NYGF Official NYGF / Bullet Guy Lower 'Group Buy' - Part 2 (New Orders)

Discussion in 'Bullet Guy' started by NYGuns, Jul 13, 2017.

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    The first batch of 25 sold out pretty quickly and look awesome so far, so @Bullet Guy suggested we see if anyone in the group wanted another one or missed out on the first 25. We would need 25 units to commit to production, but do not need to collect money until after all 25 are spoken for. The serial #'s will pick up where we left off last time (NYGF-0026 to NYGF-0050) and production will jump in with the current batch.

    round 2.jpg

    The price of the lowers are $105. Uppers will not be included in this group-buy.


    On the opposite side, the magwell will have have the model, caliber and serial #'s, listed like this:
    NYGF 1234

    The above picture is photoshopped and is not the actual lower. It will be similar though.

    Who wants one and do you want a specific serial #?
  2. PTForums

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    I will buy one, #28 if it is still available.

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  3. Where do I sign? Is cash okay?
  4. Bullet Guy

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    Ok. Limited time special.

    I can do a run of 15. So that means if the two guys above want one each we have 13 to go.

    @Kent Goldings we have you down for 1.
    @PTForums yes you can.

    So far we have 2 spoken for. When we get to 15 i will open the website so you can pay. I will not take money until we have the 15 spoken for.

    So, can we get a commitment of 15?

    Post here.

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    @Bullet Guy from the other thread .. what needed to be approved ?
    OK. This just in. The variance has been approved by the ATF.

    another question .. i seen on here and i do believe the other place . making ar pistols ... i thought once a pistol always , rifle multi cal can go back and forth ?
    from another place i see you can't make a ar pistol in NY unless you manufacturing your own lowers and how the book work is done what your buying ..
    .. yes / no ..
    damn i hate NY ..

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