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    Triggers for ar 15s and person opinions

    Really cant go wrong with Timney .
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    What do you call a firearm that has no stock and a 16” AR upper?

    Interesting question . VFG on an other prevents it from being Classified a pistol. An arm brace prevents it from being classified as a rifle or SBR . Sooooooo ....
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    Actual option for a comp for glock finally

    I’m ashamed to say awhile back I bought a SI mass driver for almost 200 . I sent it back immediately after trying it . I’d gladly pay 325 for a barrel with a comp .
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    Trump says he would sign NATIONAL RECIPROCITY if it reaches his desk

    Blah blah blah ... he’s attempting to save face while the ATF goes rogue .
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    What's your EDC handgun?

    LAS makes some sweet holsters. I have a LAS Saya and a Rampart for CC .
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Walking dead fans can appreciate this .
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    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    Mostly 115 practice ammo . I’m actually thinking I developed a bad habbit of anticipating the recoil it’s pissing me off . I haven’t been shooting nearly as much lately due to ammo shortage. I’m taking a couple classes next month to get myself squared away .
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    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    What zero are you guys using ? I’m zeroed at 25 yards , I don’t like that at defensive distance I have to hold a couple inches high . I’m thinking of a 10 or 15 yard zero , thoughts ?
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    Why would a fixed mag be considered a range toy?

    Only benefit to a fixed mag is if you move to a free state it’s easily unfixed.
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    BLM arrests inside Rochester Police Department

    I didn’t think so . Did I hear correctly that they were asking to see her ?
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    BLM arrests inside Rochester Police Department

    They want access to Lovely , I say let em .
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    Legality of private individual ammo sales from outside NY state to inside NY state

    Have the ammo shipped to me and I’ll call ya when it arrives. :ROFL:
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    "Large Capacity" mags protected, 9th circuit

    How many standard mags can you fit in an ikea desk is all want to know . :beer: asking for a friend of course