I think the funny part is...... "The guard said the ammunition was “high caliber,” which usually means it was for assault rifles. " Like goodness......the media loves the term ASSAULT RIFLES!!!!
  5. 2WheelGnnr

    My Brothers is mad at me.........but...he'll get over it...or not

    So my brother calls yesterday.......hes making small talk but I know wants something...never just calls back and forth...finally he hits it head on...:hey,,,,you think I can BORROW a gun....." Im thinking hes asking about a long gun...but then adds...."just to keep on my tool...
  6. 2WheelGnnr

    Dicks wants to lose even more money!!!!

    Pulls guns from 440 more stores...... I mean they can account for 250 million in lost sales but they still do it. must be nice to have a conscience.....idiot. stop shopping there long ago unless I was of last year I will never be that desperate....even if I need something like...
  7. 2WheelGnnr

    Ontario County Permit Amendment? Imma Dummy

    My wife and I have a day off coming up and her permit has not been updated in a while. I pulled all the paperwork I could find to remove 1 pistol and add 3. However I cannot for the life of me find one of receipts!!!! Im usually very good and keep all my firearm receipts.. Any other way TO...
  8. 2WheelGnnr

    Opinions wanted on double Barrel Shotguns

    I've always wanted a double barrel shotgun. Just wondering what flavor people tend to like...side by side or over unders?? I need to shop around a bit and get a feel for what I might like better but what do you guys prefer......for trap and skeet. Break those clays?? Boom Boom Three shots...
  9. 2WheelGnnr

    Iowa students in 2 school districts will be required to take Gun safety Course

    Good for them. Teach students what to do and not do when around a gun and how to handle one. I applaude this superintendant. All schools should at minimum have a health class program and teach gun safety. If our youth have never been exposed and know how to handle it and whats its capable of...
  10. 2WheelGnnr

    Eminem now getting into the gun debate JEEZ!!

    Now this clown thug gets politcal and has / share his crappy opinion...... we need his crappy gun retoric now?! NOT!!!!!!!
  11. 2WheelGnnr

    DONE SOLD. F/S Win 94 Tru-Glo Fiber Optic Sights-NIP

    For sale is a new in the package TG-112 Tru Glo sights for a Winchester lever action rifle. I bought my mistake as I need the TG-109 for my marlin 336 $25.00 plus Shipping to your zip. Hit me up they are new in package... Thank you
  12. 2WheelGnnr

    Girl (9) Shot as Children UNSUPERVISED target shooting in FLA??

    Uncle Johnny cant be alone with Children anymore!!!! FLOR -I- DA 2nd time under his watch!!! A 34-year-old Florida man — already on probation for his role in the 2011 shooting death of a child — is facing new charges after allegedly leaving four children unsupervised with loaded firearms...
  13. 2WheelGnnr

    Can a convicted felon own two vehicles? One says can't

    Sorry for this nonsense thread... but I cant find anything on this. My BIL is a convicted Felon in NYS and has told his sisters that he cannot have two cars or vehicles in his name. This comes from he wants to by his mothers car but put in GF's name. I think its about insurance or some other...
  14. 2WheelGnnr

    Muzzleloader privelages?? NY

    New to Muzzle loading have a question. Per the NY hunt guide says muzzle loader need privilages..... Hunters must possess a current muzzleloader privilege to participate during the muzzleloader seasons. The muzzleloader privilege is not needed for hunters to use a muzzleloading firearm during...
  15. 2WheelGnnr

    Is Russia taking after the US??

    Great, Now Russia is having school shootings!!!!!!!!!!!! its catching!!!!!
  16. 2WheelGnnr

    Remember... GUN LAWS R 4 U ONLY

    This is crazy. its the end of Remington I think. Court go against the law that firearms manufacturers can;t be sued!!! Watch for next big precedent lawsuit.... I'm...
  17. 2WheelGnnr

    All you guys leaving/left are starting to show!!!! NY More BLUE

    New York is getting more Blue?!!!! all of us left here are not gonna be able to make it till we all get outta blue country!!!!!!!!!!
  18. 2WheelGnnr

    I thought Dick's stopped selling all guns????

    I don't support dicks but I was desperate and needed to get something I could not find anywhere else...including the new Sportsman Finally I caved and went to see if dicks has it last evening?! NOTHING has changed in henrietta. all hunting was still there and the gun counter is...
  19. 2WheelGnnr

    Opinions wanted on Ghost trigger for Ruger SR9C

    Anyone do a Galloway ghost trigger on their ruger.. specifically a sr series? Im looking to lighten the trigger a lil bit and smooth it out a bit too. This seems like the way to go but want to hear from others that have done it. Thank you all. straight shooting and rubber side down.
  20. 2WheelGnnr

    Streak Ammo???

    Anyone have a chance yet to get ahold of or use that new "streak Ammo". The stuff thats tracer like with the glowing end on it to view your shot placement. yes I know thats whats sites are for. But Im just curious....I think I may try it for the heck of it when I venture out for ammo again...
  21. 2WheelGnnr

    Personal Opinion - Gun safety should be taught all schools

    Note: this post is the opinions of the poster only and in no way is pushing his/hers agenda on any of the american populous. Your opinions and mileage may vary. Personally I think a gun safety course should be taught to all middle schooler or even younger... Just like we teach our kids stove...
  22. 2WheelGnnr

    German Man get Firearms license taken away-The dog is why!

    German man "shot by Dog" gets his firearm license taken away!! Dog shoots man: German court rules owner not fit for license
  23. 2WheelGnnr

    Cosby still doing Comedy

    Says he's ok and what I think is funny he feels he's a POLITICAL PRISONER....Uh no...your a prisoner for Drugging women you idiot!!! likes himself to MLK and Ghandi. Uh no....your your Jello. Just funny is thought Id give my 2 cents about it. I dont know where he comes up with...
  24. 2WheelGnnr

    Just throwing this out there (El Chapo)

    Do you think now we can ask El Chapo for some of our Guns back? (From Fast and Furious........)
  25. 2WheelGnnr

    its been talked about before...should NY cut off its tail!!

    Proposed yet again that NY should be two states?? Splitting NY into two states? That's what one Assemblyman is proposing. cut off the dead tail!!
  26. 2WheelGnnr

    Julia Andrews that racist B$$tch!!!

    ok now ive seen it all...probably not....are they really saying the chimney sweep scene in the CLASSIC movie blackface..... COME ONE...they are ripping apart the classics looking for things that are not there or dont exist!!!!! GOODNESS Greif....NOTHING is SACRED IS IT... reallly the SOOT is...
  27. 2WheelGnnr

    NYS compliant AR-15-question about loading

    From what ive seen an AR-15 is NYS compliant if the mag is fixed/pinned. When its pinned my question as a non ar-15 owner (but want to be) how do you load your mag then? Do you take out the takedown pin... to hinge the upper away from lower and load the mags that way ?? Thats the only way I...
  28. 2WheelGnnr

    Positive Experience with NYS Trooper

    I had read a thread on here recently where people were talking about leo experieces and thought I'd share mine. Last night on way home got pulled over by a trooper. He walked up a little behind door asked if I had any knives or dangerous weapons; Said No Sir.......then asked for my...
  29. 2WheelGnnr

    Knifes-England-ENOUGH is ENOUGH-Our Future??

    Prince Charles tackles knife violence Enough is Enough Prince Charles says 'enough is enough' on knife crime as he teams up with Prince Harry to help tackle it ( they took away all the guns!!- so they gotta shank each other?!)
  30. 2WheelGnnr

    Good GIRL with a gun Positive story

    I like the last paragraph Woman with concealed carry permit fatally shoots escaped inmate who broke into her home painted having a CCW as a GOOD thing to protect ones life!! good way to start off my day
  31. 2WheelGnnr

    Photo Emerges of Democrat Congressional Candidate Jokingly Pointing Gun at Head of Soldier

    Here ya go,...... I saw the other thread that talked about if a Democrap did something STUPID!! Photo Emerges of Democrat Congressional Candidate Jokingly Pointing Gun at Head of Soldier stupid...Joke or no joke one of the first laws of guns safety...he knows better...joke or not.
  32. 2WheelGnnr

    The NEW next THING Im thinking

    Here in Rochester we have a current situation with people with Pellet Guns shooting out car dealerships inventory. I see they assume or surmize that the perpetrators are using.....gasp!!!!! HIGH POWER Pellet Guns!!!! so now we have High Power Pellet guns and assualt rifles!!! I know if a...
  33. 2WheelGnnr

    In HONOR of THE MARCH this weekend.

    In honor of the march this weekend I did my part ( sorry Guys) and I WENT TO THE RANGE!!!!!!!!!!! and shot just about everything I have!!!!! why? Cuz I can!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT!!!! AND THEN I DID IT AGAINS SUNDAY... Burnt up some ammo this weekend...will have to work on restocking it!!!!
  34. 2WheelGnnr

    Its Official..People Of NY prefer the taste of the Safe Act 2-1

    I cant beleive no one has posted this this morning!! it must all be downstate as Everyone Ive talked to and know is the with the 1nes on this!!!!! people prefer safe act: Siena poll: SAFE Act supported by 2-to-1 margin in New York
  35. 2WheelGnnr

    Alfred University- ART Students MADE to go to yesterdays protest!!!!!

    so my sons at alfred university. he said there was not a HUGE presence there and most people that left class 10 min early as the protest was at 10:00am and classes get out at 10:10... anyways..just left at 10 and went HOME. But anyways he just called again to say that the ART students were...
  36. 2WheelGnnr

    Riddle me This?? CCW Reprocity Act

    It is my understanding (maybe I need to Read it again) that if a CCW from another state comes into your state Im in NY and go to PA that I have to abide and follow PA's gun laws..... But I see this article...
  37. 2WheelGnnr

    Decent Article IMHO - fully use whats already on the books vs MORE laws!!

    5 Reforms To Gun Laws That Would Actually Make A Difference use the tools they have to effectively curb gun violence rather than make MORE laws and Obstacles for law abiding citizens!! like....we already have background checks..use them effectively......
  38. 2WheelGnnr

    Mass Shooting AVOIDED!!

    well they got the ol' Ba$tard !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years will teach him a lesson. Gotta watch old OLD ONES at 75 Hes been planning A LOOOONNNGGG time!!! Haul of 160 guns found after house fire
  39. 2WheelGnnr


    Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Shooter Was Wrong To Have A Gun Biden says texas "hero" shouldnt have had gun either! MY GOD. they will stop at NOTHING till they get rid of matter who's hands they are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUE AGENDA
  40. 2WheelGnnr

    Who still has to renew their pistol permit

    I and my wife have not done it yet.... new years eve.......11:50pm hehehehe Just wondering. does anyone plan to not renew it at all??!! you defiant ba$tard$
  41. 2WheelGnnr

    Throw me a turkey Wing - Still a turkey virgin

    in all the years ive been hunting (8) I've have never gotten a turkey yet. got my first dear years ago. I think my issue is two fold. I dont scout as I prolly should. In the finger lakes area, give me a place to start my quest as IM GONNA scout this year but if someone could give me a...
  42. 2WheelGnnr

    All this talk of an Arsenal that las Vegas shooter IMHO makes me crazy.

    I mean I listen to all the callers into Rochester radio saying what is a normal personal doing and allowed with 25 guns and this and that. WELL #1 cuz we can...and #2 I dont care how many guns you own. you can only USE at most 2 at a time!!! so...... wether he had 2 or 100 would it have...
  43. 2WheelGnnr

    NY legality of Mossbergs new Shockwave (SBR) shotgun

    I dont think I wanna know but what do we know about mossbergs new showave 14" barrelled shotgun with fixed stock legality. I heard/saw a video on this and they say it does need a NFA stamp or what not as the stock cannot be removed so since its 26" overall or something like that its legal in...
  44. 2WheelGnnr

    Pistol PERMIT question? which county?

    Ok my daughter 21 is finally thinking of applying for her permit but....... she has moved into an apt so her living address has moved from Ontario county to Monroe county. We dont know if she will live you there forever so we view this as her legal address is here in Ont Cty and she is just...
  45. 2WheelGnnr

    Good Local Rochester Gun Shop

    In rochester area and Im wondering who people are buying from and patronizing now with Pro Gun Services closing in Farmington and Jacksons guns closed. I look at Gander but I prefer to go to local guys to buy and what not. but have not found a good replacement yet. Ive been to the shop in...