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If you see a truck with Arabic script on it and the ridiculous dangling trim inside be warned: it's code for "doesn't know how to drive".
means keep door closed, goat inside
I'm telling you, they are a menace.
Putting dangerously unqualified individuals, individuals that are unable to even read roadsigns or understand English instructions. Should be a felony offense. Giving such individuals a license should be a felony.
Send me a PM if you have not sold it in a week or so - price is good although its not exactly the gun I am looking for.
I am just North of Syracuse in Central Square.
Have an FFL up here who is fairly priced as well.
No shit, I’m always in central square
Hey Tisto if you didn’t sell those plated 9mm and primers were I’m interested. I’m a Buffalo boy as well, I’m currently working out of town but am coming home on the 27th and can meet up with you.