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    S-1048A has been amended, pertains to marketing of guns

    so what did you say .. the manufacturing of automobiles kill more ??
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    Rockland County salesman arrested for selling illegal guns

    " The task force conducted several undercover operations during which Jemison sold several firearms. Those gun sales took place in the area of the Nyack Plaza housing complex. The guns included two loaded Taurus 9mm pistols and a loaded Taurus .38 caliber special revolver." 2 + 1 is not...
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    A cop shooting in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota---- More riots and more shootings.

    they got him out of the car .. he seemed to go along easy .. so way didn't them take him to the rear of car to put the cuffs on .. ummm ..
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    BREAKING: Modem chip found on Michigan voting machine Mother board

    maybe we should get rid of real time reporting to and from the press .. we could have like 2 new years eve balls .. but instead of dropping they go up .. every one votes .. goes thru the process of counting .. no other state/county/ect ... knows what each others numbers are .. then at a...
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    House inches closer to enacting slavery reparations

    why are they thinking of paying them and slow joe says " No Amendment is Absolute " so the 13th can go too joe ..
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    BREAKING: Modem chip found on Michigan voting machine Mother board

    internet, cell , wifi , ethernet ..ect ... not needed to vote ... :) and to make it even safer .. all the name tags will be written in English cursive LOL ..
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    Death of the surplus firearms hobby

    the only thing i did with my mosin 91/30 was fix the slop in the trigger by bending the main spring and cleaning up the sear .. then fixed the front sight to get it off the 300 battle zero .. and make it shoot at 100 yrds off hand .. if i do my part im hitting clay pigeons on the berm or with...
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    Death of the surplus firearms hobby

    I love my 350 Mosin .. and i asked will you take 350 .. that's what i had to spend and wanted a certain one .. now i hope to get a buck with it this year .. didn't happen last yr .. got one with the 91/30 first yr for Rifle .. now to do it again .. my 91/30 was 160 at the LGS .. no...
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    In 1982, one town required all heads of household to own a gun. Here's what happened.

    "Sec. 34-21. – Heads of households to maintain firearms. In other words, Kennesaw residents were required to own guns … save for those Kennesaw residents who couldn’t afford guns, couldn’t use guns, couldn’t legally own guns, or simply didn’t want to have guns. Essentially, Kennesaw residents...
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    Anyone ever do this while carrying? (AIWB vs IWB)

    i tested a OWB one for a glock 19 .. tee shirt rides up .. car seat belt snags it .. let me the fk out of the car .. lol
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    Anyone ever do this while carrying? (AIWB vs IWB)

    i just have to say .. LOL .. no pinching .. no binding .. get this holster .. no PP needed LOL ..
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    Traffic stop leads to seizure of an illegal handgun from impaired driver on the Thruway.

    "Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd degree (loaded firearm other than a person’s home) " so he had a premise permit ? ummmm lol