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    BlackPoint Tactical Revolutionary Holsters - BlackPoint Tactical
    OnSight Firearms Training has partnered with BlackPoint Tactical to give our customers
    a great deal on the best kydex holsters on the market!
    BlackPoint Tactical manufactures a full line of KYDEX products built around the ideas of comfort and concealment. BlackPoint Tactical produce hand crafted products which are entirely Made in the USA. They strive to produce a top quality product exceeded only by the level of customer service provided. Please visit their website and if purchasing, please use coupon code: OFTUSA for a nice discount!
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  2. TopShot

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    On the advice of my friend Ben at Onsight Firearm Training,
    I purchased a Leather Wing holster from Black Point Tactical.
    I was not disappointed !
    It is one of the most comfortable holsters that I ever wore.
    It contours to my body as well as my belt does and the
    retention is one of the best I have seen in a kydex holster.
    I would Highly Recommend it.
  3. Podmonkey

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    I got a Mini Wing for my Glock 19. I like mine a lot too. Its much more comfortable than I thought a rigid kydex IWB holster would be. Conceals the gun well too.
  4. MikeyCNY

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    Just ordered a holster from these guys (when searching for a discount code, found this post, ha - and it still worked, think it was around 7% off)..
  5. MikeyCNY

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    Got my holsters today.. very impressed! I immediately threw on the holster for my Shield and mowed two yards and went shopping. Seemed to conceal a little better than my Stealthgear (it IS a smaller footprint), though one of the screws on the back was irritating me -


    The rear screw on the left was kind of digging into me. When I got home I put some Moleskin on it to cover up; probably won't last, will keep an eye on to see if I want to mod something more permanent. As an aside, I love how they label the back of the holsters. As my collection grows it is getting harder to keep track of what holster goes with what gun.. (I actually have 3 bins in the basement, one for S&W Shield holsters, one for S&W M&Ps fullsize/compact and one for 1911)

    Here are pics comparing my Stealthgear USA 'Mini' (left) and Blackpoint Tactical Mini-Wing (right) -



    (you can see the Moleskin above) I wasn't sure if I'd like the metal clips, but I have extra plastics one if I decide to change them (the company recommends metal but plastic is an option). The clips are definitely thinner, and they seem to do a better job of keeping the holster from sliding around like the plastic SG-USA ones.

    As stated I wore the Blackpoint outside for an hour or two outdoors today and did not notice any decrease in comfort - if anything the smaller footprint made it more comfortable to do yard work in shorts.

    I also received a holster for an M&P 2.0 Compact (4") with Streamlight TLR-7... I'm wearing it as I type this. It is still comfortable, but the slight extra bulk means it doesn't conceal as well as the Shield (as expected - to be fair it IS a 'fuller' sized gun); there is a small gap between the front part of the holster and my body. I have a weird shaped body (angular hips, not rounded) so that could be part of it. Same issue with the screws on the back, that would be my only complaint so far. Maybe they can use similar screw 'ends' like Stealthgear does? (unless it is patented)

    Price point might be considered on the high side, but for a semi-custom piece it's not bad - and still cheaper than Stealthgear's options.

    I'll probably end up getting an OWB holster from them next time I'm shopping for one.. Kydex work is very nice, smooth, no rough edges.

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  6. OnSight Firearms Training

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    Their OWB "leather wing" is hands down the BEST OWB I have ever seen/used.
    Make sure to use the coupon code OFTUSA during checkout for a discount!!!

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