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  1. NirvanaFan

    Kavanaugh is pick for SCOTUS

    Just saw it on NBC. It's being reported that Kavanaugh will be Trump's pick. Looks like a good one for 2A rights.
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    Gun auction this weekend

    Anybody going to the gun auction this weekend in Geneva? There are a few items I'm interested in. Plan to get there right at 8:30. Upcoming Auctions | Hessney Auction Company, LTD. @PbTarget @Bullet Guy
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    TYT poll doesn't go as planned

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    Best $50 knife?

    title says it all. I drew my brother in law for Christmas this year. He could use a new knife. I'm looking for a folder, drop point. Suggestions?
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    Trappers, when are raccoon and fox fur in their prime?

    I'm looking to do a little trapping in the Finger Lakes region. And, I do mean a little. I only plan to put out a half dozen traps. When have you noticed the fur going into prime? I really only want to take a couple animals, so I want the fur to be at it's most prime.
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    Making my first knife

    Here is my build thread for my first knife. My birthday was this past week, and my wife bought me a piece of O1 tool steel. It is 1/8" thick by 2" wide by 18" long. It is enough to make two fixed blade skinning/hunting knives with a full tang. Here is a rough outline of the knife I'm planning on...
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    Leftover DMP tags

    Don't forget, leftover DMP tags are available starting today. Leftover DMPs - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
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    Do you like liners on your fixed blades

    The title says it all, do you guys like the look of liners on your fixed blade knives? I'm looking at making my first knife. It's going to be O1 with ziricote scales. It will primarily be used as a hunting and meat processing knife. I was thinking King about adding some orange or light colored...
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    Anti-depressants and SAFE

    So..... long story short, my father had a significant stroke this past week. Depression is common in people who have had strokes, and he's pretty depressed (starts to cry, gets upset, etc). So, they prescribed him Prozac. He won't be going home in the near future or anything. He has a lot of...
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    C&R question

    So, I applied for my C&R license a bit ago. Talk me into a C&R license I've got a question about buying rifles. I understand that I can buy a rifle from an out of state seller (dealer, collector, or individual) and have it shipped to my door. No questions there. What about in state though? Can...
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    Second auction buy - Suhl .71 Cal Potsdam musket (lots of pics)

    My other purchase at the auction was a musket made in Suhl, Prussia. It is a .71 caliber musket with a half stock and ~41 inch barrel. It is in very good condition (besides the half stock). The total length is about 4'9" and is almost as tall as my mother! This m1809 has a barrel date of 1813...
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    Old JL Cazes 16 gauge SxS

    I Went to my first ever auction today. I got to see some pretty awesome guns. That's for a different thread though. I ended up buying two old guns. The second one I bought was a beat up JL Cazes 16 gauge SxS percussion shotgun. JL Cazes was a gun maker from Paris, France that operated from 1750...
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    32 rimfire on permit?

    I'm going to an auction on Saturday and there are a bunch of pistols in .32 rimfire. I want some wall hangers. I assume at least one or two will go for $50 or less because they don't have much collector value. .32 rimfire ammunition is extremely difficult to find and isn't available...
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    Talk me into a C&R license

    I'm thinking about getting my C&R license. Talk me into it (or out of it). From my understanding.... I can buy eligible long guns from out of state and have them shipped directly to me. All in state long gun purchases have to go through a FFL01 to get the NICS check done All pistols have to go...
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    Valentine's Day

    This would totally be my wife, if we totally shared a bank account.
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    Man sues NY over ban on tasers

    BREAKING: FPC, FPF, and Mayor of Middleburgh Sue Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York Over Ban on Tasers in New Second Amendment Legal Challenge Washington DC recently said they wouldn't enforce the taser ban until legislators amend their laws to allow them. I think SCOTUS somewhat recently overturned...
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    I'm an idiot...

    Forgot to close the tailgate on the truck this morning.... ~$700 worth of stuff fell out. Mostly clothes, a nice cooler, treestand harness, and some other random stuff. Luckily no guns were back there. Some guy flagged me down and I was back where everything fell out within 6 or 7 minutes...
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    Kaepernick didn't vote

    We all know Kaepernick is a freaking moron, but he didn't even bother to vote in this election. He's come out and said that he finds both Trump and Clinton unworthy of a vote, which I can't blame him for. However, rather than abstaining from voting for one of them and leaving the presidential...
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    Five 2A laws that should be passed

    Five Fast Gun Reforms President Trump Will Sign Into Law 1. Ending gun-free zones on military bases 2. National concealed carry reciprocity 3. Legalizing silencers 4. NICS background check reform 5. All import of collectible historic firearms Obviously, the national concealed carry reciprocity...
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    Will Hillary give concession speech?

    I don't think she's going to. It's kind of unfortunate. I was hoping to see her admit defeat.
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    Salmon fishing in/around Rochester

    Anybody do any salmon fishing in or around Rochester? I'm interested in going, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I've never been before, so I don't know what setup to use, where to go, when to go, or anything. I'm not looking for your secret honey holes or anything, but I'm more...
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    Hordes of new voters in NY

    almost 3/4 million people have registered to vote in NY since this past Spring. Unfortunately, it seems like most of them are registered Democrats. 748,000 additional New Yorkers registered to vote for this election - The Buffalo News
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    WTB semi auto 22 rifle made in 2011

    This might be a long shot.... My son will be turning 6 this coming Spring. I'll be starting him out with a BB gun, but when the time comes in a year or two, I want his first gun to be a .22 that was made the same year he was born. Does anyone have a semi auto 22 rifle that was made in 2011 that...
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    Back from my elk hunt in CO

    Well, I didn't end up shooting an elk, but @Cleck and I had an awesome time in Colorado. I saw a bunch of elk on private and public land, tons of mule deer (including one absolute bruiser), a bear, a few moose (including a nice bull), a jackrabbit, and bunches of other wildlife. I learned a ton...
  25. NirvanaFan

    Sighted in my .308

    I sighted in my .308 this past weekend. My max range is 350 yards. I would say that this 2 shot "group" is pretty decent from 200 yards. (I shot some other similar groupings.)
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    Trail cam pics

    I finally checked my trail cam after a couple months... Found decent pictures. Lots of spots Neighbor riding horses Couple of fawns Fox Fawn drinking some milk Coyote The doe is starting to get her cold weather coat and looks a little funny Thanksgiving dinner!!! Neighbor's dog...
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    Bass Pro to buy Cabela's for $5.5 billion

    I'm not really sure what this means for sportsmen and sportswomen. I tend to like the idea of retailers competing against each other. I've got no hate for either company though. I've shopped at Cabela's a bunch, but have only been to Bass Pro a few times. Bass Pro Shops hooks Cabela's in $5.5...
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    Help FAQs and Forum Rules

    What are the rules and terms of service of NY Gun Forum ? The rules of the site can be found in the Announcements section at this link NY Gun Forum Rules The terms of service can be found here How do I change my name? PM an administrator (@NYGuns, @HEX, or @NirvanaFan). They can do it for you...
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    Where to buy 308 nosler partition in Rochester

    Has anybody bought 308 nosler partition or accubond rounds in or around Rochester? I'm not set up for reloading, so they have to be assembled rounds. I know buying/selling homemade ammo is against the law, but I'd pay for the time and supplies on your press if no shop sells them locally. Any...
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    Lionfish hunting

    Lionfish are an invasive species in the US and can cause devastation of native fauna. There's no season or limit on shooting them on the East Coast. From what I've heard, they're pretty tasty as well. @Darth, if you ever go diving in FL (or a bunch of places on the coast).....
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    Zack Galifiankis trolls Hillary

    It was staged, but he did get a couple zingers in.
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    You've heard the cup song? What about to guns?

    I'm sure at least some people have heard "The Cup Song" made popular by the movie Pitch Perfect, right? Well, have you heard it to gunfire?
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    CalGuns Study - AWB don't pass "rational basis" scrutiny

    CGF Study Finds Assault Weapons Bans Do Not Pass ‘Rational Basis’ Legal Scrutiny It makes sense, so our politicians and courts can't see it that way.
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    Like us on Facebook

    We're not Facebook junkies or anything, but we'll try to keep active with a Facebook page as well. Make sure to like us and spread the good word of NY Gun Forum! Invite your friends to like the page and visit the website.
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    WTB Rangefinder

    I'm looking to buy a rangefinder. It has to have "scan" mode, compensate for angles because I bowhunt, and have a range of at least 600 yards. I'll end up buying one in the next week or two if nobody has one they're looking to get rid of.
  36. NirvanaFan

    Creating a NY pistol permit map

    I'm creating a pistol permit map, but I don't know the relative difficulty in obtaining a "full" carry license with no restrictions in all the counties. I've filled in the map with the counties I know. I'll keep updating this map if people let me know what each county should be. Please go from...
  37. NirvanaFan

    Any other beekeepers here?

    Is anybody else a beekeeper? Any interest in beekeeping? I did my fall harvest last weekend and got a little over 2.5 gallons of honey. No too bad for two hives that were started in the Spring.
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    LaRue Tactical monthly wallpaper

    I like September's.
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    What's your EDC knife?

    Make sure to include a picture! I carry a SOG Flash II, drop point, tiger stripe blade.
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    Should we have separate forums for firearms and non-firearms politics

    The title pretty much says it all. Due to the national and state political climates, we all take an interest in politics. Should we have separate forums for "Firearms Politics and Law" and "Non-Firearms Politics & Law"? This would pull the political posts out of The Clubhouse.
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    How to get your pistol permit, by county

    As most people are aware, NY requires people to have a pistol permit to buy, own, or carry a pistol. I'd like to collect write ups from every county on exactly how to obtain a permit. If you have an interest, write one up with as many directions as possible into a thread. PM me once you've done...
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    San Bernardino is having record gun violence year

    San Bernardino is having one hell of a time with crime and gun violence. They have a WAY higher homicide rate than Chicago. No gun laws have changed there. Could it be that guns really aren't the problem? Budget cuts, especially to police, are a huge issue there. Only 40% of murders get solved...
  43. NirvanaFan

    Gun ownership is up!

    Why isn't the main stream media reporting this? Can you say agenda? Gun ownership is up to 44% of households, up 7% in the past 2 years. Another 5% wouldn't reveal if they had a gun. Assuming just over half of them did, the number rises to 47%. Basically, half (if not more) of the households...
  44. NirvanaFan

    MA AG is harassing gun companies

    Glock and Remington are trying to stop the Masshole AG from getting internal documents. Basically, she is trying to use the consumer protection law to get documents about Glock and Remington's manufacturing standards, marketing practices, and safety complaints. Why should a company be forced...
  45. NirvanaFan

    Fire at Hi-Point offices

    I don't think it was too big, but the front office building at Hi-Point caught fire. Kind of odd to have a fire start at 5am. You'd think they would have sprinklers in the building too.
  46. NirvanaFan

    Half of military recruits have never held a gun

    It's pretty crazy, but not all that surprising. Half of today's military recruits have never held a gun, and more have never fired one. I remember shooting my first bb gun when I was 6 or 7. I remember shooting my father's shotgun before I could hold it up myself. He put his hand under the...
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    "rankings" for post counts

    Most sites do some sort of "ranking" for post counts. Military ranks are pretty common, but they're used a lot. Anybody have any input on what they'd like to see?
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    U of R thinking about arming security

    The University of Rochester is thinking about arming it's security officers at the college and medical center, or some of them at least. I've got a good friend that works at the hospital. How about we just let people do their own thing and let them decide if they want to defend themselves...
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    Bernie is excited about Hilary

  50. NirvanaFan

    First time carrying? Do the Wally Walk!

    This is an old "map" but I came across it again the other day. :D Where was the first place that you carried? I think mine was actually Walmart. I remember being so nervous and checking to make sure the gun was still there every couple of minutes. I was SUPER aware and kept scanning around...