F/S Pre-sale. Black Aces Tactical semi automatic shockwave.

Discussion in 'Bullet Guy' started by Bullet Guy, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Hey everybody this is going to be awesome.

    I have a handful of Black Aces Tactical semi automatic shockwave shotguns coming in. Obviously they’re not shotguns they’re all there. But you know what I mean.

    He’s a 26 1/2 inches overall length with a 14 inch barrel no stock. They are “other “classification. They are semi automatic. Their gas operated system.

    If you want them they retail for $450 for the black, and $575 for the wood.

    I have only allotted a small handful if I’m able to presell those I will attempt get more. The allotment ends as soon as they run out of receivers, so the clock is ticking.

    If you want one please PM me or call me, I will require $300 deposit on the black and a $400 deposit on the wood ones.

    They expect to start shipping in the middle of November, so as we know in the gun Street everything is a little slower than they say so plan on the end of November or the beginning of December.

    They can be picked up at my shop until señor, or shipped to your FFL on your dime.


    E1BE2E15-6E31-4E5F-B648-32545054DA88.jpeg 347F445D-9BD2-4B51-BF3E-17BE5B8D6D2E.jpeg
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    Given the pricing it would make sense if the guns in the OP were 930 based. Probably what @Bullet Guy has offered in his OP is so new its not listed on the Black Aces Tactical website.
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    Found the ATF ruling I was thinking about. Basically states it leaves the factory as A, you can convert it into B as long as it is not in purview as an nfa device, then convert it back and it is once again considered what it came from the factory as. Does not count as weapon made from a rifle/shotgun because it didn't start off as one.

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  4. Bullet Guy

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    The receivers are black aces tactical. (I am not sure what system they are based on). I asked and he said gas iperated but did not elaborate more.

    NOT 1187. That was a special run.

    If/when i get more info i will post it.

    Correct. They are not on the BAT website yet.
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    Placed my order today.
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  7. Bullet Guy

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