The Greatest AR15 trigger guard for NYers

Discussion in 'Bullet Guy' started by Bullet Guy, May 18, 2017.

  1. Bullet Guy

    Bullet Guy 6.5 Creedmoor NYGF Vendor Monthly Shot Winner

    Hey all,

    I have the greatest trigger guard ever designed for use by people that live in New York.

    I have to think of a cool name for it. But for now it's going to be the extended enhance trigger guard.

    It is made from 6061 aluminum and this batch has been powder coated. If I run another batch I will anodize them, but we tried powder coat this time for fun.

    This is not a pistol grip. A pistol grip is made out of plastic, for the most part. A pistol grip attaches using one 1/4x 28 TPI screw.

    This extended enhanced trigger guard attaches to the trigger guard position of the lower receiver. It it uses a roll pan and a small set screw. It is made from aluminum.

    This is the most secure way to hold an AR 15 that does not have a pistol grip. It is best to be coupled with the spur grip for ergonomics. There is no other product on the market that gives as much purchase as the extended enhanced trigger guard.

    I will be debuting them this weekend May 20 and 21 at the Duchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck New York.

    buy here SOLD OUT

    Extended Enhanced NY Trigger Guard

    F/S - Extended Enhanced Trigger Gurad



    IMG_9459.JPG IMG_9458.JPG IMG_9456.JPG
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  2. Pissed Off Patriot

    Pissed Off Patriot .40 S&W

    I got to hold one of these at the Saratoga show today. Awesome!

    I don't have an AR but if I did, it would be on it. The spur is finally a comfortable option. If I could get it for my AK, I would buy it.
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  3. Bullet Guy

    Bullet Guy 6.5 Creedmoor NYGF Vendor Monthly Shot Winner

    hello fellow commie NYers.

    due to overwhelming response i am running another small batch. i am hoping to be able to have them ready to ship in 25-30 days (it always hinges on the anodizing company).

    here is the deal to help me raise money for this project (they are currently on the machine being it is in production regardless) THERE IS NO OBLIGATION. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PREPAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO!!

    If you want to be sure to receive one (and help me out) i am offering a 2 week presale at a discount rate. this sale will end on Oct 13,2017. presale items can be paid with check, money order (preferred) or CC on the phone. NO paypal. paypal is anti gun....remember?

    regular prices are $59.99 plus shipping and tax

    presle prices:
    one unit $45 each FREE shipping plus tax.
    two or more units $40 plus tax. FREE shipping to one address.

    again, no obligation.

    if you want one either way, prepay or not, post in this thread and i will contact you when they are ready to be sure you get one.

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  4. ArmedCorgi

    ArmedCorgi .308 Win

    I'm in for one @Bullet Guy. Shit I'll even pre pay.
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  5. Doc8404

    Doc8404 .308 Win

    Wondering if the length gets in the way at all.
    Just comparing this one vs th one finger model.
  6. Calculon

    Calculon .223 Rem

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  7. Bcs guy

    Bcs guy 9mm

    I'll take one.
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  8. Deplorable Me

    Deplorable Me .338 Win Mag

    How come our politicians are never interested in being Constitutionally compliant?
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  9. Jsmegs77

    Jsmegs77 .45 acp

    I will have one on my AR build. Please keep these in production! I’m still 6 months away from starting it...

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  10. HEX

    HEX Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I handled one of these when I was out at BGs place last week. Now, I'm really not at all familiar with the spur grip kind of things so this was maybe only the second time I've even handled one of those with any style of trigger guard. BG had examples in his shop of guns with this guard and other more common types so I was able to compare.

    That said, I'd have to agree that this thing seemed like the best option (by far) in terms of feeling like it would help keep optimal control of a gun using a spur grip. My only concern really would be that I'd maybe worry about the durability specifically at the points of connection to the lower. I think it's important to say that I don't know if this would ever be a problem for real; I'm just saying it's something I'd think about. If it were steel on steel, then the worst I'd worry about would be maybe breaking pins, but with experience of aluminum on aluminum.. eh, I'm not so sure. Again though, that's just my thought and might be an irrelevant concern. However, even if it is a real concern, we'd still be talking about a trade off for much better control and probably a really significant increase in how well you can shoot the gun, and frankly if that means I might just have to be more careful with my gun then I'd still go for that any day of the week.

    So, overall if I were going to use a spur grip then I'm pretty certain I'd want one of these.
  11. Bullet Guy

    Bullet Guy 6.5 Creedmoor NYGF Vendor Monthly Shot Winner


    This has been my convern from day one. Breaking off the attachment points.

    In the end of the day, when i voiced my concerns to everyone that would liatenthey all said “who cares build em anyway”

    So i did. Time will tell.

    Moat people dont run their gear all that hard. Only way to break it would be dropping it. It wont break during regular use.
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  12. dubleuhb

    dubleuhb .223 Rem

    I'm going to try this on one of my varmint rigs, bought a thordson but it just doesn't feel right, I even put an ambi selector on but cursed with small hands it just doesn't work for me. I've been practicing in different positions to simulate hunting situations, to much movement for my liking. If the enhanced trigger guard makes it through the season the way I handle stuff should work for anyone, we'll see.
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  13. Bullet Guy

    Bullet Guy 6.5 Creedmoor NYGF Vendor Monthly Shot Winner

    Please keep Me posted. Thx

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